Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

Well, we did it. We made it through the first year of our marriage. And you know was a dang good time!

Don't worry I'm not going to write that mushy letter to my husband on my blog that he rarely reads...I don't want any of you barfing on your keyboards and then never coming back to the bloggy. I just didn't want the day to pass without mentioning it, because it has been a really awesome year.

We had plans to head up to Napa for the weekend. When we were in Hawaii for our honeymoon last year, we went to one of the island's scammy timeshare meetings. We ended up walking away with a free snorkeling trip and we talked them out of a free weekend in Napa. We knew we'd have to go to another one of their meetings where you give them your credit card and then drink the cool aid, but why pass up a free weekend? Besides we're broke and wanted to get away.

The only problem was the travel agent. While on the phone with her, she confirmed that we'd check in on Friday, go to our meeting, then have Saturday and sunday to play. Cool. However, when we got the paperwork, we had been put down for Sunday Monday and Tuesday. Which would have been ok, but I had a shoot on tuesday. We's broke, I can not turn down money. So I wasn't going to cancel an appointment with a client. Also, why would she tell us we had the weekend and then book us for sunday monday tuesday? She then happened to have a family emergency when we called back and couldn't talk to us. Do we think we will ever end up going on this trip? Probably not. But we are a stubborn bunch and will pester them until we get something from them.

Anyway, I think we've decided on a nice picnic. Maybe, the problem being that the wildfires are going crazy still and the smoke is filling up the valley. Effectively keeping us inside. Although it's not much better inside, it still smells like a campfire in here. We do have one free ticket to the movies....I guess this is going to take some thinking. I can tell already it's going to be super romantical anniversary!

Between the money issue, the napa scheduling issue and the no going out doors because of the fire, we'll have to plan the anniversary for another time. Hey our honeymoon was a month after our wedding, maybe we'll just celebrate our anniversary a month late every year.

PS When are we officially no longer newlyweds? My friend told me that marriages age like dogs. A dog is still a puppy until it's 2 years old. And Married people are still newlyweds until their second anniversary. That was it, with no real explanation. I was thinking she was going to say something more about how one year of marriage really feels like 7 years...but she didn't.

Anyway, Happy Anniversary Sugar Pants!(when he catches up on my blog reading in 2 months. Maybe we'll have celebrated our anniversary by then!)

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Nothing says love...

With a million fans and air conditioner going full blast in the house and Mario snoring on the couch, I decided to make my business calls today on a ratty old beach chair on the front lawn. Very professional, I know, and not to mention just plain clas-sy!

Good opportunities seen to be happening on the business front (knock on wood)and I needed to make my calls in quiet and what at least sounded like a business environment. It was nice outside and I had my make-shift desk set up on my lap. Two excellent phone calls down and I couldn't wait to talk to my mom about what was happening.

I had had a nice chat with my mom and she was just passing the phone to my sister, when I noticed that Bob had decided to come outside and hang out with me. Aww, I thought, he wants to hang out with his mommy. Then he squatted next to my foot, peed, and went back in the house.


I keep finding Bob all over the house in different but similar positions. I call it the "cooling his balls" pose...not that he has any. I'm thinking of starting a whole photo album of Bob and his balls. Maybe his own blog....

Friday, August 28, 2009

Wax On

As I was running down my night routine before I got in bed, I suddenly realized the dire situation that my eyebrows were in. Just like that, I pull out the waxing kit. I'm poor these days so I have to do the waxing myself...I really dislike waxing myself. I'm horrible at it...which would explain why my eyebrows are such a mess.

The gear is out. One brow down. Wax is on the other brow. When Bob decides to run through the bathroom. Not a big deal. But then I notice that there is one less waxy strip on the counter...and a see a tweaky cat running out of the bathroom flipping his paw around. Cat takes off outside as I try to grab for the white strip that he is trying to rabbit kick off of his foot. Of course I am nekid, so there is no running outside after that little weasel. About the time that I turn around to grab something to cover myself with, cat walks back in like nothin ever happened.

I packed waxing stuff up and put it's too late to deal with this shit.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Stinker Stopper

For some time my mother has been requesting that my sister and I stop using antiperspirant. This is something that I have been hearing for a while. She'll use the microwave, drink soda, and eat non-organic, but she feels strongly about antiperspirant contributing to cancer. She admits there have been no conclusive tests, but she feels it's just too coincidental that breast cancer seems to have gone up when antiperspirant became popular.

I understand where she's coming from. We do have cancer in our family. And really she doesn't ask too much from me. Keep a palm cross in your car at all times, work in what you love, and by god hurry up and have some grandchildren for me. So I didn't really feel she was asking too much with the request to stop using antiperspirant.

My sister was already on the band wagon when she last visited. She said it wasn't really a problem switching over. However, this is from the girl who forgets to put deodorant on at all most days. She's not a stinky girl either but maybe she felt a little fresher on those days she applied the under-arm-stinker-stopper. She and my mom had already this really yummy smelling deodorant at trader joes that they both loved.

I decided that I would make the switch when I was finished with the antiperspirant I was working on. In the mean time, while we were visiting my mother, I decided to give hers a try. It wasn't bad. I figure we were in mid summer helping her move, this was the perfect test! And ya know what...I smelled fresh as a damn daisy!

I made the official jump a few weeks back. I've been happy for the most part. Yes for the most part. I do feel like it doesn't last as long as the antiperspirant. So I'll apply in the morning and then if I go out, I'll apply again. Not a problem. However, I seem to have become a little untrusting and a little paranoid of the deodorant. Now don't get me wrong, I've never had a stinky day with this stuff. I really don't have any reason to feel this way. But I find myself or really Mario catches me, "checking" to see if my deodorant is working.

It doesn't bother him at home so much, but he really doesn't like when I do this in public. I try to be sly, but really when is putting your arm up and sniffing ever sly. Of course he seems to catch me every time and then snaps "I would tell you if you stunk! Put your damn arm down!"

I'm not sure where the paranoia came from. But I'm always wondering. Of course last week when we were at Disneyland while getting on the Jungle Cruise, I got a whiff of something not good. It was some serious BO. Now I know it wasn't my BO, but it kicked my paranoia into full gear. I knew it had to be from the man in front of me in line. He just happened to put his arms up and swing forward, successfully crop dusting me in his BO. Jerk. He really ruined Jungle Cruise for me. I kept having to turn away from him to breath. Sister in law was not liking me coming into her personal space for fresh air. Really the person I hold responsible for this is his wife. She knows what he smells like. I don't care if she needs to do a sneak deodorant attack on him while he sleeps, she needs to take care of that stank! Anyway, even knowing he was the offender, I spent the rest of the evening thinking that maybe you can't smell your own stank(he sure didn't or he wouldn't have crop dusted me with that swinging) and continually checked.

Is is worth being a this paranoid to keep mom happy and the cancer at bay...well when I put it that way hell yes.

Monday, August 24, 2009


Since I'm not getting the tons of work I need, I've been thinking of doing a bit more volunteer work. I've had two different opportunities come up. The first is for the local science fantasy club's 75th anniversary and they needed everyone's headshots for a yearbook. I said ok.

This club is geekiness at it's utmost. I have to admit that I do feel a bit superior in my coolness when I'm around them...if only by a fraction. I know I can't judge, I'm pretty nerdy myself. But I couldn't help but stand there with my mouth open when I heard someone say to a friend "You're a pain in my asteroid!" That is a direct quote and it wasn't supposed to be funny people...he was ser-i-ous! I laughed and then realized I was also a little envious of their comfort with their nerdiness. I sat and listened to conversations between people that I'm not sure was fully in techie it was over my simple little head. I also heard conversations about worlds that sounded as if they were actually real places. These people are so convincing that they almost convinced me that these places were real.

And then the photo shoot was over. I walked out the front door and life was back to normal and as it should be. I left them talking about time travel, role playing games, and universal travel.

It's taken quite a few weekends to get it all photographed. I'm most of the way through editing the images, but some of the members need a little bit of help with photoshop. Spaghetti sauce stains all over the front of a shirt. If you know you are going to a photoshoot, shouldn't you maybe be careful with the sauce? The thing was, it wasn't just one person. There were a few people with some serious lunch on their shirt....oh well.

The second opportunity I have to volunteer is for Team in Training. From what I understand this Team in Training is made up of a bunch of local groups training for marathons for cancer. My friend Tracy has joined up with her chapter. It sounds very cool. The group teaches you how to train from beginning to end. The proper way to walk, best shoes to buy, how to fund raise, etc. The particular team I'm giving some time to is having a bachelor and silent auction. I'm trying to come up with some eligible bachelors and also offering a photography package to be auctioned off from my company. I'm very excited. It also gives me the chance to go to the auction and have a good time. My friend who is on the team is walking in honor of my Aunt Barbara, my Unclie Willie and my Mother-in-law could I resist donating some time! If you'd like to donate to Team in Training here is a link to Tracy's site.

Friday, August 21, 2009


I noticed something today. Actually I noticed it before and somehow proved it to be true again today. I was using a lint roller to remove the entire cat from my blouse. I rolled it all over my shirt. Looked down to see that I was clean. Put the lint roller away. Then went to the mirror to check my hair. It's then that I noticed that from the boobs down, my shirt was still covered in cat hair.

I do actually roll the lint roller over my entire shirt. I don't just wave around myself in vain. I work that thing! (Although it would be funny if some how I was just waving it around myself but never actually touching my shirt). I especially made sure to roll my entire shirt after I noticed this problem before. So I can only assume it's the lint roller being lazy "Don't bother getting the whole shirt guys, she can't see past her tits anyway!"

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I don't think I've ever told you all this before, but I love Jamie Oliver. He's cute and he has the best cooking show. I love everything about that show. Some times he's cooking on the pizza oven outside, sometimes he's in a cute rustic kitchen, sometimes he's cooking in the middle of the garden. All the veggies, herbs and eggs are from his own yard and the meat is local. He makes everything look so easy. Pretty much everything he makes, I want to eat. I have the last season and a half on DVR and will watch them all the time. I tell you, I love this show. The photographer in me appreciates all the imagery. It's just a beautiful show all around.

I don't cook like he does, but I sure do try sometimes. My fresh herb sour cream sauce with lemon is inspired by his herb yogurt. I make his army carrots...yum. We've made his fresh onions with oregano and garlic, wrapped in foil and roasted on the fire. Of course Mario is dying to try his home-made BBQ sauce and I'd like to make his home made ketchup.

Now that I am growing my own veggies, we seem to have an abundance of fresh zucchini and UFO squash. The UFO squash in our backyard has gone crazy in the last two weeks and now we have a million little squash all over. They seem to stay pretty small. So I picked a bunch yesterday and attempted a Jamie Oliver recipe that I have been wanting to try for a very long time. Crispy Zucchini Flowers Stuffed with Ricotta and Mint. Of course I did it my own way. I used left over herb cream cheese. However, it did have mint, fresh chives and parsley from our backyard.

Sorry, it's out of focus. Mario took the photo and by the time I noticed that it was out of focus, he had already eaten it.

I can assure you though, out of focus or good! The squash was only about 2 inches, so it was nice and tender. Fresh herbs and of course everything is better with cream cheese! We then made a light batter and cooked her up. Heaven!

What's even better is the fact that my little squash plant has a ton more little squash on it! I can't wait! I might even invite some people over to partake!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Ain't He Cute!

Yesterday, we had a great picnic in the park with our friends. An awesome spaghetti picnic...I know, we're weird. It was perfect weather and we were in the nice little park. When I noticed this pretty little area under a tree. I decided it was perfect for a nice little photo. Only I couldn't get Mario's sister to pose for we made Mario do it. He really puts up with us!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Well I put my question out to the universe and the universe answered loud and clear. Yes continue on your path of using all the world's chapstick!

Today after lunch Mario and I ran by the pharmacy to pick up his mother's prescription. As we were checking out, the pharmacist asked for my store membership card. I pulled it out and handed it over and she scanned it. They usually print out a bunch of coupons and I'm always curious what it's going to tell me I need. I'm pretty sure that when they scan the card that their super computer keeps track of everything you have ever purchased there and when. Because that super computer keeps track of when I get my period and is always right on track with a coupon for tampons. Actually there have been times when that computer has been pretty judgmental also, that bitch of a computer has spit out some coupons for diet pills. Not appreciated, oh psychic computer! But today, I was curious. We had just had lunch, so the diet pills could have been in the mix. But today, today I got the coupon of my dreams...a coupon for a free chapstick!

This was the universe telling me that it is perfectly ok to have this all consuming addiction to lip balm product or at least the CVS super computer is telling me this. And you can bet your ass I immediately handed her back the coupon and said hand over my chapstick lady! I'll be honest it is the store off brand. I'm not one to go off brand with my chapstick, but free won on this. And between original and cherry, I chose cherry. I'm a little ashamed of this but it really didn't overshadow the pure joy I felt as I walked out with my free chapstick.

Of course Mario's comment as we walked out of the store..."No better place to fulfill your addiction then at the pharmacy!" I'm sure the warning bells were sounding as we walked out. Next time I scan the card, the super computer will be spitting out a chapstick anonymous coupon.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Two Things I'm Worried About Today

My first worry is about chapstick. In the past I know I have confessed my addiction to the chapstick. I have always been very particular about the type of chapstick I use. I stick with the moisturizing. That's it. However, Recently I have noticed that I am willing to use any and all chapstick that I can get my hands on. Even the cherry flavored chapstick...and that just doesn't happen. Cherry flavor is the kid flavor that gets all goopy and always has sand stuck to it. Yet I am happy to apply it. I kind of feel like the alcoholic who's willing to drink mouth wash or rubbing alcohol to get their drink on. I kind of want to be worried about it, but on the other hand I'm really not willing to stop using the chapstick. So should I really worry?

Add this to my Christmas List people!

Second, I love tomatoes! I eat tomatoes like apples. Mario has finally come to terms with the fact that unless he makes tomato sauce when the tomatoes come through the door, there will not be enough tomatoes left for him to use.

Mario's friend brought a HUGE bag of home grown tomatoes on Friday. So, the amount of tomatoes that I have eaten since Friday is worrisome for sure. I have tomatoes for breakfast, tomatoes for lunch and some for dinner. I have also found out that Dexter takes after me in his love for tomatoes. He was climbing over me to get to the tomatoes that I was eating today. He would have had more if he could have willed me to go get more with his little cat mind. He loved them so much that I might have gotten him more, but I was worried about what might happen to his little cat bowels. And this is something that only occurred to me because, the amount of tomatoes that I have eaten is high enough to have affected my bowels...aren't you glad I told you.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Mmm Saturdays

Today is a bit confusing to me. It's nice in cool in my room where I'm hanging out relaxing and watching cooking favorite thing to do on saturday mornings. It's cool and it has that slight feel of fall. Now I know outside is way warmer and not at all fall like. But I'm happy to think it's fall because it's my favorite time of year and I JUST CAN'T WAIT FOR FALL! The other thing helping it along, and I can really appreciate him right now for it, is the ice cream man playing "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" outside. Normally I would think he's off his nut, but today I totally appreciate it.

Another thing that makes me happy. The birds that our cat's torture have figured out where we live. So if you felt sorry for those poor birds that our cats have been hunting and bugging, rest assured the birds have been paying them back 10 fold. It's awesome. It really cracks me up. Dive bombing, squawking, following the cats around. We can hear them through out the day. I now know where Dexter is pretty much through out the day, I just listen for the birds. Don't think they don't torture Bob either. He's firmly on their radar too after bringing us his little gift a few weeks back. They sit right across from our door and squawk at them through the screen door. I love the stand offs. The cats want to go outside, but those birds are staring them down from the other side of the door. If the cats are outside they follow the birds follow them around the yard and chase them. I love it. The cats totally deserve it. Come to think of it, maybe this is why Dexter has been hanging out at home more. At least he's not out pissing of the neighborhood as much. Looks like nature has worked itself out.

Friday, August 07, 2009


I totally lost the entire day today. Most people have really good reasons they get side tracked. However, let me give you the lame run down on what happened.

I have been working on Mario's storyboards trying to get them resized and in a slideshow to go online. I've been powering through pretty well. I started off the morning full force. I was working through a really long story board. I had my glass of water next to me. Head phones on listening to my podcasts. I was focused.

Then it happened. One of the people said one thing. And that one thing started the end of the working day. He said one thing that was so intriguing that I had to immediately stop and look it up.

"I saw a picture of a girl who made a pair of men's underwear into a sports bra"

Yup, that did it. That's all it takes. Say some crap like that and I must see. So I located the video. And it was interesting. And she had a million more videos to watch. We know that she can make a sports bra from men's underwear. She can make a bikini from a pair of leggings. She made a dress and a skirt from a pillow case. She can make flip flops and sandals from tires and a pair of jeans. She made bathing suits, dresses, skirts, and other shirts from tshirts. Really, she's pretty amazing with what she can do. But I hate her also. She's the tiny hot exotic woman who can make a full dress from a SMALL TSHIRT!

They really are well made little videos. They're informative and cute, but all the cutesy modeling around by miss perfect butt is too much to take. Yet I still watched EVERY SINGLE ONE of her videos.

Then I moved on to this other how-to channel called "Thread Banger". It's a very cool hip web channel that has all sorts of cool tips and fun stuff. Personally I think it's way too cool for me to even be looking at. However, I was totally won over by a video submitter called "Knitta Please" I couldn't stop laughing.

I did have to cut myself off after a while. Once I get all these storyboards finished I'll probably spend an entire day watching this shit. Anyway, here is the video that started it all...

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

I just had this argument with Mario

Because I never paid attention in class, I never fully learned my liquid measurement conversions. I can guess pretty well, but when you have some bonehead throwing out random bits of info at the same time, it messes with you.

I have a gallon jug in one hand and a box of Crystal Light in the other.

Me "Ok it says mix each packet with 2 quarts of water. So two packets should do it for this one gallon jug"

Mario "Well I thought 2 quarts is a pint"

Me "What? Why would 2 quarts equal a pint? A pint is small"

Mario "Well, is the pint smaller or the quart?

Me "The Pint is smaller. But how many quarts are in a Gallon?"

Mario "Well ok, there are 4 pints in a quart"


Mario "Well if there are 4 pints in a quart, How many pints would be in a gallon"

Me "Mario I don't care about pints! I want to know how many quarts are in a gallon! I give up! I will look it up on the internet!....4 quarts equal a gallon. So yes two of these packets will make one gallon."

Mario "Yeah that sounds right"

Me "Are you trying to make my head explode?"

The thing is he was sitting there with his laptop on his lap the entire time. He could have looked it up at any time. However, I want to know why he has this fixation with the pints...who cares about pints!

PS...I'd like to mention that the best Crystal Light is from Mexico! My sister slipped me some from her mother-in-law's stash and it's way different. They use cane sugar instead of the aspartame(sp) stuff. If anyone is interested, I'll be starting CLight smuggling ring to bring the good stuff here!

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Got my mind on my money and my mind is all over the place

Life... is pretty boring when you're broke. I've had some good shoots lately, I've been very happy about that. They've kept me busy and my confidence up. The only part that sucks...waiting for the dang checks! The client loved loved the work, gushed all over the place about it. However, I have to wait for the other photographer that was working there also to turn in his work, before I can really invoice her. Sounds weird, I know. She ordered a set package but I know she's going to order way more than what's in the package. It seemed silly to invoice her for the package and then invoice her again for the additional images. So now I wait for the other photographer to hand over the work. Hopefully he's on top of his shit...I needs my monies.

Water...I finally broke an obsessive habit. I went to bed without a glass of water! I know! I survived the night without my "blankie" I did, however, jump out of bed this morning and run for a glass of water. I was really thirsty ok? When I go to bed with a glass of water, it usually remains untouched. Go to bed without, wake up dehydrated.

Stupid...I've noticed something lately. I've been hesitant to mention it because it's just stupid. Here goes...I worry about being bored in the bathroom. When I jump up to run in for a quick trip, I actually have to stop myself from bringing in a book or my phone. It's not like I'm in there that long. I do keep a Sudoku book in there, just in case. However, even with the suduko book, I feel the need to bring in more entertainment. What is going on with me? I can entertain myself pretty well under normal circumstances. But what is it about being in that boring box of a bathroom that makes me want to bring in a laptop and three books? Do I really need to be entertained that much? Maybe the bathroom ghost is gone and now it's lonely? Maybe I need to make over the bathroom? Who knows. All I know is that I am fighting off that need to bring stuff into the bathroom with me.

Well that's is as exciting as it gets for me right now. Besides poking myself in the eye this morning, I've just been trying to drum up some photography work. This is when owning your own business is poop!

Until next time, here's a photo of Bob...