Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

Well, we did it. We made it through the first year of our marriage. And you know was a dang good time!

Don't worry I'm not going to write that mushy letter to my husband on my blog that he rarely reads...I don't want any of you barfing on your keyboards and then never coming back to the bloggy. I just didn't want the day to pass without mentioning it, because it has been a really awesome year.

We had plans to head up to Napa for the weekend. When we were in Hawaii for our honeymoon last year, we went to one of the island's scammy timeshare meetings. We ended up walking away with a free snorkeling trip and we talked them out of a free weekend in Napa. We knew we'd have to go to another one of their meetings where you give them your credit card and then drink the cool aid, but why pass up a free weekend? Besides we're broke and wanted to get away.

The only problem was the travel agent. While on the phone with her, she confirmed that we'd check in on Friday, go to our meeting, then have Saturday and sunday to play. Cool. However, when we got the paperwork, we had been put down for Sunday Monday and Tuesday. Which would have been ok, but I had a shoot on tuesday. We's broke, I can not turn down money. So I wasn't going to cancel an appointment with a client. Also, why would she tell us we had the weekend and then book us for sunday monday tuesday? She then happened to have a family emergency when we called back and couldn't talk to us. Do we think we will ever end up going on this trip? Probably not. But we are a stubborn bunch and will pester them until we get something from them.

Anyway, I think we've decided on a nice picnic. Maybe, the problem being that the wildfires are going crazy still and the smoke is filling up the valley. Effectively keeping us inside. Although it's not much better inside, it still smells like a campfire in here. We do have one free ticket to the movies....I guess this is going to take some thinking. I can tell already it's going to be super romantical anniversary!

Between the money issue, the napa scheduling issue and the no going out doors because of the fire, we'll have to plan the anniversary for another time. Hey our honeymoon was a month after our wedding, maybe we'll just celebrate our anniversary a month late every year.

PS When are we officially no longer newlyweds? My friend told me that marriages age like dogs. A dog is still a puppy until it's 2 years old. And Married people are still newlyweds until their second anniversary. That was it, with no real explanation. I was thinking she was going to say something more about how one year of marriage really feels like 7 years...but she didn't.

Anyway, Happy Anniversary Sugar Pants!(when he catches up on my blog reading in 2 months. Maybe we'll have celebrated our anniversary by then!)

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