Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Thunder from down under

I finally decided to give up ear plugs. This has been something I've wanted to do for a long time. No, Mario has not stopped snoring like a bear with a chainsaw. This decision was made because I found something else to stick in my ears while sleeping. Yeah that just sounds weird, but I found some wonderful earphones that perfectly fit my petite little ears...and they were cheap.

This means that I can fall sleep listening to the sultry sounds of the rain (or in Mario's case Al Jarreau or Michael Jackson). I started downloading apps. Turns out I'm picky when it comes to my rain, I decided I needed a fairly realistic rain...let me tell you some of these free rain sound apps are just junk. I'm sorry dropping water in a tin can, does not sound like a realistic rainstorm on a tin roof. I want it to actually sound like it's raining outside! After a a good ten downloads, I finally found a good rain sound with Thunder. I love it.

It's relaxing and I sleep really deeply...once I get to sleep that is. For the most part this thunder storm sound board is just a nice rolling sound. The thunder works itself up to a nice roll, then it fades out and you can hear more of the rain. But I asked for realistic right? Well, sometimes just as the thunder is rolling out, and the sound of the rain is lulling me into that spot where I am just about to fall asleep...a very realistic and loud thunder clap cracks and scares the shit out of me making me jump and in turn waking up the dog and both cats....Of course the Bear sleeps through it. It's very similar feeling to the falling in your sleep and waking up mid fall. You know that embarrassing unmistakable convulsion...yeah you know.

It happens to be a long enough loop that it catches me just as I am at the point of falling asleep...every night. Luckily, I am at that sleepy point that I actually fall asleep before it cracks again. The first night was rough though. The first time I jolted up knowing what it was because I heard the crack. However, every time it would loop to that thunder bolt, I'd wake up and couldn't exactly figure out why I would wake up...I smartened up and figured it out by the next morning.

Have I stopped listening to it though? Noooo, of course not. Because of the Bear and his chainsaw, I have to wear the earplugs if I want any sleep. What does this mean? No real life sound of rain to fall asleep to!  So, I don't want to give up on my fake rain sounds. I do actually sleep really deeply now and haven't been waking up at all at night. Besides, I think I have this contest with myself to really fall asleep before the thunder cracks and I jump...and it makes me laugh when it makes me jump.