Monday, April 29, 2013

The Mouth

Today I went to the bank to pick up some quarters. It always seems a little too quiet in banks. A woman got into line and started talking to the girl behind me about her tennis shoes for a minute. Then it got quiet again as the next person stepped up to the next open teller. Then the next man in line walked up to another teller, he asked for $1,000 in singles. We all looked at each other.

The man behind the two ladies asked "$1,000 in ones?" The ladies looked at each other and shrugged. One of the ladies said "My that's a lot of ones!" Then my mouth opened and I heard myself say, "Sounds like we're going to a strip club!" Everyone in line giggled. Then we all went back to the quiet.

That's when I really started hoping I didn't say it too loud...cause if I can't be classy, at least I be quiet enough so the whole bank doesn't think this guy is going to a strip club! I didn't want to shame the guy, I mean maybe he was just getting money for his store...nah he was totally going to a strip club! That makes me giggle more!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Production Damper

While I was busy being lazy today, I was accidentally uber productive. I cleared up banking stuff, ordered a card reader for accepting credit cards, washed dishes, cleaned up the bathroom, pulled addresses for mailers, emailed, edited, edited more, sent out photos to a new stager and even pulled the couch and chair out and vacuumed the shit out of the house. I was on such a roll I thought I might get my whole to do list finished...and that never happens!

I even went out and harvested some yummy stuff for dinner. (Um, I was craving this roasted beet and goat cheese salad I made last was so good, it's all I could think about today!) Maybe that's what was super powering me!

Dinner was made, and I was sitting down with my yummy salad to do a little more work...when the this happened...

Looks pretty right? It's no fancy design...that there is a fully f'd up, cracked laptop screen! Production pretty much shut down right there.  I'm in such a bummer mood now. Two good things though...Mario hooked up a cable to the tv, so I can use it as my computer screen...and...thank god I have business insurance! Oh third good thing...did a complete back up on all my files. Luckily, I back up my business stuff pretty often...this just topped it off and made me back up my personal crap.

Luckily my insurance people are at the end of the block here. I'll drop in with a sad face and show them my laptop. This just bums me out. I had just upgraded my hard drive and some other stuff Mario did to it. I had planned on using this guy for a while. We had a good thing going. This was just senseless!