Thursday, March 10, 2016

Venting and a Reward

Last week Mario's sister gave Mario and the baby the greatest gift of all...a nasty cold. I was a bit mad. I told her to steer clear of the baby. If you are sick, do everyone a favor and stay in quarantine. It's not fair to pass the crap to everyone else because you feel the need to be in the living room and don't cover your mouth when ya old enough to know how colds are spread.

Mario came home from work at lunch one day last week and collapsed into bed. Then the baby started coughing. Mama was not happy at all. It fully hit the baby just after bedtime. She spent an hour crying. I felt so bad for her. She was so uncomfortable and achy. Needless to say, Mario was irritated when his sister came out of her room at midnight to ask if the baby was crying because she was teething. Uhh no, you gave her the nasty cooties. So there was a trip to the pharmacy at midnight for a humidifier (a miracle worker!) 

Mario was out 2 days from work. The baby was down most of the weekend. She was a top notch grouch...rightfully so! It was trying to say the least. Single mother of two sick whiny babies! haha.

We made it through the weekend though and then Mario's sister left town for work a few days ago. I have to admit it's a great to have the house to ourselves. I really really appreciate that my SIL has given us this opportunity to live here, however, even after 6 months of living still is her house and her space. 

I feel like there is this constant reminder any time I move stuff, my house. It's strange cooking in someone else's pots and using someone else's utensils and not knowing if it's really ok or it's merely being tolerated. There is a stack of laundry on the dryer that I don't know where to put, because it's not my place to go through dressers to find where things go. So it's just accumulates. 

As I've stated before, we are much more active with the cleaning. Dishes included. There was a pot in the sink for 3 weeks because she didn't want to put the effort in to cleaning the burned on cheese from her work party...or maybe she thinks this is something we owe her for living here? Mario finally gave in...I wasn't happy that he did it, but it was disgusting.

There's a leak on the faucet in the front yard. It's only gotten worse in the last few weeks. We are in a drought...we are wasting so much water! She's tried putting a sealant on it, but it's a cracked pipe...sorry, you need a plumber now. No we needed a plumber 2 weeks ago!

It's frustrating to say the least. It's been made painfully clear that it's her house and her decision on how things go. I've gotten good at keeping my mouth shut. It's just been hard going from being a family that really takes action when a problem arises or when things just need to be taken care living under the roof of someone who likes to sit on decisions for months at a time.

So, I might have been a little excited to hear we would have the house to ourselves...I mean besides not having to worry about being heard during sexy time. It's nice to make meals without worrying if she's making dinner, made plans that somehow include us, or feeling a bit of judgement for ordering pizza two Friday's in a row. Washing clothes without feeling like I'm being timed. It's nice to watch a little tv in the living room without it being changed to something she wants to watch. It's just nice not to worry about what I'm doing that might be upsetting her. It's very freeing and I haven't been this level of happy in a while. I mean I am a happy person...but this is singing on the hilltops happy!

It's a nice to have a little extra freedom and happiness after all the sickness last week. I hope I don't sound too ungrateful! I really do appreciate being able to live here and save money for a house. I know that I will appreciate our house even more for it. I know we are giving up a bit of freedom now and a lot of space for a few years. The return will be our own home. It's well worth it...I just need to vent sometimes.