Monday, June 28, 2010

I have to confess something to you, my bloggy friends

Let me explain that I'm not one of those people who needs gifts, or lots of acknowledgement in general. My family doesn't generally buy Christmas or birthday gifts for each other. We're those gushy people who actually just like hanging out with each other. Thats enough for us. 

I get excited for my burfday and I have to admit, I was a little excited about getting my happy birthdays from my friends on facebook this year. I actually looked at facebook not long after midnight, checking to see if anyone had noticed it was my birthday and had maybe said happy birthday...but no. I know I was getting a little ahead of myself. I knew it was late and people would probably notice later that morning at a more reasonable hour. 

However, come my birthday morning, there wasn't a happy birthday to be seen or heard. I was a little bummed out. 

Around noon, I decided I needed to know why no one had said happy birthday. I mean a million people had left me little birthday notes last year, why not this year? I was puzzled and becoming more and more worried...1) that no one had noticed my burfday and 2) I was worried I was a little crazy, because why was this so important!

I decided to sign in on my mother's facebook to see if my birthday reminder was posted. I didn't see my birthday any where. This means it wasn't on anyone's page. No one would know to say happy birthday to me! Don't worry, I didn't go so far as to post a happy birthday from my mother's account to get the ball rolling. That's cheating in my book. I wanted the real thing. So, I went back into my account and started looking over my info. 

I actually found my birthday was listed and correct! But for some reason, it was marked as private. How the hell did that happen! I hovered the mouse over the privacy box to unclick it and froze. If I unclick this box, will it put a notice on my profile saying that I added my birthday...on my birthday?! Cause that's just sad and desperate looking. Now, I understand that's absolutely what was happening. What I was doing was absolutely sad and desperate, but I didn't want everyone else to know. A nanosecond later, desperate won and I unclicked the privacy button before I could think about it.

I then said a little prayer that there wasn't a nerdy little message on facebook telling everyone what a narcissist I am when it comes to my birthday. I quick signed back into my mother's account and looked all over my profile for a message saying that I'm a desperate dork. It seems that I totally lucked out, and there was no sign of me editing my profile in a desperate plea for attention.

Within half an hour, I was happily receiving my birthday well wishes. Responding with a cool "Oh you're such a doll, I can't believe you remembered my birthday!" Yes, I realize how sad it really all was. I basically set everyone up to say happy birthday to me. The whole thing was ridiculous really...but I stand by my decision! It made working my ass off on my birthday, that much more bearable! Besides Karma did bite me in the ass when my client missed her plane and slept on my couch! 

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Funny or Horrifying

Spending so much time at one spot, you tend to meet a lot of random people. Among the many people I've met working at the restaurant, I've met the most perverted window washer ever...and I think we're long lost perverted soul mates.

He's a older Australian man who comes in to wash the windows at the restaurant. He's perverted, tells the raunchiest stories (he holds nothing back people...NOTHING!) has a good head on his shoulders despite the fact that he thinks Obama is the worst president ever elected and thinks Obama has intentions to bring down the whole US (which I find ridiculous but he's very respectful of my opinion when we talk politics) and despite all that he is a very hard worker, has a heart of gold, the proudest father and greats me with a kiss on the cheek.

During our 3 hour long conversation last night he knocked me over with what he said about his opinions on women shaving or waxing their girly bits. He was saying how he preferred his ladies in their natural state. Actually he said "I don't understand why girls wax or shave. I like 'em hairy. Just give me a machete and a map to the jungle and I'm happy"

I fell over laughing! It was one of the single funniest and most disgusting things I have ever heard in my life. Which says a lot for me because he tells some really gross stories. He's really not for the faint of heart.

I can't wait to find out what stories he tells next week!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mystery Solved!

I love freebies. Love them. I also love blogs. So it would only be logical for me to cruise a couple of free stuff and coupon blogs for good stuff.

They are a great place to get random little things or a good heads up on a good deal. My favorite are free magazines. I love them. I got on to a list where I can sign up for free magazine subscriptions. At one point I was receiving 5 or 6 free magazines a month. It was awesome. 

Most of the time it's a 6 month or a year subscription, so over time the amount of magazines dwindle. Other times they pick back up. And other times you end up with a subscription to a magazine that you would never read in a million years. 

A few months back I randomly started receiving Quilters Village. It's a stretch to say I even sew, but quilting...don't think so. Now this was at a time when my subscriptions were dying down. I hadn't been cruising my freebie blogs, so I hadn't signed up for any magazines lately. When you sign up for the subscriptions they usually ask you questions to determine where your career or interest lies, so they can offer you other magazines they feel you might be interested in. No where in those questions did they ask me anything close to "would you like a quilting magazine". I would have passed on it. We have enough magazines coming in and I sure wouldn't want to deprive someone in Oklahoma of their Quilters Village subscription. 

I kinda feel bad when it comes in each month I just don't look through them so they usually end up in the compost. Finally this weekend while we were camping, I had the opportunity to ask my mother if she'd like me to save them for her.

Mom..."No, I got that subscription for you!"
Me..."Why would you have Quilters Village sent to me?"
Mom..."Well I couldn't find anyone else's address, so you were the lucky one to get the subscription"
Me..."Even though I have no interest in quilting"
Mom..."It was free don't complain!"

Now I know where this random magazine came from. I wonder if I can have the subscription forwarded to the library.

Monday, June 21, 2010

He's Figured it Out

We went camping this weekend up in Morro annual birthday camping extravaganza. Great weekend. Lots of the lazy, drunken fun that only happens when my mother, sister and friends are around. I relaxed the entire weekend, laughed, read, stared, ate and drank. What more did I need...nothing really. It was just a nice weekend. The only downside would be the sunburn, despite the multiple applications of sunscreen. It's really only a few spots I missed...a couple of stripes on my upper arms...and my lips...and I'm pretty sure my eyeballs are burned a bit also.

We drove home today in that lazy stupor that happens after a good weekend. I could have stayed another day or two probably, if it weren't for work. We took the scenic route home looking for our next camping spot. We found it...just letting you all know. You know a camping trip is good when you are already planning your next camping trip.

While we were gone my sister in law watched the cats. It's the usual situation. When we got home today she still happened to be at our place doing her laundry and hanging out. I walked in and noticed a little something. Angela was sitting at the computer and Bob was dancing around meowing. Initially I thought maybe he was excited to see me. And then I noticed the little thank you gift that he was trying to get Auntie Angela to notice. So I said "Aww, look what Bob brought Auntie Angela" She froze. If you ever wanted to scare my sister in law tell her there is a gift behind her. It was the most awesome situation. She screamed and refused to turn around.

"Oh my god tell me what is behind me! I can't turn around! Oh my god, I just came back from the bathroom, it's fresh...whatever it is! What is it! Laura! what is it! Get it!"

I am bent over laughing. Bob is circling her meowing, so proud of himself.

"Laura get it! What is it! I can't turn around! I can't look! Get it!"

"ok it's a bird" I finally said. I know it's pretty gross but the situation was so funny.

"Laura I can't move now. Poor bird! Bad Bob! Laura get rid of it! I can't move! I'm stuck"

"Well, I really need to go to the bathroom first. Besides, I think Bob really wants you to have it"

"LAURA! Don't leave me here with it. Noooo!!! Laura! Oh my god! Poor bird! Laura!"

I came out to find that Mario had saved Angela. I know, I'm mean. But I really did have to go to the bathroom or there would have been more of a gift for Angela. It was a long drive and Mario got me the biggest drink ever before we left.

Anyway, I'm not sure how the hell Bob is catching these birds. He's too much of a dope to pull it off...or at least I thought. I'm hoping that he's not so excited to see us that he's going to bring us any gifts. Would not be the ending to the weekend I have in mind.

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Multiple times during my childhood, I woke up to find a stray dog in our house. It was kinda fun. It was like a Christmas. Only we usually found the rightful owner and gave the stray back. However, It happened enough times to not really be surprising after a while. It was one of those things that we knew our mother for.

After a while, my sister and I started bringing our own strays home. Whether it be dogs, cats, or friends. My mother happily welcomed them in. We always provided a little love and sent them on to where they needed to be.

Last night I think I took the stray thing a little far. I brought home a client.

I got a last minute shoot for yesterday. I knew the client would be flying in for the day to meet up with me. She was so nice and we hit it off right away. It ended up being pretty fun day. It was hours of photography. I photographed 8 loft apartments, the amazing roof top lounge, and some other little spots...all over looking the best part of downtown LA. It was a long, day but I got lots of great shots. We caught a little dinner and then headed back up to the rooftop for sunset...awesome! It was so dreamy up there. Then we went back to get some extra shots of some lofts.

It was around this time that I asked my client how she was going to get back to the airport. She figured she'd catch a cab. Now, her boss had set up this trip down here. He had booked the tickets and set himself up with a ride, but apparently had forgotten to make any arrangements for her. She only found out about this as I walked in that morning. At least he could have let her know or scheduled a pickup from a cab for her. Just a courtesy I would think.We had photographed up until 9:30 and I wasn't going to leave a girl downtown to fend for herself. It's just not fair to do. Of course, I offered to take her.

Exhausted, we headed towards the airport. That's when she told me that her boss had booked her on a 10:30 flight out. I'm sorry but for someone that flies as much as he does, he should know that you need at LEAST 2 hours to get through LAX. You can't just drop in and go. We screeched up to her airline one hour ahead of time.We said our goodbyes and I pulled away. I knew there was a possibility she wouldn't make it on board. Knowing this I decided to stay close by. I was down the street getting some gas when she called to tell me that they wouldn't let her check in. She was told that the gate was already closed (even though she still had 45 minutes) and she would have to figure out another way to get home. Then because of the long lines she was told to move on. It was pretty shocking how she was dismissed. Of course I couldn't just leave her there. I picked her back up. In the mean time she had called a million hotels and had finally gotten a room at the Hilton for $300...crazy! We pulled up to the hotel and she told me to take off, she'd be fine. I waited for a while to make sure she got the room and when I thought it had been long enough I took off. As I pulled away, something told me to wait, but it had been so long that I figured she was checking in. Turns out that in the time it took us to drive the one mile to the hotel, they had given it to someone else. It was pretty shitty. I was already half way home at that point. It had taken her that long to stand in line.

Between Mario checking online, her calling and me driving around, we weren't able to find one hotel room in the area within a half hour radius. Between the Lakers playing int he playoffs and a big convention, there were no hotels available. at. all.

I finally told her she would crash on our couch. It sounds ridiculous to sleep on someone's couch you had only met that day. There were just no other options. I felt so bad for her. We were both so exhausted, but I at least had a bed to go home to. She was just stranded. Of course her boss and turned off his phone and hadn't thought to check if she had made it home. Her other co worker just told her she'd be ok. I just couldn't do that. I couldn't just leave her at the airport.

Mario was awesome and totally understood me bringing home my client. But I wonder if I've taken "bringing home a stray" to a whole new level. My mother never brought home complete strangers.

We finally got to bed around 2am. This morning she booked a flight our of our awesome local Burbank airport...way easier than LAX people! She's on her way and now we're packing to go camping.


Monday, June 14, 2010

A Constant Reminder

Every day that go out back to water my veggies, I'm reminded of a traumatic episode that happened a few years back. It never fails that as soon as I reach for the hose and turn on the water, I flinch a little.

It all started about three years back. I had been asked to show a few pieces of my photography in a small show. So, I was busy getting my work together. I needed to have my negatives scanned, clean the scans, print and then frame the final images. Normally I would scan and print up my own work. However, I wanted this done professionally.

I had already planned to use a company I used when I was in school. However, because I now lived closer to Los Angeles, I would just be using a different branch. I set off with the address in hand and soon found out they had moved. After hunting down the building they had previously resided, I called information for an alternative address. I was in luck. They gave me a second address. I headed over to the new address. It was the correct address and company, however, it was their private building for printing. There was no public permitted...including me. They were nice enough to send me off with the correct new address. I pulled up in front only to find it was the same address I had been to before. This time there was a construction crew working on the building. I got out and started walking around looking for the door. After not finding it for quite a while, I finally decided to ask one of the construction workers.

I walked up to a nice looking guy who was washing down the sidewalk. As I walked up to ask him where this magic door was, he stopped hosing down the sidewalk. He pointed around a little and then pantomimed to me to wait while he found someone who spoke a little more English. As he stepped away, he dropped the hose. That hose hit the ground and hit the handle of the nozzle so perfectly that it turned the water back on and sprayed me straight in the face! I did the girly thing and screamed. I was drenched!

The look on his face was hysterical. He looked terrified! I can only imagine if I had accidentally hosed someone down. I'm sure he thought I was pissed. The poor guy was so embarrassed. Of course, I started laughing at the absurdity of it. What were the chances that it would hit so perfectly. He took off like a bat out of hell. Presumably to get someone else to talk to me, because a nice gentleman finally came over and pointed me around the building to the magic door.

After an hour and a half and wet from head to toe, I finally was able to drop off my negatives to be scanned. I'm sure I looked like a nut job, but they were nice enough not to mention it. I giggled all the way home.

And now every time I pick up the hose to water my veggies I think about it and laugh.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

New Rules

Thursday night Mario ended up pulling an all-nighter. Which meant I didn't sleep well. For a number of reasons. 

First off, let me tell you, I used happily live alone. I lived just doors down from not only a pot dealer, but a prostitute. No I'm not bragging. Honestly I didn't know she was a prostitute.(I can't for the life of me figure out who would pay for that with her) I did know about the pot dealer because he didn't hide it at all. Anyway, I had my apartment set up. I knew where to hide if needed. I had my "weapons" in spots. Ok I didn't have weapons, but I could throw my vibrator at the intruder and then run and hide in my hiding spot. The point is, I didn't worry. I slept well. I felt secure. I knew I was ok. 

Enter Mario into my life and all of a sudden I can't sleep when he's not there. The problem isn't only him and all his manlinessr, but I have caused my own paranoia. 

1) I read a lot. The book I'm reading right now is about this scary dude that comes back to this town every seven years to reek havoc and kill. Not such a good book when you are sleeping alone.

2) I've watched far too many episodes of "I Survived". Scariest show ever. True stories of horrible shit happening to regular people. Most are about bad guys breaking into homes and attacking people. In the end, these people talk about how they survived their horrible ordeal. Now, when I go to bed, all I can think about is how easily people can break into our house. So not good for when you are sleeping alone.

3) The third problem was the very loud mosquito that happened to wake me up after I finally fell buzzing in my ear. The pain in the ass mosquito had actually bitten me. However, it was the loud buzzing that woke me up. Once I was awake, I saw the huge welt on my arm from the bite. After searching everywhere for the bug and not finding it, I finally fell back asleep. Only to be woken up again with the buzzing in the ear. Lights back on. Didn't see that bug anywhere and now my arm is inching!

4) The cat running into the house with a live bird was really unneeded! Way too much drama! Bob was meowing with the bird in his mouth. The bird was squawking. I felt bad. However, I didn't want the cat letting that thing loose in our house. Somehow, I got him outside with the bird. Then jumped back in the house as fast as I could. It was really just one more thing that I didn't want to deal with. 

In the end, I think I finally feel asleep at 5am. Really it's just ridiculous. There was no reason that I should have been up all night! So, new rules. No more scary shows. No more scary books. No more mosquitoes in the house. No more cats hunting when dad isn't around. These new rules should solve all my problems. Except, I know I'll watch that stupid show again, I can't stop reading this book series, I still haven't found that mosquito(he's probably waiting to make his move), and Bob just loves me too much not to bring me home a bird for dinner. So, the new rule is that Mario isn't allowed to leave me home alone with my imagination again. 

Friday, June 11, 2010

I Hate When...

you notice the cat food bowl is empty. So you grab the cat food bag to refill. Pour some cat food in the bowl, but the bag still feels like there is only a little bit left in the bag. So you pour some more in the bowl thinking that the bag is almost empty. However, turns out that there is still more cat food in the bag. The bowl is just about to start over flowing. But there is just a tiny bit left in the bag. You decide that it's ok if the bowl over flows a little. So you pour...but there's still some in the bag. It sounds and feels like there are only a few more pieces of cat food in the bag, but some how the cat food just keeps coming!

In the end, I poured twice as much cat food into the bowl than there was room for. There is cat food on the floor. The water bowl is also now filled with cat food. But that damn bag is finally empty!

And you know what? Dexter loved it. Any time he hears the cat food bag, he comes running, sticks his head right in the cat food waterfall and starts eating.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

It's a long one!

Last weekend, we had the opportunity to watch Shrek 15 for free. We took it. There just happened to be a family party day going at the same time, so we decided to hang out for a little bit. It was small event. A few games, some food, some drinks. We pretty much cruised it all in 5 minutes...and then I saw it...the palm reader. I jumped in line. I love cheesy stuff like this but, I always miss it. Mario had his palm read at a wrap party and the reader was so right on...I was so jealous! So the minute that I saw this palm reader, I parked my butt in line and refused to move. For like...over an hour. Yeah a little sad, but I was commited. I stood in line the entire time we were at this family deal. I stood still, while Mario and Tadao walked around and played games, ate lots of food, and drank. Not only did they use all their food tickets, they used all of mine and the extra's I had scored off of some kid. Not I didn't steal them, she gave them to me.

After waiting for way longer than I should have, I was pretty stinking excited to finally get to talk to her. I was so excited that I might have done a little dance and squealed a little. She immediately, looked at my palms and said I was a hot tamale. I told her she was absolutely correct. She said that when you have a poofy pad underneath the thumb, it means something about passion or whatever. She said that's why Mario was so patiently waiting for me. Well okay. She next looked at the pad that runs down from my pinky to my wrist. She said that I'm one of those people that needs the ocean to heal me. Totally true. Ever since I was a kid, I would just crave going to the ocean. As soon as I got my license I was at the beach a few times a week. It's still where I go when I'm stressed out or just want to relax. So yeah, she was right on with that.

Then she started looking at the lines on my hand. She first told me that my left hand was what we are born with. Kind of how you are going to be. And the right hand changes over time to reflect decisions we make. On my left hand is a line that kind of dissects my palm in half length wise. She said that I have a lot of luck. Woo hoo! But...that when you look at my right hand, it's broken. That means that I give my luck away to other people. She said I like to help people out a lot. Um, yeah, I do. She said I am giving my hard work and good luck to them. Can't deny that. I'm doing a lot of work for this restaurant.

At one point she looked at me a little confused. She asked me how old I was...33. How long have I been married...2 years this summer. Have I been married before...nope. Hmm. Says here that you were married before when you were younger. Maybe a really deep relationship with someone in my twenties...nope. Mario's my first love. (Later Mario and I figured out, that it might be one of my best friends, Chris. We have this crazy crazy connection. He's the first person that really got me. He sees things that people I have known for years didn't...and we totally argue like we're married. So it fit.) Well, she said the current marriage line runs long and She said it's a long marriage. Good, cause I heard her reading a guy a few people ahead of me. She mentioned his two marriages. He looked over at his wife with a look on his face that said please don't let my wife be listening because she is my first wife and this whole second marriage business won't go over well...awkward!

She mentioned that I am creative. kinda. She said that I have this weird little split in one line that says I should write. She said it's really healing for me. I mentioned the ole bloggy and she said it's probably more helpful for me subconsciously than I realized. Cool.

She said I'm one of those people that needs my alone time...totally. She said that I need that time to gather myself emotionally and to feel everything I'm feeling. Agreed. She also said, sometimes I want to hold back on some of my emotions. She said if I do that, it can affect my marriage. She said I bring it all right now, but don't let myself start holding back or it won't survive. She told me that I obviously have a husband that can handle all that I have to bring. If I hold something back, I am holding a piece of myself back from him. I understood that. Mario and I have always been so great at the communication. We don't fight. We don't yell. We bicker in a normal way. However, we say what needs to be said and talk everything out constantly. I dread the day that ever changes. So, I'm glad that she mentioned that to me. I will remember that.

At that point, I knew my time with the palm reader was coming to an end. so I asked my most important many kids we'd be having. This was where I wanted to check to see if she would match it up with what the other palm reader told Mario. Mario's lady asked him how his two boys were. He looked puzzled and said, well, I don't have two boys, but I do have two boy cats. Does that count? She said no, you will be having two boys. I was sure you'd had them. Oh well, soon. Get ready, they'll be a handful. Great. She was so right on with his past relationship that I totally believe her. She looked at him and said, "you got out of a very bad relationship with someone you were with for a long time. Good thing you did, because it would not ended well for you. I feel like the stress and pain would have been the end of you." Sounds dramatic, but from what I hear about that past situation from friends, family, and Mario, it's a very true statement. Anyway, she said he was in a way better situation now and was super happy...thank you very much.

Well, my palm reader said there'd be two kids. She didn't say if they'd be boys or girls...that would have been cool. She did, however, say they'd be a 2-3 years apart. Interesting.

She went on to say that I let fear keep me from being successful...TOTALLY! I have known this for a while. It's a little different to hear someone say it to me though. She told me that fear is there to slow you down and make you think about a situation. But my fear was unnecessary...true.

At that point, it was time to head on out. I would love to have stayed for an hour, but Mario and Tadao were looking sad and I was burned on one shoulder from standing in line for so long. I was very happy with what I heard. Who knows if it's real or not, but it's fun to hear what they'll say. She was pretty right on. She definitely had me thinking that I need to focus on me and my business. I need to use my luck on myself instead of other people.

Today at the restaurant really sealed the deal for me. All this work I'm doing for them, is work I'm not doing for my own business. I have their back, but no one has mine. I'll still help at the restaurant, but I really need to work for me right now too. It's interesting how lessons come at you. Sometimes they are subtle, sometimes they kick you in the face!

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

A Near Miss and Hopefully a Hit

Yesterday was the premier of "Neighbors From Hell", a show that Mario storyboarded for. We were pretty excited to see a finished show and also all the people he worked on the show with. So they threw a wrap and premier party in one. Usually the wrap parties are pretty fun. Free food, free bar, free something or other from the show. This party was at Hollywood's Roosevelt Hotel. It's gorgeous, swanky, and awesome to think that that all the great stars have been there at one point or another.

We were some of the first few people there. The party was held in kind of an open reception hall. There were two main rooms with an open hall area that connects them. To define the party area a bit more, they had velvet ropes around the perimeter of the two rooms with an opening at the hall to enter into the party. Then to make it a little more private, they put up these beautiful carved wood accordion room dividers. Kind of like this...

Inside the room there were a bunch of sitting areas with brown leather chairs and couches. I would have taken any one of those chairs or couches. They were all gorgeous! 

Because we were the first people there, we explored around and found the perfect spot for us to sit. We ended up in the secondary room. It was a little moodier in there. We started off with a trip to the bar and then made our way back to the little corner that we had decided was ours. It had a beautiful couch, a couple of these orb chairs, and a big couchy chair. It was a chair big enough to for Mario and Me both. We claimed it. We hung out, sipped our drinks, and chatted with friends...and then they opened the food line. 

Mario got up and headed to get some grub, as Tadao and I decided who would go next to get some food. We didn't want to loose our prime spot, so someone had to stay. I told him to go ahead. Tadao started to  head to the food table. I realized that the big chair that Mario and I had been sitting in had scooted back out of place. So with drink in my hand, I hooked my foot under the seat of the chair to pull it forward a bit. Now the chair was so big that I doubted it'd move, but I figured I'd give it a shot. Turns out that chair was actually light in the front...and heavy in the back. In the slowest motion EVER, that chair tipped back and was headed for one of the beautiful wooden panels. Literally two inches from knocking over the 9 foot panel, Tadao dove forward and caught the chair! I swear I peed my pants a little. All I could think about was that chair hitting the carved wood divider, then falling on the velvet rope and taking the velvet rope stands down like dominoes around the WHOLE ROOM!  

Tadao and I both stood there and stared at each other for a good few minutes until Mario came back. Then we decided not to tell him. Luckily, after a few more drinks we were calmer and a lot less of a mess, not to mention a lot more graceful...or I like to think so. At least I learned my lesson and learned not to touch! I could have shut down that party in two minutes! Mario would have been pissed! Luckily Tadao saved my ass! (in payment of his saving my butt, I have agreed to put that in writing) Luckily the rest of the night passed without much excitement of that variety. 

Besides that minor incident, we had a great time. We watched part of the show, talked to great people, and drank a bit too much. I got to be a little star struck with a few people I recognized from television. Kurtwood Smith was there, otherwise known as "Red" from That 70s Show. Will Sasso from Madtv was also there. They were both voices for characters. I was really wanting to meet Jane Lynch, she's another character from the show, but she was probably off doing something a little fancier than our little party. Other than that I didn't really recognize anyone else. Although, there was an odd exchange in the bathroom with someone that now that I look back might have been Paris Hilton. I am told that Mimi Rogers was there by my dorky friend who made a cheesy rose out of a napkin and presented to her and about 8 other hot women. I have to give props to him though. He gave these "roses" to about the top 10 hottest women at the party. He aims high for sure!

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Loving Messages from My Mother

"you know that i do read your blog and you keep talking about me.  BITCH.
I have not seen the elvis at my stores so you do need to buy it.

love you
no more chicken at my house.  Cooked it for the guys in pacificia."

I told my mother to check out the photos of our room on my blog today. She apparently read more. About an hour later I received this email. That was it. If you ever wonder where my randomness comes from, there it is. She cracks me up. This is her trying to be tough. The "Love you" kinda kills the "bitch" though. 

Actually this reminds me of another Sara-ism. It is physically impossible for my mother to say "Fuck You" It comes out as "Go Fuck!" I'm actually surprised that it wasn't in the email. It's her standard loving response to me and my sister.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Smurf Butts

I know I've been talking about it for years now, but I still had no intention of painting our bedroom this weekend. However, once my sister-in-law found out my want to paint, it became her mission to make it happen. A month ago, she pulled paint chips for me to choose from. And this weekend, she showed up with paint supplies. 

I'm not sure how she did it. All I remember is her saying today was the day and then we were off to buy paint. Mario and I moved all our furniture to the center of the room and then we were painting. We didn't even tape the edges. It went quickly and painlessly. We used this cheap cool edger tool and it worked like a charm. Honestly, I think we didn't expect it to work well because it was so cheap...I am officially declaring my love for this cheap little edging tool. No taping, no mess and we were finished in less than two hours. We know this because we put in "The Hangover" for background noise and finished in time to watch the last twenty minutes of the movie.

Now the color was a little bluer than the paint chip looked...which I think is pretty standard when you are looking at a tiny chip. An entire room is going to be a lot of blue. So we have a very blue room...I have decided it's smurf butt blue. It's very blue. But not matter how blue it is, it's still far better than the beige that was there. We have a happy color now. I'm quite fond of it. 

To finish off the room, the SIL and I hit Ikea for some curtains. This is where my commitment phobia rears it head. Curtains and Rugs are a problem for me. I don't want to buy the wrong one. I obviously don't have the same problem choosing paint that I do with curtains and rugs. I stared at curtains for an hour. I knew I wanted white, but I wanted something with a bit of a pattern. The curtains I already have are sheers with a cool pattern and I like them, but they are beat to shit. I needed a heavier drape to stand up against that smurf butt blue. I was very unsure of the curtains I had chosen, until I got them home and hung up. Love them. The room is coming together. 

Now we only have to figure out what kind of lamps we want. That will be decided once we get our artwork for above the bed. Ok we have to decide on a headboard also, but I'll probably upholster one. Right now, I'm waiting to see if I get my birthday wish. And that is custody of three of my dad's vintage pin-up girls. He lucked out and found four Petty prints in an antique shop and framed them up. He gave one to my uncle. The other three were ours. After my father died, my sister and I have shared custody of the girls. We switch back and forth every three or four years. They are gorgeous. So I'll find out during my birthday camping weekend, if I get them. Otherwise I have a really awesome photograph from my friend, that really needs to be put up. Once we have artwork up, I'll have a better idea of what kind of lamps I want.

In the mean time, here is a quick photo...I had to crop in a lot because I didn't want to pull out my pro camera. 

It's pretty toned down in the photos but you get the idea. Dark wood, blue walls, and my pretty white curtains. I'm loving it. My favorite comment when we showed our friends was "you live in a beach house now!" Look even the cat loves it...he's so relaxed me!