Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mystery Solved!

I love freebies. Love them. I also love blogs. So it would only be logical for me to cruise a couple of free stuff and coupon blogs for good stuff.

They are a great place to get random little things or a good heads up on a good deal. My favorite are free magazines. I love them. I got on to a list where I can sign up for free magazine subscriptions. At one point I was receiving 5 or 6 free magazines a month. It was awesome. 

Most of the time it's a 6 month or a year subscription, so over time the amount of magazines dwindle. Other times they pick back up. And other times you end up with a subscription to a magazine that you would never read in a million years. 

A few months back I randomly started receiving Quilters Village. It's a stretch to say I even sew, but quilting...don't think so. Now this was at a time when my subscriptions were dying down. I hadn't been cruising my freebie blogs, so I hadn't signed up for any magazines lately. When you sign up for the subscriptions they usually ask you questions to determine where your career or interest lies, so they can offer you other magazines they feel you might be interested in. No where in those questions did they ask me anything close to "would you like a quilting magazine". I would have passed on it. We have enough magazines coming in and I sure wouldn't want to deprive someone in Oklahoma of their Quilters Village subscription. 

I kinda feel bad when it comes in each month I just don't look through them so they usually end up in the compost. Finally this weekend while we were camping, I had the opportunity to ask my mother if she'd like me to save them for her.

Mom..."No, I got that subscription for you!"
Me..."Why would you have Quilters Village sent to me?"
Mom..."Well I couldn't find anyone else's address, so you were the lucky one to get the subscription"
Me..."Even though I have no interest in quilting"
Mom..."It was free don't complain!"

Now I know where this random magazine came from. I wonder if I can have the subscription forwarded to the library.

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