Monday, June 21, 2010

He's Figured it Out

We went camping this weekend up in Morro annual birthday camping extravaganza. Great weekend. Lots of the lazy, drunken fun that only happens when my mother, sister and friends are around. I relaxed the entire weekend, laughed, read, stared, ate and drank. What more did I need...nothing really. It was just a nice weekend. The only downside would be the sunburn, despite the multiple applications of sunscreen. It's really only a few spots I missed...a couple of stripes on my upper arms...and my lips...and I'm pretty sure my eyeballs are burned a bit also.

We drove home today in that lazy stupor that happens after a good weekend. I could have stayed another day or two probably, if it weren't for work. We took the scenic route home looking for our next camping spot. We found it...just letting you all know. You know a camping trip is good when you are already planning your next camping trip.

While we were gone my sister in law watched the cats. It's the usual situation. When we got home today she still happened to be at our place doing her laundry and hanging out. I walked in and noticed a little something. Angela was sitting at the computer and Bob was dancing around meowing. Initially I thought maybe he was excited to see me. And then I noticed the little thank you gift that he was trying to get Auntie Angela to notice. So I said "Aww, look what Bob brought Auntie Angela" She froze. If you ever wanted to scare my sister in law tell her there is a gift behind her. It was the most awesome situation. She screamed and refused to turn around.

"Oh my god tell me what is behind me! I can't turn around! Oh my god, I just came back from the bathroom, it's fresh...whatever it is! What is it! Laura! what is it! Get it!"

I am bent over laughing. Bob is circling her meowing, so proud of himself.

"Laura get it! What is it! I can't turn around! I can't look! Get it!"

"ok it's a bird" I finally said. I know it's pretty gross but the situation was so funny.

"Laura I can't move now. Poor bird! Bad Bob! Laura get rid of it! I can't move! I'm stuck"

"Well, I really need to go to the bathroom first. Besides, I think Bob really wants you to have it"

"LAURA! Don't leave me here with it. Noooo!!! Laura! Oh my god! Poor bird! Laura!"

I came out to find that Mario had saved Angela. I know, I'm mean. But I really did have to go to the bathroom or there would have been more of a gift for Angela. It was a long drive and Mario got me the biggest drink ever before we left.

Anyway, I'm not sure how the hell Bob is catching these birds. He's too much of a dope to pull it off...or at least I thought. I'm hoping that he's not so excited to see us that he's going to bring us any gifts. Would not be the ending to the weekend I have in mind.

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