Monday, November 30, 2009


Oh god, I swear I'm back! This time I mean it. The problem is that I am living and breathing these damn photos from the road trip. I am sick to death of looking at them. I have absolutely nothing else going on or I really would be blogging.

I did have a small break from the photos to go up to my family's for Thanksgiving. It was the first Thanksgiving without my aunt, but we still drank our 3 or 4 bottles of champagne in her honor...and then moved on to the hard stuff. I swear I never drink unless my family is involved. And yes it's because of them, they keep sticking the drinks in my hand. Mario and I also learned that we liked Gin and Tonics this Thanksgiving...I'll be thankful for that. Mario drinks even less than I do, yet he had a couple Gin and Tonics while with my only took him three years to figure out it's easier to be drunk with them, then to try to figure them out.

It was a great weekend with lots of domino games and this other ridiculous game my sister brought. We're totally addicted to it. My sister's boyfriend yelled at my mom for not playing by the rules and left the game we were playing. Which in our drunk state was the funniest thing we had seen. He's been around for a few years but still has to learn that my mom will never play by the rules. Although after his outburst, she really tried not to play when it wasn't her turn. She's wasn't always successful of course.

We had prime rib instead of turkey. Then my mom proceeded to cook two after thanksgiving turkeys to make up for no turkey on thanksgiving. Then we hit black Friday for the first time in our family history. Don't worry we didn't jump in head first. We tiptoed in. Got to Old Navy at 10am. Scored some cheap cute clothes, went to lunch, and then hit up beverages and more.

Overall it was another drunk weekend with the family. Came home with some turkey, gin, new games and a super cute sweater. It was an awesome weekend.

Mom, Lindsay and Tim will be down for Christmas with Mario's mom and sister. I always feel so sorry for Mario's family when mom and Lindsay come to town. They're never ever really ready for the drunken tornado that appears when they come to town.

PS for those of you at my wedding, my mother tried denying yet again that she was drunk at my wedding. I allow all of you who were there to laugh your asses off now.

Friday, November 20, 2009

And it continues

I'm still working on these images, but at least I'm feeling like I'm getting shit finished now. I'm getting a stride and am actually getting somewhere. I'm really putting it out there that I'll be finished with all the still images in the next week.

Besides that, my life is ridiculously boring! I've been locked away in the apartment, except for being let out for archery class and some lunch.

Speaking of lunch...the bloggy is being cut short so I can go pick up the hubs from work, which is awesomely only two blocks away, and then we're off to get SUSHI!!! And I'm starving, so see you later suckers!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

So Romantic

Last night as Mars and I were laying in bed. We always have the last of our kissing and cuddling before it's decided if we'll have the sexy time or more likely just pass out. We're nose to nose just kissing and I say, "I need a long slow kiss" (yes I have to tell him).

Only there is just a vacant stare from him. And more importantly no long slow kiss.

I'm thinking "asshole, blatantly ignoring the needs of your wife."

However, he then says "And we really need to buy a house".

Now blank stare from me.

Noticing the odd look he says, "Well, lets try to get a house and then we can buy all the long pillow cases you need."

Me "Did you just say Long Pillow Cases?"

Mario "Yeah isn't that what you said you wanted?"

Me "No you gooftard! I wanted a long slow kiss!"

Mario "OOOHHH I thought you said you wanted a long pillow case and I was thinking we already had enough, lets save up for a house first"

There was no chance of the sexy time after that. We couldn't stop laughing. I'll give him some credit, when you say "long slow kiss" and "long pillow case" in your sexy bedroom voice, they sound pretty damn similar.

I think I need to start enunciating in the bedroom a little bit more, we don't need any more misunderstandings in the bedroom.

PS I finally did get my long slow kiss...of course it took a while for us to get over the giggles.

Monday, November 16, 2009

My Life in Images

No, I mean my life is images. I am living, breathing, working images from that three week trip last month. I know I'm getting somewhere with them, but it is some serious slow going work. I really am trying to get a move on, cause I am ready to move on!

The weather is cooling, which makes it a bit easier to wrap up in a blanket with my laptop and work. The weather is also making me want to cook! I made a big lasagna last week as a surprise for Mario...he's been working so hard at his new job. He did a potty/micheal jackson dance when he saw it.

Last night I made an awesome soup. It was a cross between an Italian wedding soup and Chicken noodle. It was a vegetable noodle soup with turkey meatballs. So good! Of course, while we were shopping, I got the makings for another soup. I'll be making a split pea I think...we'll see. I was born to the woman who will throw everything in a pot and call it stoup. Or if it's too thick, she'll call it goulash. We'll see what comes of my second soup of the week.

Today, I'm working on images...still, waiting for a call to pick up my mother in law from the doctor...which will be a nice break from the computer, and the most exciting part of my day? A delivery from Old Navy! Can I say that I can't remember the last time I got any new clothes!? Last week I got a nice shoot, so Mario was nice and said to use it for clothes...woo hoo! So either his job is paying nicely and we're all caught up on bills and clothes are looking like shit and he's noticing. That's bad news.

I should have told my mother law that I'm not leaving the house until I get my delivery though. I'm not sure if I told you, but before I left of my trip, I ordered some clothes. I never got them. The UPS site said delivered. I asked all the neighbors if they had seen the delivery or UPS had delivered it to their place. I even asked the neighbor who caught me spying on her in the nude from the safety of my house. No one had seen it and she was nice enough to pretend she hadn't seen me nakie. So there's not a chance I'm leaving before I see that beautiful box of clothes! to you later...I think I hear a truck pulling out front!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Text Message To Mario

Me: Babe, you didn't tell me we had a new pet! We should call him Harry!

Me: Yes that little bar of soap in the shower has enough man hair on it to be a small animal! Rinse, baby, Rinse!

Mario: hahahahahahah....sorry honey

Yes he was proud of himself and let some of the guys at work see the text message...I went to throw up.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

I know I know

I've been back since Sunday and I haven't written on the bloggy yet. Shame on me, but I can't for the life of me GET IT TOGETHER!

Honestly, I'd love to blame it on the fact that I don't have any panties left, but I don't think I can. I read somewhere that when this lady travels, she takes old underwear with her and tosses out her undies as she wears them. Then the old undies are gone, less clothing to bring home, less laundry to do, and the best part...she gets to buy new panties! I thought this was brilliant. So I brought all my panties with me and slowly discarded as I we traveled. Yes I'm quite proud that I left my panties across the US! However, I brought far more than needed and feel like they multiplied in my luggage. So yeah, I can't really say that I have no panties. And since I seem to have a million panties left over, I can't rationalize buying a bunch of new panties. Crappy deal.

So my my real problem is having so much to tell you all and not sure where to start. Also, I've been organizing somewhere around 15,000 photos from the last three weeks. Ridiculous! Add to that a very very needy cat and husband. When I got home I vowed not to leave the house for a week. However, Target and archery class came a calling. Then clients started calling. I'm thankful to be getting work, but really don't they know how many images I still have to edit?

Anyway, No more excuses about writing. I'm back and so happy to be home. The best part of coming back has been the nice peacefulness and space. The first thing I thought when I walked in the door, was how big the apartment felt. For anyone who has been in my tiny minuscule apartment, it's probably the most ridiculous thing you've ever heard. However, I have been living mostly out of my 4Runner. So yeah the apartment is huge!

The peacefulness was just realized today. How it took me four days to realize, I have no idea. I knew it was eerily quiet around here, but I couldn't place it. Then as I was walking out to my car to go to a shoot today, I kept hearing hammering and scraping. The hammering and scraping was coming from an empty apartment across the way. Yes the empty apartment of that jerky neighbor across the way! Those asshole neighbors have finally moved out!!! I didn't think I could have been happier coming home to my husband, cat, bed, and home. Would you believe all the hammering is so much quieter than the dork who lived there yelling to his friends across the street.

Now back to work...I have a shoot tomorrow and have so much to finish before this weekend. I wanted to go to the local art and wine festival, but I just read that it's strictly an art festival. Screw that. If there isn't wine, I'm not going. So now it's just back to work.