Tuesday, November 17, 2009

So Romantic

Last night as Mars and I were laying in bed. We always have the last of our kissing and cuddling before it's decided if we'll have the sexy time or more likely just pass out. We're nose to nose just kissing and I say, "I need a long slow kiss" (yes I have to tell him).

Only there is just a vacant stare from him. And more importantly no long slow kiss.

I'm thinking "asshole, blatantly ignoring the needs of your wife."

However, he then says "And we really need to buy a house".

Now blank stare from me.

Noticing the odd look he says, "Well, lets try to get a house and then we can buy all the long pillow cases you need."

Me "Did you just say Long Pillow Cases?"

Mario "Yeah isn't that what you said you wanted?"

Me "No you gooftard! I wanted a long slow kiss!"

Mario "OOOHHH I thought you said you wanted a long pillow case and I was thinking we already had enough, lets save up for a house first"

There was no chance of the sexy time after that. We couldn't stop laughing. I'll give him some credit, when you say "long slow kiss" and "long pillow case" in your sexy bedroom voice, they sound pretty damn similar.

I think I need to start enunciating in the bedroom a little bit more, we don't need any more misunderstandings in the bedroom.

PS I finally did get my long slow kiss...of course it took a while for us to get over the giggles.

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