Monday, November 16, 2009

My Life in Images

No, I mean my life is images. I am living, breathing, working images from that three week trip last month. I know I'm getting somewhere with them, but it is some serious slow going work. I really am trying to get a move on, cause I am ready to move on!

The weather is cooling, which makes it a bit easier to wrap up in a blanket with my laptop and work. The weather is also making me want to cook! I made a big lasagna last week as a surprise for Mario...he's been working so hard at his new job. He did a potty/micheal jackson dance when he saw it.

Last night I made an awesome soup. It was a cross between an Italian wedding soup and Chicken noodle. It was a vegetable noodle soup with turkey meatballs. So good! Of course, while we were shopping, I got the makings for another soup. I'll be making a split pea I think...we'll see. I was born to the woman who will throw everything in a pot and call it stoup. Or if it's too thick, she'll call it goulash. We'll see what comes of my second soup of the week.

Today, I'm working on images...still, waiting for a call to pick up my mother in law from the doctor...which will be a nice break from the computer, and the most exciting part of my day? A delivery from Old Navy! Can I say that I can't remember the last time I got any new clothes!? Last week I got a nice shoot, so Mario was nice and said to use it for clothes...woo hoo! So either his job is paying nicely and we're all caught up on bills and clothes are looking like shit and he's noticing. That's bad news.

I should have told my mother law that I'm not leaving the house until I get my delivery though. I'm not sure if I told you, but before I left of my trip, I ordered some clothes. I never got them. The UPS site said delivered. I asked all the neighbors if they had seen the delivery or UPS had delivered it to their place. I even asked the neighbor who caught me spying on her in the nude from the safety of my house. No one had seen it and she was nice enough to pretend she hadn't seen me nakie. So there's not a chance I'm leaving before I see that beautiful box of clothes! to you later...I think I hear a truck pulling out front!

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