Sunday, January 13, 2013

New Rule

A new rule was made in our house today. If you go into the kitchen you have to wash five dishes. Partially it's because neither of us want to wash dishes today. Partially it might serve to keep us out of the kitchen when we are feeling snacky. I initially said it as a joke and to weasel out of having to wash all of today's dishes...but then we both realized it wasn't a bad rule. Now we just have to remember to keep to it. 

So far first to break was Mario. I might luck out though because it sounds like he's going to wash more than the man can't wash dishes without washing the stove. I have no idea why but I will never ever complain about it. It's a hic in his OCD. I love OCD!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Days I Shouldn't be in Public

Do you ever have those days that start off so good and then take a downward spiral? Last Thursday was one of those wonderful days! It started off really well. We had been shooting a few days that week, but this was the easiest of the days. There was really only one shoot and it was at an easy house in a nice neighborhood...mucho better than our questionable Watts neighborhoods from the day before. The shoot itself was really nice and mellow in a nice house, and had all the time in the world. There weren't any shoots after it, so I took the opportunity to show my friend/assistant how to photograph interiors. I'm excited about it really. She picked up on it and did really well! I didn't have to fight with the already established style of another photographer. With a little more practice, I think she'll do really well!

Between the shoot and teaching her a few photography skills, I was in a great great mood. It was a beautiful day and with our work finished, our next destination was sushi lunch! Of course, we headed to our favorite sushi restaurant. We drove through the beautiful hills. There were lots of puffy clouds and blue skies. When I say the day was beautiful, I mean it!

We were just turning on to the street where our sushi is, when we came to a stop. There were just two cars ahead of us, but we weren't going anywhere. As I looked ahead, I could see the problem. Someone had been hit by a car. Judging by the reactions of everyone there, it didn't look major. However, the poor lady was still under the rear end of the car. We assume that the driver missed the parking garage entrance and backed up into her...I really hope so because, otherwise that would mean he drove all the way over her.

The police and EMTs weren't there yet and now a**holes were flying around the corner almost hitting us sitting there. So my awesome friend Colleen hopped out of the car with her red purse and started directing traffic! That allowed all of us to back up and get out of the way of the police and fire department. We decided I'd head around the block to the other garage entrance and we'd meet at the restaurant in a few minutes. Easy peasy right?

I cruised around the block and headed for the other garage entrance. I recognized a few of the cars from behind me at the other end of the street. I was trying to figure out what was going on though. It seemed all three drivers in the cars ahead of me were idiots. The first car pulled up to the arm and was confused as to what to do next. So the attendant, had to stop checking out the exiting cars to come over and hit the button for the entering car to go. Then the next car pulled all the way far forward that they missed the button for the ticket booth also. Except they decided that they should back up...which was not going to happen because the next car had pulled right up on their ass.

As I sat there trying to figure out what the hell they were doing, I could still see the accident. I was hoping that the lady was alright. It seemed pretty low key. Hopefully the poor guy had just bumped her and knocked her over and there wasn't any breaks or anything more serious. I felt for the guy. He sat next to her the whole time I was watching.

Finally, the car in front of me pulled up the arm...and way past the button for the ticket booth've got to be kidding me! Did she not see what was happening with the other three cars?! She tried backing up with no success and then finally got out of her car and walked back to get the ticket. She pulled forward and finally it was my turn. I pulled through and was just about to head down the ramp when I heard yelling.

I stopped and turned around to see the garage attendant yelling and running at my car. Then it hit me. I was one of those idiots! The lady in front of me had gotten her ticket and when the arm went up, I followed her right through! I didn't push the button for a ticket, I just cruised through like an idiot! The attendant was yelling at me and asking me what was wrong with me. He said the arm had almost hit my car and now I was stuck in the garage because I couldn't get a ticket now. It seemed a little dramatic, but yeah I was an idiot. I usually don't embarrass that easily, but I felt like such an ass! I'm not sure how I had gone from watching them and judging their inability to figure out how to get the completely blowing through and not even taking a ticket!

All I could think was that I had been looking at the accident and just blanked out. So dumb. I explained to the attendant that I was a dumb ass and he warmed up fast. He told me to park and come back up for a ticket. Apparently after he got his public humiliation out, he realized it wasn't deliberate. Turns out I wouldn't be forever stuck in the garage, he signed over a new ticket and I headed over for sushi.

However, Colleen wasn't there. I message her and she was STILL directing traffic with one of the cops! She showed up a few minutes later and much sushi was consumed. Sushi did make up for my least it tasted wonderful and I was back to happy.

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

A Blog, a Website, and a Weirdo

I know it was weird that the first blog I posted of the year was a Christmas blog. However, I haven't finished my website yet...because of my lack of knowledge of  building websites...minor details really. For that reason, I've decided that it's not 2013 yet. Yup. Full denial over here. I want to really get into my clean slate January, but I can't cause I'm still dealing with my website crap from December. That damn website is now holding my business back and my personal life.

However, there is a plan in place and I will have my site up this weekend some time.  Lets blame it on work, family drama, and just random shit. The random shit is my fault really. I decided to look back over my hard drive for more images and ended up adding an additional 100+ images as portfolio options. I can't make life easy for myself...cause that would be too easy.

Anyway, next week 2013 will commence and part of 2013 commencing means more blogging. I've been missing it and I have some venting that needs to take place and many more stories about Mario that need to be told. Like the why I keep waking up and taking these photos...

Different nights, same weirdo, who doesn't know how to wear headphones. When I showed him the top photo he was excited that he'd finally found a way to sleep without his glasses falling off...why he feels the need to fall asleep with his glasses on, is a whole different story.

Anyway, happy new year!

Christmas Memories

It's interesting how traditions change and are adapted. I barely remember Christmas's when my parents were married. However, the Christmases after my parents separated hold the traditions and memories that I love most.

After my parents separated, we would spend Christmas eve with my father and his family. It was a pretty full house, my aunt, uncle, dad, cousins, second cousins, grandma and anyone else who was around. It was always a special time. We always loved spending time together. There were always lots of hugs, talking, lots of stories and a ton of laughing. The women folk would spend the afternoon making bierocks for dinner (think German empanadas). A very important tradition with our family. After dinner we'd roll out into the living room to watch a little television and relax a little before opening our gifts...essentially torturing the younger kids. Eventually we'd open our gifts from each other and just have a good time. The night would end with mom picking us up late for midnight mass.

Christmas day was just my mom, sister and me. We'd open our gifts from each other and Santa. It's funny how Santa had the same terrible handwriting that mom had. After the living room was a complete mess and breakfast was eaten either at our house or our neighbors across the street (our other family), we'd get in the car and drive. We'd always start in San Francisco and end up in Carmel. The long drive down the coast was always beautiful and quiet. When we got to Carmel, we'd walk around the village a bit and check out the shops. Then we'd drive around looking at all the different amazing homes and choose which we wanted to live in when we were rich and famous. We always ended up at the beach. That's where it seemed everyone would eventually end up for an Christmas evening walk. Some Christmases would be warm, some would be cold, some would be rainy...we'd take it any way we got it. We'd always end up a little more sandy and wet than we intended to, but everyone was happy and content just walking on the beach. Eventually, we'd head back to the car to watch the sun set. We'd cuddle up and eat a bunch of random and yummy stuff mom had picked up. Smoked salmon, meats, cheese, crackers, salad. We'd just sit there passing around food, giggling, and watching the sun go down. The sun would set and it would grow dark, we'd be full, sleepy and ready to head home. It's my mom, sister and my favorite Christmas tradition.

I love the long standing family traditions of Christmas eve with my dad's side of the family. I love even more how Christmas with my mom contrasted with it. I think some people thought it was sad that it was just the three of us for Christmas, but we loved it. We made it ours. We had tradition and we also learned how to make a our new traditions. I wouldn't trade those years for anything.

Now that we my sister and I are married, Christmas traditions have changed again. I'm sure there are more versions to come.