Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Back in town...and back out

We had a great Christmas Day. Being lazy was first priority. Slept very late and went out for breakfast. Then we all came home and sat on the couch, until we realized that we needed to get over to Mario's mom's house and we weren't ready at all. For some reason I had decided to finally put together our ginger bread house. Because why not wait until Christmas day and the day before you leave for 4 days, to make a huge mess in your house. Mario and I were making deals with each other. I told him I would put the ginger bread house together, if he would mix the cement icing. He said he would wash the dishes, if I wrapped the presents...I totally lucked out with this deal. We had decided no presents this year(which means only a few presents really) and I had decided that we weren't using wrapping paper this year. Only reusable bags. There were a lot of dishes. I totally win.

Anyway, it was a great night. Angela is an awesome cook, so we had a wonderful dinner and got to continue our sitting on the couch watching movies. It was a quiet but nice day.

We left Friday morning to drive up to northern CA to visit my family. My mother was VERY excited for our Friday Christmas. The woman was insane. She's like a hyped up poodle. She kept calling to see where we were and when we'd get there. When we finally made it there she was insane.

It was a great night! Mom was the happiest, all of her babies were coming for dinner...Me and Mario, My sister and her boyfriend Tim, my sister's best friend Melanie(she's the third daughter in our family) and her new husband Adam. Lots of wine, lots of food, a few presents and lots of fart jokes mostly made by the girls of course. Mom was in heaven. We had a great time until mom sneezed, which caused her to fart, which made her laugh, and that made her fart more, more laughing, and then her run-farting out of the room.

We're a classy bunch.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Vanity or Pain?

A hand full of times over the last few years, I have had a few scary little episodes. What usually happens is this...all of a sudden I notice a blurry spot showing up in my vision. Slowly over the next ten minutes or so, this blurry spot gets bigger and bigger taking up most of my sight. Its like looking through Vaseline. Then, I start getting light sensitive and very anxious. Most of the time I'm somewhere safe, but this has started up a few times while driving. It's really unnerving. My sight usually restores itself in half an hour or so, but then I'm left with a wicked headache.

This is one of the first things I brought up with my doctor when I got my insurance. I prepared myself for the worst. Then my doctor very unenthusiastically said it was optical flare, and that wicked headache that follows is just a migraine. She told me it was caused by my birth control. Ok, that makes sense. The first time one of these episodes happened pretty much lined up with me starting the birth control. In her unenthusiastic voice still, she told me it's also likely that I'm prone to strokes...nice. Then said "but we won't really know until you actually have a stroke, so we'll just change your birth control and all should be better." Well, if that solves all of those problems...great. Change it up baby!

So three months ago, she changed me over to some other birth control. About a month in all of my migraines were gone. What I didn't realize, was that I was having migraines almost every day. I'm not sure how I didn't realize that I was having migraines every day...denial? Because I was sure popping the ibuprofen! Obviously mine are not nearly as bad as many peoples, Guilty Noodles for one. But It's amazing to not have to deal with those pain in the ass migraines.

Now here's my problem...this new birth control sucks otherwise. It works in the birth control category, which is what it should do. However now I'm totally hormonal and breaking out. I haven't gotten so much as a pimple in 5 years, now I'm a mess. I shouldn't be having break outs at 32 years old.

How ridiculous would it be to go back in to the doctor and say...get me back on the old stuff, I'd rather have migraines than pimples?

Yeah I know stupid! Guilty Noodles, I know you'd totally take pimples if it meant getting rid of your monster migraines!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A New Installment of...

I couldn't wait until tomorrow to post this, so there are two posts for today. Mario trying to fit into something...

Is that a New Accent?

So, yesterday I spent an amount of time curled up on the couch with a big blanket watching television. That would make anyone feel better!

However, there was one glimmering diamond in yesterday's sad couch party. I was watching some medical show. There was a lot of boring stuff (not boring enough for me to change the channel of course), but part of this show was about a woman with an interesting condition. This woman was a radio dj in Illinois with one of those smooth sexy voices. One day this woman had a stroke...sad. While she was recuperating, she had to learn to do a lot of things again. One of those things was talking. There was a lot of damage to her vocal cords. So when she started talking again her voice was much higher... and had an English accent. I shit you not! The lady came back with an English accent. All I have to say is awesome!

She had never been to England, didn't have any English family, and the language specialist didn't have an English accent. She actaully had a lot of friends that thought she was a fraud, which sucks. But there is actually a syndrome called Foreign Accent Syndrome. I guess it can happen when there is damage to a certain part of the brain. Hey, if you are going to have to go through a major brain injury, you might as well come out with a cool accent!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Crap Day

So Sunday was going well, until I got a call from my mom. (If you've read my last serious blog, you know that my poor mom gets to deliver all the shitty news to me over the phone.)

I should have known it was bad when the first thing she said to me was, "Is Mario with you?"...when I answered yes, she told me that my Aunt Barbara had died. Nothing like having a breakdown in "Party City". Gotta love that store, however, not the place that I want to get horrible news. After fighting cancer on and off for the last six years, my closest aunt passed away today. She was my father's older sister and is one of my favorite people ever! She was fun, goofy, so so loving, caring, thoughtful, and just one of the bestest people you ever could know.

Just before Thanksgiving 2002 my Aunt Barbara was diagnosed with breast cancer. She did so well with her treatment. By February of 2003, after chemo and having a mastectomy, she was found to be cancer free. It had been such a long crappy year. During that year we lost my grandmother and my father, among other scary and bad things. However, her health was such welcome news that year.

Aunt Barbara and my cousin Jennifer...they're so cute!

Thanksgiving 2006, I brought my new boyfriend, Mario, home for Thanksgiving. The first guy I brought home to meet the family. We had a great time. He fit in with everyone and everyone loved him. I was so happy. However, after I got home that weekend, Aunt Barbara called to tell me that her cancer was back. I remember her telling me earlier that year, her biggest fear was finding out that her cancer was back. I thought about this as she told me. She said her doctor was optimistic. The cancer was in her bones, but not in her organs, the doctor felt like they could really deal with this. After we hung up, I called my sister and we cried. I hated that her biggest fear had come true and I hated even more that she had to go through this again.

2005 our family spend Christmas in Hawaii. That was our gift to each other. It was great.

We knew Christmas a month later would be emotional. We's emotional ladies in this family. We had our usual fun, relaxed Christmas and our spirits were high. Although the doctor was optimistic, I remember thinking the cancer was already hitting her. She was feeling good, but she was having a lot of back pain. They suspected it was just arthritis. However, we still wondered how the cancer would be this time.

She remained pretty steady through to the next Thanksgiving 2007. I was preparing to drive up to northern California for the holiday, when I got a call from my mom (see a pattern? Thanksgiving, mom calling...) The week before, my aunt had woken up one morning and couldn't feel her legs. That pesky back pain had actually been a cancerous tumor on her spinal cord. I was so mad at the doctors. How could they have missed this. Looking back, it seemed to obvious. I was told to stay home until we heard more. My first thanksgiving away from my family. I was lucky to have my future in-laws and Mario to spend it with. However, while I spent a cozy day at home, my family spent a quiet thanksgiving in the hospital waiting to see how Aunt Barbara would do. This whole thing was devastating for everyone, but mostly her. Aunt Barbara was the family matriarch and someone who took care of everyone else. Her and my uncle have been raising their two grandsons...and doing an awesome job I might add. Now she was the one who needed to be taken care of. It was quite a fight to get her to a spot where she was stable. There were so many days when she wanted to give up, but she hung in there.

We saw her just after Christmas. She looked and sounded good. They were positive about getting her back. We were so happy to see her home and comfortable.

The next time I saw her was May. It was a little shocking to see her. There was progress with her walking and moving, but there was definitely something unspoken there. Although we weren't being kept filled in on her prognosis, they were giving this positive feel. It was very hard to determine how things were. Looking back, you could see in the looks that my aunt would give my uncle, and my uncle would give her. They would hold hands and just look at each other. You could tell they were taking any moment they could. It was so beautiful to see but alarming too. We had no idea what she was facing.

Uncle Chet and Aunt Barbara married when she was 18 and together for close to 45 years. They are definitely the example of marriage that I strive for.

Thanksgiving this year, as you know, my mom came down here to visit. My sister took that time to spend at my cousin's house with my aunt and uncle. She finally pulled my cousin aside and asked how things were. My cousin said that the cancer was stable, but aunt Barbara wasn't trying like she had previously. She wasn't trying to walk at all, and wasn't giving it that gusto she had before. My sister said that you could tell that Uncle Chet was savoring each and every moment he had with her.

I don't think it ever occurred to us that she might not be there. We certainly had no idea how soon she might leave us. We had been told things were ok. Now we had this feeling to be with her now. So this Christmas, we were all going to spend with Aunt Barbara. Christmas at my cousin Jennifer's. We wanted to spend what time we could with Aunt Barbara.

However, today she woke up and told my uncle that this was the day. He smiled and said ok honey. I think he had heard this before. She was awake for a while. He gave her medicine, came back ten minutes later to check on her and she had passed. As much as it was expected, it was such a shock to him and all of us.

I'm so torn between relief for her, and sadness for everyone she left behind. It never occurred to me that we could loose her so soon. I guess I thought she'd be here forever. She was one of those people that was happy, sweet, and thoughtful. She wasn't afraid to tell you how she felt about you. No one was safe from Aunt Barbara just walking up randomly, hugging you, and telling you she loved you. She always got me on the way out of the bathroom. She had a talent. She always had little funny stories about all the family. Most the time we spent with her, was spent around the kitchen table talking and talking and talking. I'll miss that and her laugh...ok and her random hugs, and her goofy jokes. I can go on and on. I can tell you she has relief now. She's free of the cancer, free of pain, and free to move as she pleases. Mom says she's walking around in heaven with two boobs again. I love that thought. I am so relieved that she can be free now but there's still that selfish part of me that wants her back...I can't help it.

When she first had surgery on her back last year, I had Mario draw up a get well card. My mom has had that card as her screen saver for the last year and that's how she pictures her now.

Friday, December 19, 2008

No Sleepy Time Tea Here!

So I'm not sure if I've told you before, but Mario is slightly narcoleptic. Alright, he is narcoleptic. The man can fall asleep any place at any time. He is far far better than he was when I first was dating him, but does still hit him. There are times I do feel bad for him because he really has no control over this. Something most people just don't understand or realize. He would much rather be watching the movie he put on or hang out with his friends, but once he hits that overly relaxed state...he's out and the snoring begins. I used to fight with this at times, but realize it's simply something he has no control over.

I think to a certain extent it's his partly his industry. when I met him, he would go three or four days without sleep because of deadlines for work. He's been doing this for years. Because of this, his body has learned to take any chance it can to catch up on sleep. I'm still trying to convince him that when he does pull an all-nighter, his body still needs to catch up on that sleep. Luckily I mostly have him out of the habit of all-nighters and he's finally realizing that he's a lot more productive when he gets his sleep. However, retraining his body after many years of this is difficult.

For the most part he doesn't let it get to him. There's even a side to him that is proud. He once fell asleep in line at a bank. And he did get an award last year for best drawing in his sleep. He was working on a Scooby-Doo. There are definitely a number of guys working that fall asleep at work...I think it's an industry standard. He happened to be sleeping when the director came in. The director paused and realized that he was still drawing in his sleep. Surprised, he stopped and watched for a while. Then said "this is better than some of the guys do while awake"

He is much better now. He's had an operation to help his breathing and I make sure he gets his sleep, but there's still a long way to go. When I compare now and then, I can see a huge difference. He actually has normal days, where is his body is fully rested and he is fully awake all day. Today isn't one of those days. I knew it when he woke up and right now I can hear him snoring in the shower. I don't know how the hell he does it! I don't think I could sleep in there if I wanted. But don't worry, the shower is small, it just holds him up.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thanks a Lot!

Thanks to Guilty Noodles... "punched her in the boobs" was my top keyword search this month. However, thanks to this post, "driving sore butt cheeks" was on there also.

It really makes wonder what people are looking for with those searches.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Bad News

ok I'm not sure how it happened or when it happened...but I found a third bottle of the crappy body wash with the beads from hell under the bathroom sink! On Sunday we were having our surrogate family over for our big Christmas Dinner. Mario and I were cleaning the house. I was working on the bathroom, digging around under the sink, thinking how there is so much space under there. I have been using all those bottles of undesirable cleaning products. Well, right in the middle of the whole cabinet was this orange beacon of hell...

Where did this come from!? Why have I never seen it before? I know I only bought two bottles. They were shrink wrapped together and I bought them because it was a buy one get one. That was the deal. I wouldn't buy more than that because those two bottles were already testing my commitment phobia.

I know I already used one full bottle because I celebrated the day that I got through that crap. I was so happy to put that new bottle in the shower and think "as soon as you're gone NO MORE OF THOSE SHITTY BEADS!" I have been proud of myself that I was not wasting. I was using what I bought. I know there was a light at the end of the tunnel for me and the shower gel.

But then I saw this bottle and questioned everything. I actually checked the shower to make sure there was a new bottle in there and that I hadn't dreamed about finishing the first bottle. I know Mario didn't buy it because even when he's out of his own stuff, he won't say he's out of something, he'll just go use something else like shampoo to soap up with. It scares me that I have no memory of buying this and no memory of seeing it in there before. It's not a huge cabinet. There is a lot in there, but I check in there a lot and have never seen this bottle in there.

So who did it? Who would play this awful joke on me? Colleen you were here on this your idea of a joke? Maybe it was that creepy ghost we have in the bathroom? I knew she didn't like me (oh by the way I think the ghost is a she). At this point I'm willing to give it away. I will mail it to who ever wants it! I just can't do a third bottle of this stuff!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Yay Christmas Shopping!

Today is the first day in a long time that I didn't have to wake up and jump right on the computer for work. Add to that a nice rain that started last night and I'm a happy girl. I Love the rain and love that I took the morning to run some errands with Mario and get a little shopping done.

We had pretty much decided between our families that there wasn't to be any gifts. However, once we got into costco there were cool things that we just had to get people. Besides I know they'll be getting us stuff too. We can't help ourselves. Thanks to that costco we also stocked up our very malnutritioned fridge with good food stuff. I love a full fridge!

Then I decided that I wanted to go check out Linens and things. We drove by on the weekend and decided it was too dangerous and line was over an hour long. I don't like 50% off that much... Maybe for 75% off. I figured being a Monday morning it might be safe to go. I have been wanting new bedding for the last year. We upgraded from a queen size bed and are still using the same comforters. So I've been jonesing for covers that actually fit our bed. I figured they had to have something for us.

What a mess that place was! Everyone was in a big frenzy. I walked calmly with my cart around the store, watching everyone tearing things apart. Having to have that last ugly blanket or comforter. Just as I was looking at the leftover rugs, this lady started yelling at me that I stole her cart. Shocked, I turned around to make sure she was talking to me. Yup, she was pointing at me and insisting that I give her the cart back. I told her no, I had gotten this one from some nice lady coming out of the store. Now standing next to all of her stuff that was now sitting on the floor, she was insistent that it was her cart and she wanted it back! Because I'm stubborn and don't like being made a fool of, I wasn't giving up the cart. I had spent quality time with this cart. Of course the man and the woman who worked there and watched me walk by, were no help at all. They just stood there staring. Finally the woman worker looked at me and said "Don't worry I'll get you a new cart" Thanks a lot lady. Not that I really cared all too much but, how do you prove that it's not her cart? If I was nice I would have given her the cart. If she had just asked me if I had taken her cart, I would have said "no, but take mine". However, once the pointing and yelling started, there was no giving up my cart. What sucks the most is, people stealing carts is a big pet peeve of mine...huge pet peeve. I can't stand when people will just take off with your cart, instead of just walking over and getting their own cart from the front. They'll empty it right out and take off with it. Well, who ever took her cart had to work for it. She had a lot of shit sitting on the ground. She probably didn't even have a cart in the first place. Just trying to scam me out of mine. Of course, I kept running into her all over the store and she was giving me all kinds of looks. It was kinda fun after a while.

In the end there wasn't much to choose from. I did happen to find a nice down comforter and a pretty bookshelf for 50% off.

To finish off my fun Christmas shopping day, I'll probably head over to Target later to pick up a few things and see who else I can piss off.

Mmm Brunch...

Mario loves brunches. Maybe it's the all-you-can-eat, maybe it's the variety. I'm not sure, but he loves them. He's is always trying to fine new brunch places to go. Of course I can't do them all the time, I just can't take all that food. So when he actually gets to go to a buffet...he's a very happy man.

There is a great restaurant up above the San Fernando Valley called The Castaways. Way up on the hill, incredible view, wonderful food...and it's got a buffet on the weekend. Mario's been chomping at the bit to go to this brunch. This weekend we finally went. Man was he happy. Part way through he leaned over and told me, the reason we came here was because I have been working so hard and deserved a great brunch out......right. The man has been mentioning this brunch every weekend for the past two months. It was for me....ha nice try mister!

Anyway it was nice...20 foot chocolate fountain is all I need to say. Well it seemed that big anyway. But here's what I thought was funny and interesting.

Why don't they just say that it costs $3.50 for valet parking. I guess they did but why so blatant? What would happen if I only gave them $2...because I'm pretty standard with my $2 valet gratuity...unless I can see that they have to run down a hill and over three blocks to pick up my car, then I'll give them more. If Mario hadn't been in charge of getting the car that day I would have totally given them less. Not because I'm cheap but when they say complimentary and then ask for money, I get an attitude. Lucky for that guy Mario's nicer than I am.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

I feel the same way!

I can't stop watching this video. It cracks me up. There are so many elements to it that kill me. Here watch and we'll discuss...

I'm not sure if it's the kids screaming or them holding onto each other. Hitting his brother on his head and messing up his hair definitely cracks me up. But when the kid tries to put an end to it all with the stool...definitely is my favorite part! What I really want to know is what is going on in that puppet show to elicit that reaction from the kids...scary shit!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Our Christmas Card

So Mario's a pretty creative guy and the man can draw...which really is to his advantage being in the animation industry. I told him I was going to go buy some Christmas cards and he said no. He wanted to make them. Alright, go for it. After three weeks of waiting he finally got it finished...and it cracks me up. If you don't know us in person, I know you've seen's us...I wonder if this is what our kids will look like?

So don't be surprised when you get this in the mail. Also, don't get mad at me when all the glitter and snowflake shit falls out of the envelope and gets stuck in your was the man's idea.

PS...If I don't have your address and you need a copy of this original M. D'Anna art, email me your address.

Monday, December 08, 2008

What does he do while I'm working?

Mario finished working on his show last week and he's not likely going to get more work until after Christmas (because what tv executive wants to work the month of December). So what does he do his first real day off? I pondered this while I was down in Palm Springs photographing some houses.

When I called to let Mario know I was on the way home, he was very proud and listed all the things he did today...even though he's got a little cold. I have to admit I was pretty impressed. He did the dishes, picked up the living room, vacuumed, did some laundry(which is amazing because in the last two years he's done 2 loads...seriously), organized his desk and other random surfaces and...actually put the cat food away(ok I'm a little bummed about that). I was so excited to be able to come home to a clean house and my man slave! The best gift ever!

But do you know what I love even more about Mario cleaning up? Playing "Where'd that shit go?" In such a small apartment, things need to have their own space. Because I work from home and tend to clean up a bit more, I know where their proper places are. Mario knows where things go, but sometimes gets "creative" with this. So when I got home today I made sure to take some photos to share his creativity...

This basket has been a problem for Mario. It's a random empty basket that I keep in the living room. Apparently he has a problem with empty baskets. They need something in them. So he kept putting my favorite pillow from the couch in it with another smaller basket on top...? Yeah weird. I empty it. He fills it back up. This has been a silent battle with us. Now he has found another place for it...on top of the microwave

This I didn't notice at first. The laptop in the cat bed. Well, why not...the cats don't use it until it really gets cold.

Wine in a random basket on the bookshelf. My mom left this basket here a week ago. Mario doesn't like empty there's wine in it.

The hand vac with the books. Interesting. I wouldn't have thought to put it there. I usually keep that hidden in the kitchen not out on display.

And my favorite...the frog mask on the guitar. I don't what to say...creative?

I love when Mario cleans! I'm sure there's more stuff in random places, I just wanted to save some surprises for tomorrow.

Sunday, December 07, 2008


I've left the bag of cat food where it was when the attack happened...mostly because I think it's funny seeing both cats shoulder deep in a big bag of food. They've both given up on the big bowl of food that we leave out for them, and will only eat food from the big new bag. Which is actually more work for them because, they have to climb up on a chair and then stand up to get into the bag. However, they seem to prefer it and honestly it's less work for me. Now I just listen for them rustling in the bag and run in and try to catch them. This is my favorite so far. I love how long he's got his head buried in the bag. You don't think he can suffocate in there do you...

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Have you ever been stalked by a song?

My favorite Christmas song...O Holy Night. I love it. I love when someone hits that high note towards the end. I always get chills. However, there is one version that is a little disappointing. It's the Josh Grobin version of "O Holy Night" He never really hits that note at the end. You'd think that with that voice, if he hit that note right, he'd have women all over him. But no. It's more than a little disappointing.

Well it also turns out that the version of the song is totally stalking Mario. He's never been a fan of Josh Grobin but he's all over the place with that song. Whenever we get in the car it's on. We were running errands one day and it was on the radio every time we got in the car. Sometimes only a half hour in between plays. He called me the other day from a store and I said "isn't that the Grobin song playing in the background?"..."yeah this f'ing song is everywhere!" His sister is now calling him up whenever it's on and playing it into his phone. She's left it on his voicemail. It was on the radio twice tonight. He finally is just leaving the radio off in the car, just to get away from it even for a little while until he goes into the next store. However, every time it comes on I get to see that look of defeat on Marios face...and laugh my ass off.

Friday, December 05, 2008

I accidently took a turn onto Serious street...

Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday. Even with the Christmas presents waiting for us around the corner, Thanksgiving is the holiday that has always made me far happier than all the rest. It was a more about being laid back and just appreciating being with family.

About five years ago it took a bitter sweet turn on me. That thanksgiving five years ago was the last time I saw my father. My sister and I had decided to leave the thanksgiving weekend a little early to drive down to Disneyland. As my sister and I pulled out of the drive, my dad was the only one left outside waving us goodbye. The last thing I said to him was "I love you" as we drove away. It's a picture that is so clear in my head. My sister Lindsay and I had a fun weekend. The end of the weekend came. She went back home to northern california and I went back to work. A few days later my mom called to tell me that my father had died.

What has happen since then has been a lot of crying, a lot of learning how to deal with the loss of someone so close, a lot of growing up, and most of all, a lot of learning about myself. I can say without a doubt that I am not the same person that answered my mother's phone call that night. Despite the reason for all of this change, I love myself so much more now. I wish my dad could see this version of me and see what I've become. Then there's definitely part of me that knows he's here and can see it.

One thing that my sister and I know is that he's around us. We can generally tell who he's with. I can say, "he's with you" and she'll agree. I've been in situations that were a little unsure and I asked my dad to protect me and keep me safe. It's pretty amazing to feel the energy change in the room and realize that everything will be fine. Maybe you don't believe in that sort of thing, I do a little bit more now.

Really the whole point of this long post was to tell you about what I think are little signs from my dad. Maybe they're all coincidence, who's for me. About a month after my dad died, I was living with my friend and her husband. My friend and I were on this workout schedule that got us up at 5:30 in the morning. I was sitting on the edge bed one morning and was trying to wake up a little. My tv was on a bookshelf about a foot and a half from me and the bed. All of a sudden the tv turned on. I just stared at it...then reached for it and turned it off with the power button. It turned back on. I pushed the power on the tv again and turned it off. Then it turned on and off, on and off, on and off. I just said "please stop" and it stopped. Later I told my friend about it and she said it was totally my dad's style. I agreed. Of course, her visiting father-in-law said that someone probably had the same remote frequency and we were having dueling remotes. For one, I was turning the power off at the tv. No remote. And at 5 in the morning? Nah, I knew it was my dad letting me know he was there. Ever since, every time I have moved, I have gotten that same show. Different tvs, same situation.

Of course I have been thinking of my dad lately. Last week I was in the living room working, when I heard the tv in the bedroom turn on. I just yelled out "hi dad" and kept working. Of course Bob was trying to figure out what the crap was going on in there. It just made me happy. It's happened a few other times too. Like in the middle of the night. We sleep with the tv on, I've woken up with it turning off a few times lately. Maybe it's not really my dad. However, it gives me comfort to know he's around and saying hi.

I'll tell you about the birthday surprise I got last year...that was a shock!

Thursday, December 04, 2008

He really is a delinquent!

So I went out to lunch and came back to this mess. Totally helped himself to a nice new bag of food. I can't imagine how long it took them to tear all those tiny pieces of paper off to be able to make a hole that big.

Well at least he's causing trouble at home more and not out on the streets. Weasel! The only thing saving him is how cute he is!

Oh how I missed you!

Yes, I felt like I have been neglecting my blogging duties(yes I just laughed when I typed duties). Like I mentioned last week, my mom has been in town. That lady was here from last Thursday until yesterday. That is the most time we've spent together in one stretch for years. We usually break it up more. Don't get me wrong, I love her but we don't usually do long periods together very well. This time was great. Maybe because most of it was spent at the happiest place on earth.

Mom had decided that she wanted to go to Disneyland for a few days. Mario and I had just gotten our year passes so it was perfect. We had a great time. Although the woman's favorite rides were a surprise to me. One morning all she could talk about was going on Space Mountain. Then she was obsessed with riding the Matterhorn. The woman had to ride it twice in a row...because she wanted to know which side was better to ride(there are two runs to the coaster). Of course we road Pirates and the Haunted Mansion a few times. She giggled through Star Tours and was a mess riding Soaring over California. If you've never ridden it before it's like a movie tour of california. You sit in these seats that lift you up into this big half circle screen and your feet are hanging free. You do feel a little vulnerable but you also feel like you are flying. I knew this ride would get her. She only screamed once when we flew over the golf course and the guys hits the little mickey mouse golf ball past us. Yep she thought it would hit her. She also pulled her feet up when we went over the trees. I guess they did their job. We had a great time. Mom and I stayed at her timeshare in Anaheim. Mario and his sister came down on Sunday and spent the day with us. Then Mario ditched work to spend Monday with us(the man loves his disneyland). It was a nice time and I know I'll get in trouble for letting her buy this...

Yes that is a pink and orange leopard print hat. My sister will blame me, but I know I can't talk that woman out of anything. But she does look cute.

Well there was my warm up back into my blogging routine...more later.