Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Bad News

ok I'm not sure how it happened or when it happened...but I found a third bottle of the crappy body wash with the beads from hell under the bathroom sink! On Sunday we were having our surrogate family over for our big Christmas Dinner. Mario and I were cleaning the house. I was working on the bathroom, digging around under the sink, thinking how there is so much space under there. I have been using all those bottles of undesirable cleaning products. Well, right in the middle of the whole cabinet was this orange beacon of hell...

Where did this come from!? Why have I never seen it before? I know I only bought two bottles. They were shrink wrapped together and I bought them because it was a buy one get one. That was the deal. I wouldn't buy more than that because those two bottles were already testing my commitment phobia.

I know I already used one full bottle because I celebrated the day that I got through that crap. I was so happy to put that new bottle in the shower and think "as soon as you're gone NO MORE OF THOSE SHITTY BEADS!" I have been proud of myself that I was not wasting. I was using what I bought. I know there was a light at the end of the tunnel for me and the shower gel.

But then I saw this bottle and questioned everything. I actually checked the shower to make sure there was a new bottle in there and that I hadn't dreamed about finishing the first bottle. I know Mario didn't buy it because even when he's out of his own stuff, he won't say he's out of something, he'll just go use something else like shampoo to soap up with. It scares me that I have no memory of buying this and no memory of seeing it in there before. It's not a huge cabinet. There is a lot in there, but I check in there a lot and have never seen this bottle in there.

So who did it? Who would play this awful joke on me? Colleen you were here on Sunday...is this your idea of a joke? Maybe it was that creepy ghost we have in the bathroom? I knew she didn't like me (oh by the way I think the ghost is a she). At this point I'm willing to give it away. I will mail it to who ever wants it! I just can't do a third bottle of this stuff!


  1. It's the sock monster. He's moved onto to leaving crappy bottles of body wash to mess with you.

  2. It wasn't me. Maybe Valerie put it there to punish you for Dexter's antics. I hate that stuff too.

  3. That's crazy! I think your commitment through two bottles is more than enough reason to throw away the third one :)


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