Saturday, July 31, 2010

Garlic + Edamame

Last night...Very warm garlicky edamame

Today...Photo shoot for client
Today...garlic farts...It was totally worth it. Those edamame were so good.

Today I had a shoot for a regular client. I was wearing my new cute dress and even newer cuter shoes. Traffic was crap and I rolled up to the house about two minutes late. Not late enough to worry about, but of course no time to stop and use a restroom. Cause I had to tinkle! I have a strict no using client bathrooms. I knew the shoot would only take an hour to hour and a half tops. I could ride it.

The house was beautiful. The backyard wonderful with it's hidden little seating areas and herb gardens. It really was a lovely house. I was about half way through with the interiors when it hit. Apparently those yummy garlicky little edamames had worked their way through my system and were now wreaking havoc. Wreaking likely being the operative word. Luckily I have amazing control. I was able to finish my shoot without offending anyone or getting fired.

I'm glad I have such self control though, the gas you get from garlic edamame could peel paint off of walls!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Heard in a Dressing Room

Mom - I'm going to trying on clothes and you help me decide which I should keep
Daughter (4 years old tops) - Ok mom...ok...I love that one!
Mom - Well, wait for me to try the clothes on first
Daughter - Ok mom...I love that one
Mom - Let me try something on first
Daughter - Oh Mama that one is priceless!
Mom - silence
Daughter - Yes that one is should get it
Mom - Did you just say priceless?
Daughter - I love it, you have to get it mama
Mom - Where did you hear the word priceless?
Daughter - still chattering away
Mom - laughing

Me...giggling next door

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A.D.D. Blogging

My life is incredibly boring right now. I've been working on photos and the restaurant...and that's it. Or so it seems. Our most exciting event this weekend was getting our new used air conditioner and a sponge bob ukulele. Both awesome. Air conditioner is quiet, cold, and moves that air through the house. It is everything that the old air conditioner wasn't. The Ukulele is sponge bob yellow with the whole Bikini Bottom crew on it. It is also cool. However, it is louder than the air conditioner, but it's fun so it's ok.

Today I went and got sushi without my sushi our usual place. Felt a little guilty. Not enough to call and extend an was pretty late after all. I did feel a little guilty about ordering the dreamy butter and garlic edamame and a new super yummy roll we have been thinking of getting. Guilty enough not to send the taunting text message " haha I'm getting sushi and you're not" or "mmmmm sushi" that I usually send. I'm not above rubbing it in friend's faces. However, she'll tell you that I must have really felt fairly guilty not to have sent that text message.

Few nights ago, I was getting ready for bed. I went into the bathroom, stripped down, got out my tooth brush and started brushing my toofs...when I noticed an abnormality on one of my breasts. I froze. Then I choked on my toof brush when I started laughing. I had three cheerios stuck to my boobs. Of course it was a hot day. So a little sweatiness mixed with the cheerio's crunch enhancer, meant those bitches were glued on.

My excitement for tomorrow...BINGO! I would have never thought that at age 34 I'd be running Tuesday night bingo. It's actually fairly ok. I talked Tadao into being the MC for the bingo tuesdays. He loves the attention. The little old ladies love him. It works out perfectly, plus he gets free super. It does get exciting when the hardcore players come out. I love it. There's some heckling, some yelling, some jumping in seats. It's actually pretty cute to see how excited and competitive people get. Exciting right? Who am I kidding, I love that shit. I would however, like to see a little shit talking in the game. That my friends, would be awesome!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Half of my car got washed twice

I only really had a few things on my to-do list Friday. I absolutely wanted to have my glasses repaired and I absolutely wanted to have my car washed. After those two things were finished, I figured I'd run some errands or go do some work at Theresa's. As long as I got those two things finished, I'd call it a successful Friday.

Stop #1, Optometrist. I should have known then that the ole brain had checked out for the day, because I passed the office twice. Once, because it came up faster than I had anticipated...even though it was way farther down the road than I remembered. The second time I missed the driveway. Luckily I found a parking spot right out front. However, instead of properly backing in, I went in nose first and had to do the back, forth, back, forth a million times until I got in the spot.

Once I got inside, all was good. I handed over my glasses. They repaired, straightened, cleaned, and shined until my glasses looked new. Pretty exciting really.

With goal #1 finished. I immediately headed out to get #2 wash time. The thing about Burbank is that it has a million car washes. I could have gone to any one of them and would have been finished in no time at all. However, I had camera equipment and camping gear in the back of the truck, so I didn't want to go to a car wash where they drive it though. I figured I'd just go to one of the little quickie drive thru car washes at the gas station.

Here's where my problem started. I am not a Shell gasoline girl. I know that the Shell station down the street has a car wash, but I don't want to hand my money over to them. Luckily, I remember seeing another station recently that has a car wash in it, so I start driving towards that one. Of course, I can't remember what street it was on.

I already know I'm wasting time and gas by randomly driving around looking for this mystery gas station with the car wash, but I still decide to pass the Shell station. I absolutely know that the other station is a few blocks down. So I drive on....and on...and on...and came to another gas Shell station with a car wash. Really? It can't be another Shell. I don't remember it being Shell. I could swear it was another company. So I drove around some more. I drove all over the damn place! Knowing that I did want to actually want to finish other things that day, I decided to just give in and use the Shell drive thru.

So I pulled in to get gas. I notice there was a little chaos going on in the car wash. The attendant was signalling for the car to leave the car wash, there were a million cars lining up and a lady drives out with soap on half her car. First I laugh a little...because bonehead lady..and then I think, shit, I'll be here forever if I have to wait in that line. So I decide to drive all the way back up to that other Shell station.

I pull into the station, fill up the tank, get my car wash code and pull into the car wash line. There was just one truck in front of me and he's heading into the washer. I enter my code into the machine, it's excepted, and then I wait for him to finish up. As he pulls out, I drive in. I inch forward waiting for the little red light to tell me to stop. I inch forward and forward and hit that little bump and still no red light. So I pull forward some more. I go over the bump and pull forward a little more and finally the red light comes on. The wash starts and sit back and relax for a bit...until I notice that the wash is starting way far back on my car. Shit. I had totally overshot the stopping point. So, I pop my car into reverse and roll back a bit but, I can't get back over the bump. Wet cement, spinning tires. Then an alarm starts going off. So I quick pull forward again to where I was. All is quiet again and the washing continues...on the back of my car. I am totally that boneheaded woman from the other car wash jacking things up! Now I know what she did! Here's the problem, because I am so far forward, the whole system is off. It soaps up the car and then the scrubber spinner thing is supposed to start from the back and move forward. However, it can't tell where the car is, so it just spins in place. I am hoping the three cars behind me are not noticing...right. I knew I had to do something. I had already decided there was no way in hell I was going to the attendant and tell him what an idiot I am...way too embarrassed! With the car still soapy and the spinners at a stand still, I decide I need to just get out of there! I'll just leave and say I washed my car. So, I decide to leave mid wash and shoot out of the car wash!

Only, I still can't see though any of my front windows. I have to finish getting my car washed, so I head back to the other Shell station again. I really don't want to pay for two car washes. I hate to spend that money, but I need this car washed. Then I realize I have cash. I'll just roll into the other car wash, pay cash, finish this car wash ordeal up, and hopefully Mario won't notice that I am such a dork ( I know he already knows, but I like to think he still thinks I'm a little cool) .

I pull into line at the other car wash. There is only one car in front of me in the wash. I pull up to the code machine and read the sign that says "wait for the car in front to finish washing before entering code". This was probably where I went wrong at the last car wash. Now I know. I wait patiently for the other car to pull out. I reach over to feed my $10 bill into the money machine, and only notice then that it only accepts $1 and $5. NOOOOOO!! I push the attendant call button a million times! There was no answering. Had I just looked closer at the machine while the previous car was washing, I would have had time to leave the car and run in and pay for a wash. Now, I have four cars behind me and I cannot just get out and run up to pay the attendant. I would be pissing a lot of people off. So, I decide to be nice and just drive through the car wash. This is twice today that I have driven through a car wash without getting my car cleaned!

Only this time, I park my car and run in to pay for a car wash. I get back in the car, pull around, and get back in line for the third time. I wait for the car in front to exit. I enter the code. I pull in slowly...not pulling over the bump. I finally sit back and wait for my car to get a nice full wash.

I'll be honest, that wash was over entirely too fast for all the time I spent, diving, waiting, stressing, driving, waiting, and driving more. I totally deserve it all but, at least my car is finally FINALLY clean!

Wednesday, July 07, 2010


Not only do I have writers block, but I finally pulled myself together and wrote a blog post...only to have it disappear! Not thrilled about this.

The bad news for you is that I will not be retyping all that shit! Here's a summary...

Almost finished with Theresa's new website
Then will make myself a new site
Embarrassed with the state of current site
But have been putting making a new site off
Can't believe I'm 34 and running bingo
This Bingo shit is getting people in
What ever tickles their pickles
Finally meeting daily sales goals
Got called a a pervert
Time for lunch
So long suckers!

Oh and here's a video of my friend Chris's new video. I love the song! I'm very proud of him!