Wednesday, July 07, 2010


Not only do I have writers block, but I finally pulled myself together and wrote a blog post...only to have it disappear! Not thrilled about this.

The bad news for you is that I will not be retyping all that shit! Here's a summary...

Almost finished with Theresa's new website
Then will make myself a new site
Embarrassed with the state of current site
But have been putting making a new site off
Can't believe I'm 34 and running bingo
This Bingo shit is getting people in
What ever tickles their pickles
Finally meeting daily sales goals
Got called a a pervert
Time for lunch
So long suckers!

Oh and here's a video of my friend Chris's new video. I love the song! I'm very proud of him!


  1. So I wrote you a comment and it never appeared... Blogger must be having issues today. But as you can see by my FB I love this duo! Totally already hit up itunes!

  2. Yeah I've been singing the song all day long. Guess I should download it too!


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