Sunday, August 31, 2008

Nervous Excitement

I'M GETTING MARRIED TODAY! I'm nervous but so excited. These last two months have gone by in record time! The last three weeks are a blink. I know I was incredibly busy and didn't sleep much.

Mario is still asleep. Yesterday was a long and busy day. Finishing things up and running errands. Finally most everyone was in town, so we had a run through. We are kind of having a little surprise for our family and friends with the ceremony...I'll tell you all tomorrow.

We got to santa barbra on Friday. My mom got us a really beautiful room at the Santa Barbara Inn. It's lovely here and has a view of the ocean. Saturday we thought we'd have some rest time. Maybe go to the beach. Not a chance. We ran errands, organized, bought, finished, and practiced. We were exhausted and went to bed a tiny bit early listening to the sounds of the ocean. Thinking that I would sleep through until just before the hair and makeup girls got here. Not a chance. I woke up for a second at 7am and pretended to sleep until 7:30. I gave up. Now I'm just sitting here relaxing...kind of. The nerves!

Mario just woke up...I'm a little more relaxed. We decided that it would be fine to see each other before the wedding. It's easier for us and I wouldn't have gotten any sleep if I hadn't had Mario here(yeah I know...gross) Last minute my mom asked if I should stay in her room with her and my sister. Mario and my sister's boyfriend could sleep together. Then us girls could drink wine, giggle and she could tell us scary stories. I told her with the exception of the wine, that would be a boyscout campout.

Really the only part I'm nervous about is the ceremony. I don't like lots of people staring at me. It's like one of those bad dreams. Luckily I have a man who loves me and is willing to make a fool of himself to keep a few of the eyes off of me. I know I said I would tell you later but...So we're not really the traditional type. I'm not walking down the isle to a traditional song. While trying to come up with music, we came across Barry White's "Can't Get Enough of Your Love baby". It very quickly became the song I would walk down the isle to. But it goes like this. I will have a great friend playing some beautiful guitar music there. Mario will walk his mother down the isle and seat her. He'll stand up next to our friend the officient. Will then decide the guitar music just isn't right. He'll cut Chris's playing short and cue the Barry White. He'll then start making an ass of himself, singing and dancing. My sister and his sister will dance up the isle and dance with him. Then my mother and I will shimmy our way up the isle. Yes we are wierd, but it somehow makes me a lot less nervous to do this. The serious walk up the isle is just too much for me...imagine that! So either it will be a bomb or they'll love it. I think there will be a lot of nervousness from the crowd...what the hell is he doing? Laura is going to kill him! Then maybe they'll get into it. Part of me expects Mario's mom to yell at him. We've told her but I don't think she got it. My mom on the other hand has gone along with this ridiculous idea. I will really owe her after this!

So there you are. Everyone is expected here in the next ten minutes. We'll start having little sips of mojitos and the last of my nerves will disappear. I'll let you know how it goes!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Double Chin

My favorite time of the year is fall and winter...California fall and winter mind you. I would absolutely love more of a change in season, but we generally only get two seasons...summer and another season that's a little cooler. Luckily, with all the time spent in Big Bear the last few months I've really gotten to see different weather around here for once. Last Friday I made my way up there to pick up some things. It was just as warm as Burbank. However, as I was sitting looking out at the lake eating my lunch, I heard a rumbling. Beautiful clouds rolled in and the rumbling turned into thunder. The clouds let loose and it just poured down for a good five minutes. I was in heaven! I giggled as I watched all the families swimming at the lake, ran for cover. There was one family who thought like I do. We're already wet, we might as well keep swimming. They were having so much fun. I was happy sitting in my car with all the windows down, listening to the rain, feeling the cool breeze that came through. It almost made up for my day turning to crap. I was so happy for that tiny glance at fall.

I know fall is still a ways off for us. It seems that summer sticks around until October, but I just can't wait. I love being able to wear warmer clothes. I love the smell of rain. Driving through neighborhoods, smelling all the fires going in the fireplaces. Thanksgiving is my favoritest holiday. But my favorite thing by far is how fat my cat dexter gets. Summer time is spent running around outside exploring and playing. We're pretty sure he's found a nicer house with working air-conditioning...he's a slut. But come winter, he's a home cat. He's lazy and it's just too cold for him to go outside. He turns into a big lump, a big lump with a double-chin. I don't think I've ever seen a cat with a double-chin, but our Dexter gets one, er, two. Mario and I decided that the double chin is reason enough to love fall and winter.

Skinny Dexter...

Double Chin...

I really don't feel these give you the full impact of the double chin. I will be documenting the full transition from skinny boy to chub-a-lub this year. I can't wait!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


So I'm figuring out that I hold my tension in my butt. Really. I clench when I get stressed. Too much info...sorry. I must go on. I have noticed a sore tush on a few occasions and have had it pointed out to me on other occasions. No literally(I don't walk around fully clenched. I would have to be clenching pretty hard for it to be obvious). Anyway, it all started when I was taking archery lessons. I would come home and mention to a friend that one of my butt cheeks was sore. After a few weeks my friend brought it to my attention that I was mentioning this every week after practice. Finally one night I noticed that I was concentrating so much on the target that I was clenching one butt cheek. I have also noticed when I am driving and doing a lot of thinking, clenched butt cheek. When I get to my destination I have one sore butt cheek. Like I've been working out. Although I guess I am ...clench...release...clench...release. I have noticed it's just one cheek at a time. Luckily I switch off cheeks, so I don't just have one perky butt cheek. And now I want go to bed, but I am trying to finish this photography job from yesterday in a hurry. This is causing some tenseness on one tush. I have issues...

(I tried finding a funny clenched butt photo...there were none. Very disappointing!)

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Tough Day...

Slept late
Worked 3 hours
Sat in the pool and read 3 hours
Back to work
One load of laundry
Let the Man make Dinner
Decided a tough day deserved this...

Yes I need the water...I don't drink much...can't actually think of the last time I drank. Needless to day work from here on out should be interesting.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

She loves me...she loves me not...

I think my soon-to-be sister-in-law might have a problem with me. It's a little Sleeping beauty here. Funny she even works for Disney. All this time I thought she loved me.

I'll start from the beginning. Due to health reasons and dieting for the up-coming wedding, Ange brought over some fancy yogurts and other foods not needed in her fridge. Not too bad. I buy generic on-sale yogurts for me and the man. These were name brand, banana creme yummy fat free yogurt. There were three to start with. I've thinned out the supply over the week. Tonight, I decided to have the last fancy yogurt for desert. I was really good today and was looking forward to this desert. So I open and take a nice spoonful. Then I looked over at the man and felt a little guilty eating all of the fancy yogurts and not sharing. I scooped up a nice heaping spoon and feed it to him(I know gross). Then I go in to finish off the rest for myself...enough of the generosity(yes generosity, he's lucky he got one spoonful). I excitedly go in for the next scoop and see a huge splotch of greenish-blue. Nah, it's just the light shining through the label. Nope it's a big nickel size glob of mold. Yup, just like in sleeping beauty. Poison apple...moldy yogurt. I think it's because we moved up the wedding date. We cut out quite a few months of proper dieting time. However, I got the last laugh, she's not just poisoning me, thanks to my generosity she poisoned her brother too!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Chiptle How I love you

I photographed a great house today...well actually the back yard. I was ready to move in to that back yard. I would have been happy there. It's small but it has an area to cook and BBQ, a sitting area, I could totally sleep on the lounge chairs and a nice hot tub pool area to swim, relax, and bath in. It was a very nice backyard.

Anyway, So I've been on a diet for a whole 36 hours now. I'm not sure how good I'm being. I'm eating way better than normal, but I'm not sure how good I am compared to other healthy dieters. So tonight after the shoot, we stopped at Chipotle. being on a diet and all, I ordered a little better than I would normally. I ordered the burrito bowl and went without the yummy tortilla. I also went without the guacamole. Giving up the guac was hard, I loves me some guac in a serious way. I'll be honest I did get some sour cream, but not too much. And even with all those sacrifices, it was freaking good! I know, I didn't give up much...those chipotle people know what they're doing there!

Monday, August 04, 2008

10 Things

Things that are making me happy right now.

1. may officially be over but thanks to DVR we have many shark shows saved to make it feel like it's shark week all over again.

2. Had the best salad with tritip on top for dinner.

3. Half way through the massive pile of work.

4. Sat in our cheesy pool today and read for over an hour despite massive pile of work.

5. We hung out at Target just for the air conditioning today...Mario's idea...he knows how to make me happy.

6. Got our first wedding gift sent straight from Scotland. Didn't really expect anyone to get us anything but haven't ever gotten anything from Scotland before so that's kinda cool. They were really beautiful towels for those who are curious and a wonderful note from Auntie Gladys.

7.When I told Mars that I needed to loose 10 pounds in the next month, he automatically offered himself up for dieting also. I wasn't even thinking about him going on a diet, he just put himself on. will make life a lot easier!

8. My sister has been planning a little something for the wedding herself. We have decided not to have a cake. So knowing my very serious addiction to chapstick...she decided to make a "chapstick cake". she's going to assemble a bunch of chapsticks in the shape of a cake for those of you who are thinking she's making a real cake and adding chapstick to it...gross. So I asked her if instead of feeding each other cake, if we should apply chapstick on each other's lips...stupid I know but it made us laugh.

9. I found this "Make yourself into a Shark" while looking for a Shark Week logo. It doesn't really make me happy, it's actually rather disturbing so I thought I should share.

10. What makes me the most happy at this moment is going to bed!

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Cute Shoes

I looked at my little blog and realized there haven't been any photos...boring. So my answer to that is to show you a photo cute wedding shoes! Now let me explain. This girl wears flip-flops. All-the-time. I have never been trained in heel wearing. I would love to be able to wear sexy heels and have tried on many occasions but it's just no use. I think it would take lots of practice and lots of weight loss. It's just not for me. I loves my comfort, so flip-flops it is. However, not for the wedding. I'm not sure why. EVERYONE has been telling me to just buy some cute flip-flops. But for some reason I decided no flop-flops. I wanted pretty shoes for my pretty dress. Despite my major aversion and straight out hatred of white shoes...I found me some cute white wedding shoes. Biggest bonus...comfy and it even has a little heel.

The Dress is in...

So even though I was told my dress wouldn't be in until a week before the wedding...It came in on Thursday. Woo-hoo! Then the nerves hit! What if the dress wasn't what I remembered! What if it didn't make me look like the goddess I am?! On Thursday I was getting nervous, but today I was way more nervous than I thought I would be. The biggest of all my fears...I didn't want it to be the wrong dress for me.

I'm also a lot stressed out. I have a lot of work to do. And it feels like not enough time to do all the work and the final plans for the wedding. Good news is that I sent out a nice fat invoice to a client that completely covers the cost of the wedding. However, that also means that I have tons of work to complete from this week. That on top of a new client and an old client who decided to redo his whole site. That last client through a wrench in my time line for sure. New client randomly called and pushed the shoot back two days...perfect! New client is now my favorite client.

So I probably wasn't in the right state-of-mind to really go to my dress fitting today. I had my cute shoes, but no bra or slip. Mars was nice enough to come with me to find a bra...of course. Then dropped me off at the bridal shop for my fitting. Luckily Mario's mother and sister met me there and held my hand. Let me tell you, I was a little disappointed at first. The dress fit perfectly around, but was very low cut(I don't mind being a little boobie-licous but this was a little scandalous for a wedding dress). It was still beautiful and exactly what I pictured but just wasn't right. I knew it was the stress knocking me around. So I sat and relaxed and my beautiful dress started working it's magic on me. Of course the alterations lady worked her magic and made the dress fit me perfectly. She pulled the halter up tight, marked the hem and now the dress is perfect! The only thing left is for me to loose ten pounds and/or to find a better fitting spanx girdle thing(It was the wrong size...I knew it went on way too easy!)

Now I'm working through that big pile of work, feeling much better about my pretty dress, and looking forward to my awesome already paid for wedding.