Saturday, August 02, 2008

Cute Shoes

I looked at my little blog and realized there haven't been any photos...boring. So my answer to that is to show you a photo cute wedding shoes! Now let me explain. This girl wears flip-flops. All-the-time. I have never been trained in heel wearing. I would love to be able to wear sexy heels and have tried on many occasions but it's just no use. I think it would take lots of practice and lots of weight loss. It's just not for me. I loves my comfort, so flip-flops it is. However, not for the wedding. I'm not sure why. EVERYONE has been telling me to just buy some cute flip-flops. But for some reason I decided no flop-flops. I wanted pretty shoes for my pretty dress. Despite my major aversion and straight out hatred of white shoes...I found me some cute white wedding shoes. Biggest bonus...comfy and it even has a little heel.

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