Saturday, August 02, 2008

The Dress is in...

So even though I was told my dress wouldn't be in until a week before the wedding...It came in on Thursday. Woo-hoo! Then the nerves hit! What if the dress wasn't what I remembered! What if it didn't make me look like the goddess I am?! On Thursday I was getting nervous, but today I was way more nervous than I thought I would be. The biggest of all my fears...I didn't want it to be the wrong dress for me.

I'm also a lot stressed out. I have a lot of work to do. And it feels like not enough time to do all the work and the final plans for the wedding. Good news is that I sent out a nice fat invoice to a client that completely covers the cost of the wedding. However, that also means that I have tons of work to complete from this week. That on top of a new client and an old client who decided to redo his whole site. That last client through a wrench in my time line for sure. New client randomly called and pushed the shoot back two days...perfect! New client is now my favorite client.

So I probably wasn't in the right state-of-mind to really go to my dress fitting today. I had my cute shoes, but no bra or slip. Mars was nice enough to come with me to find a bra...of course. Then dropped me off at the bridal shop for my fitting. Luckily Mario's mother and sister met me there and held my hand. Let me tell you, I was a little disappointed at first. The dress fit perfectly around, but was very low cut(I don't mind being a little boobie-licous but this was a little scandalous for a wedding dress). It was still beautiful and exactly what I pictured but just wasn't right. I knew it was the stress knocking me around. So I sat and relaxed and my beautiful dress started working it's magic on me. Of course the alterations lady worked her magic and made the dress fit me perfectly. She pulled the halter up tight, marked the hem and now the dress is perfect! The only thing left is for me to loose ten pounds and/or to find a better fitting spanx girdle thing(It was the wrong size...I knew it went on way too easy!)

Now I'm working through that big pile of work, feeling much better about my pretty dress, and looking forward to my awesome already paid for wedding.

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