Thursday, July 31, 2008


I'm stressed. I'm caught up on wedding planning. Still have things to do but I'm in a good spot. I'm current on work but just spent the last two days up in Big Bear photographing cabins, so I will, be sitting in front of the computer for the next four days on and off working on photos and virtual tours. However, let me tell you...I feel the stress. Of course there is more to it than the planning and working. There are family things going on, friend things going on and it all adds up.

And how do I deal with all of this stress. boycott the phone and don't to answer all. Except today I have been good. I made myself answer every call. No passing it to voicemail. In return for being good, I got a good phone dress is in! They originally told me that it would be in 10 days before the wedding...that was killing me. But now it's in! And I'm having a heart attack! I have shoes, but no strapless bra and no slip. Worst of all...I'm afraid to try it on. Can this be a real phobia? It's probably not but what if it's just not what I remembered and I don't like it?

One Benefit to planning a spontaneous wedding....I only have to deal with this stress for two months. It's not a year of planning and stress! If I were a drinker, a glass of wine would be good right now.

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