Sunday, July 20, 2008


Most everything is under control on the wedding front. There is just one thing that I'm stuck favors. What the crap do I do for that. I want something that's us, a little sense of humor in there but fun and something people don't mind. I have some ideas but they're ehh. The one thing I do like is having little pots with herb seedlings and a little bow around the pot. It's green, it's something that people will like and can grow bigger. However, it doesn't hit that funny part that I want. If you all aren't familiar with the 99 cent stores, there are lots of ideas there. Our current favorite is a little 2inch flower with a green candle in it. Very cute but I feel like it's not enough. To suppliment that little favor we can include a towel that you put in water and grows. It also says "Uranus" on it...funny us...not everyone else though.

More thinking to do...

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