Monday, March 29, 2010


What is it about me that makes Mario's friend, R, tell me too much. Most of the time he's kept in check by the rest of the friends. However, there have been a few times when we were alone and he felt the need to let me in on some things that really weren't necessary for me to ever hear. Ever.

The first time this happened, he had come over to use our washer and dryer. When I went to show him how to use the washer. He found it imperative to let me in on why he had to wash his whites twice. I was already trying to make my way back to the safety of Mario...but he kept talking. Next thing I knew I was backed up to the door and he was explaining. Explaining how while stretching in Karate class, tension sometimes builds...and sometimes that pressure gets to much and a little something comes out.

I couldn't say anything. I just nodded and tried to send SOS messages via brain waves to everyone in the other room. It wasn't working but finally I was able to slip through the door and to the safety of normal people. However, it wasn't until the end of the evening, when he had left, that I was able to finally share the disturbing news with other people...R had shit his pants while at karate class!

There have been other little comments here and there, but last night was another one of those bits of info that I didn't want to know. We had invited everyone over for an impromptu BBQ. R showed up looking very sad.

Me: Hey! What's wrong

R: Oh I'm just under the weather

Me: Oh no...are you ok?

R: Yeah I'm not feeling well

Me: Well, head on out back and get some food

R: (in a very pathetic voice) Oh I only came for the good company

Then he leaned in and dropped the bomb

R: I have hemorrhoids

Me: ....

R: They're so painful and it just makes me feel so bad

Me: Hmm...well go out back and sit on one of the cushioned seats

R: Oh that's ok. I just don't want to eat anything because that's when it's painful

Me: Alright...get outside

I just hate being on the only one at the party knowing that someone's got ass problems. It's just not fair.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

So I Married a Subconcious Criminal

I admit it, I can be a troublemaker nothing major, more of a smart-ass whole thinks poop and penis jokes are funny. Most people see some innocent look on me and assume the best of me. I just let them think this until some perverted comment comes out of my's their fault for assuming right. I love the shocked look on their faces. Mario is different from me in that is just not a troublemaker. As much as he likes to think he's a bad ass...he's just too nice. However, this last week, I have been seeing the bad ass side of him. Well, bad ass for Mario.

It started last week. I woke up early one morning to use the restroom. Walked in sat down. Then I looked over at the roll of toilet paper. It had been completely unrolled and then rolled back up. I was puzzled. I know all the crap that the cats pull and this hasn't been on their list for years. The next option was mario falling asleep and unrolling the toilet paper...I laughed for a minute and then realized that was just ridiculous.

Fast forward two days. We have kidnapped a friend and are heading to Target for supplies. Half way there I remember that I still have no idea what happened to the toilet paper.

Me: Oh by the way, what happened to the toilet paper?


Me:(thinking...what did you do now?)

Friend:(look of curiosity on face because she wants to know what the hell we are talking about)

Mario: Well, I got up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. And apparently just as I went to unroll a little toilet paper I fell asleep on the crapper.

Me: You did not

...Giggles from the back seat

Mario: Well, when I woke up it was light outside and the toilet paper was all unrolled in a pile on the floor

...friend bent over laughing in the back seat

Mario: And then I figured, my ass is stuck to the toilet seat, I might as well sit here and roll up all this toilet paper

Me: shaking my head and finally giggling

Mario: You know when I accidentally woke you up when I came to bed this morning...yeah that was me finally getting back into bed after falling asleep in the bathroom for...ok I don't know how long. It was dark when I went in and the sun was coming up when I came out.

Me: You know I thought it might be you for like half a second, but then I thought about how ridiculous it was...I was going to blame the cats!

Friend: Still laughing in the back seat

Then it got worse. During a trip to Home Depot, we found shade for the backyard. Small cement patio with all white walls and floor = oven in the summer and will just plain blind you the rest of the year with all the reflective surfaces. While we've looked at gazebos and umbrellas, the cost is just too much. And honestly, it would just be more stuff to crowd the backyard. However, we found this cool shade while shopping for more garden stuff. The shade was 30 bucks and we would just attach it to the roof line in two places and then to the cement wall. We got two corners of the triangle set up, before we realized that we'd need a different type of screw hook to attach it to the cement wall. We headed back to home depot with our hook screw as an example of the size we'd need, bought the remaining parts, and headed home to finish the job. I started to organized all the pieces and realizing I didn't have the screw we had taken with us, Mario pipes up with "I have the screw in my pocket" He then reached in and pulls out a completely different eye screw. Oh he had our original hook screw, but now he also had a six inch screw that we had decided not to purchase because it was just going to be too small.

Of course I yell "YOU SHOPLIFTED!!!" and then laughed hysterically as he looked confused as to how he had walked out with some extra loot. It wasn't even a little screw. This is like one of those huge hook screws you hook a hammock on. And he'd accidentally slipped it into his pocket. Yep that's my bad ass husband.

Well he was a bad ass until he said we had to take it back. I would be heading back the next afternoon to exchange the wheels we had bought for the composter (cause everyone needs a traveling composter right). He suggested I just put it back in the bin. I refused...that's when I would get caught for HIS theft. Instead I would just be honest and give it back to the lady when I exchanged the wheels. While I thought it was funny to hand it to her and tell her we accidentally walked off with their property without paying...she was totally unfazed. Said thanks and here is your receipt.

So much for Mario being a bad ass!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Indoor Gardening

I finally got to use my fancy new rake made out of old tires. I fully endorse this product as a tool useful for removal and disposal of spiders! No this rake has not seen dirt yet. However, it became closely acquainted with the ceiling, bookshelf, and floor as I chased a nasty spider around the bedroom.

For those of you who might think I am just a cold blooded killer, you are wrong. I don't just kill willy nilly. I did take the time to think about if it were a small enough spider that I would feel comfortable going to sleep knowing it is freely roaming around my bedroom. It was too big. Actually all spiders are too big. I at least like to think that there might be a small chance that I'll let it live.

A long time ago, my sister told me that people eat 5 spiders annually in their sleep. Now I'm not sure if she just told me this because she knew my feelings on spiders, although I'm pretty sure she did, however she claims this is completely true. She explained that spiders like dark moist places and the human mouth fits this bill. First I called her a liar. Then I told her that even if it were true, I was a vegetarian and don't eat spiders. Then deep down I prayed that she was just a lying little jerk.

Either way, to this day I can't fall asleep knowing there is a spider hanging out. I have even woken up randomly in the middle of the night to find a big spider on the wall. I like to think that it was my sixth spider sense.

Well, I didn't want to take the chance of waking up to find that spider anywhere near me in the middle of the night, so I went after it. I also might have verbally abused the spider while I stood safely on my bed, rake fully extended trying to catch it. From a distance, I heard myself yelling "bitch, think you can come in my house and get away with it!" and then there was a little "DIE, DIE, DIE!" and a "Oh you thought you were gonna get away from the rake did you!" I can only imagine what the neighbor thought.

After I made my kill, I kindly asked Mario to throw it away for me. He very nicely complied...although as I write this, I'm sure he did it so that I wouldn't go after him with the rake.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Nothing Done

I didn't do any work today. How often do you hear that right?! Well, I think I did something more important to my marriage...I got my baby fix today. Now Mario is off the hook for a week or so while my biological clock deals with it's fix. I spent the day with my Joey and Isaac.

Joey will be 4 in two weeks and I'm freaking out because I can't believe he's grown up so fast...I know, it will go faster when I'm an actual parent, rather than just an Auntie Laura. But still people...I can't believe how fast it goes! Then to make me gush all over him even more, he thanked me for coming over and playing with him today...his parents were inside and he just went right on ahead and laid on the charm.

Then there's the other little man Isaac. Born 11 pounds 4 ounces...he was a giant. Now he's a 26 pound 9 month old. Doesn't sound like much but I understand that's BIG. I was holding him today and he made me look like a petite little flower. He's just big all over. Every time his mom would look over, she'd start laughing because he's like half my height. He's a big boy. He's so laid back and mellow. He puts up with anything and just gives you a cool little smile with dimples you could fall into. Can you tell my biological clock is out of control right now?

Anyway, I was there for about 5 hours. I got my squishy baby kisses in. We sat in the sun, picked oranges, and played games that required auntie laura to run around in a skirt for an hour and get muddy, dusty, sweaty, and then soaked by the exact toy that I brought for the boys...I know, that's how karma works. I had a blast anyway.

I left with a big slobbery kiss from Isaac and my normal bear hug from Joey begging me to come with them to his friends house to play.

When I got home I completely crashed on the couch for half an hour and woke up with my arm sore...I think from carrying that kid with the dimples around...if only he weren't so irresistible!

Of course that didn't stop me from heading over to the in-laws for some corned beef and cabbage. That Scottish woman knows how to cook an Irish dinner, that's for sure!

PS...have to tell you about last time I hung out with my boys. My friend KT(mom) had taken off to run an errand real quick. I stayed at the house and hung out with the boys. I was hanging out with Isaac, while Joey and his dad, Nick, were wrestling on the floor. Nick was zooberting Joey's tummy and under his arms. After about ten minutes of this, Joey told Nick he should zoobert auntie Laura. Nick turned red and fell over laughing. I was left to tell Joey that only Uncle Mario could motorboat auntie Laura.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

This is Familiar

This morning I stood in the shower thinking that I didn't want to be doing this again. I love showers, but I the minute I was under the water, I felt like I had been in there too long. That's when it occurred to me why, I had just woken up from a dream where I was in the shower. So my mind was telling me that I had already taken my shower. It was a very strange feeling. Not quite deja vu. Just like I had just done it already.

All of a sudden it all came back to me and I started laughing. In my dream, Mario and I were up visiting my family. For some reason my sister suggested I take a shower. I got into the shower and a voice over suddenly started talking. It was telling me the finer points of the shower head.

"Twist the shower head and change the stream and pressure of the water. The first setting changes the water to massage. Use this on your neck and shoulders to relieve tension. The next setting is a light spray for rinsing. And the last setting is a special setting for ladies..."

I remember thinking...really!? Then true to dream form, I remember not being able to get the shower head to change settings to that special setting.

I spent the rest of my shower randomly giggling at the absurdity of it. Although having a voice over in my dream was new and pretty cool!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Clean Up Day

This weekend ended up being fairly productive for us...of course with a little lazy thrown in.

Earlier this week while I was at the library, I found a flyer from the city of Burbank offering free composting classes. The bonus is that when you take the little class and if you live in Burbank, you walk away with a very nice composting bin. I was kind of surprised how excited Mario was. The last thing I expected was for Mario to be up and early for a Saturday morning class. He was even more excited when he found out we'd be leaving with a free composting bin...something I had apparently forgotten to tell him. By the end of class he'd figured out how much of our garbage would actually be able to go into the composting bin...he's pretty certain that 87% of our garbage will end up in the bin.

The only problem now is trying to figure out where to put it. It's supposed to be on dirt and that's kind of a problem for us. Luckily we have an apartment with a backyard, however, that backyard is just a cement patio. We have the room for it back there if we move a few things around, but like I said, it's all cement. Our other option is putting it in the front yard...and we don't' think our neighbors would really like that. We could hide it behind the bushes outside out apartment, but it would be right next to our front door. You know how klassy that would be! I can't say we're really that hardcore. So I think we'll end up with it in the backyard on a plank of wood with some wheels...gotta keep it mobile right? To add to all of the excitement, we ended up winning a fancy new rake made from an old car tire. Once they mentioned that there would be a drawing Mario turned to me and said that a rake would be useless to us because we have such a small scale garden. Then they called our name and I got all excited and told him to go get it. So we came home with a bin and a rake...very exciting I tell ya!

After class we took off in a cloud of excitement. Got some lunch. Took my mother-in-law on some errands. Then we came home and completely crashed! We were down for the count.

Luckily we totally made up for that today. Mario was up first thing this morning working in the kitchen. Loading and unloading the dishwasher, cleaning shit, sweeping, putting things away...I was surprised, but also very happy not to do it myself. Then I heard the sounds of breakfast being make. I was thinking I had totally scored. I had my lazy butt on the couch while the man was working away in the kitchen. Not too long afterwords, Mario comes at me with a plate...of pizza. Yup, my gourmet breakfast ended up being leftovers. I was totally happy with that, but it makes me wonder what the hell he was doing in there that sounded like breakfast cooking. Maybe he had made himself a quick brecky and then handed me the dud. Oh well, beggars can't be choosers! I happily ate my pizza.

Then it hit. No not gas and not the urge to take a nice afternoon nap. That energy that makes you do things you hadn't intended on doing. I knew I wanted to sweep up the backyard a bit. That was as far as my intentions went today. I ended up going out sweeping up, moving around our bikes, getting rid of a bunch of trash and random garbage, including a bucket of putrid rainwater and dirt, organizing my container garden, and straightening our furniture. Then Mario came out and cleaned up our bikes. Pumped up the tires. Got rid of said putrid water. Then got to BBQing some meat for dinner. While he cooked away, I decided that this was a good opportunity to plant some herbs. Now, I am not good with all the dates for planting things. I can get a general time of year right. However, I decided today was the day. It's been so nice in California and because I had accidentally left my seeds out in the rain and they had sprouted, I had decided it was my cue. If they are willing to sprout themselves, then it must be time to plant them. We don't really get so cold at night, so I doubt it will be too much of a problem if I plant a little early. I ended up planting my lettuces, arugula, and spinach, which are a little late in the season for planting actually, some tomato seeds, parsley, and some other mystery seeds that the water had damaged the packaging on...I do love surprises! I transplanted the sage and parsley sprouts that had started and readied the planters for the snow pea transplants. Those came up right away after the rains last month. The package of peas had fallen over into a pot and are now a bush of vines. There are some other things planted also, but I'm drawing a blank.

The only problem came when I had planted my lettuces, arugula, and spinach. I had bought longer planters for them and they all weren't fitting on my plant shelf. I wouldn't mind putting them on the ground, but last year Bob caused some problems with the lettuce pot that was on the ground. First I noticed the new plantings were smooshed. Then I noticed an area that they were dying. Finally, I caught the troublemaker, Bob had chosen that lettuce pot as his bathroom. Apparently, the soft leaves were nicer to poop on than the normal litter box. So, this year I am not going to even tempt him with it. I was looking around for a nice spot to put them. I figured I'd have to get another shelf on craigslist maybe...then it hit. There is a whole fence separating us from the neighbors. It's a blank slate waiting to be used. If I could figure out a way to...I got it! I remember seeing some wire the other day in the junk box. I strapped those planters to the fence. They kind of sit in a sling that hangs from the slats in the fence. I have to admit, they look pretty cute.

More importantly, Bob's butt can't get up that high. I can't wait to see all the lettuce and stuff growing! Plus it's totally temporary!

After a few finishing touches, the backyard ended up being completely cleaned up and ready for more BBQing and lots of spring fire pit nights with friends.

Mario had finished up dinner...yes I got breakfast and dinner out of the man...and I lit a fire in the pit and sat out there with my dinner and a book. Of course the minute Mario sees the fire pit going, he starts calling friends to come over. Tadao ended up coming over to finish the BBQ leftovers, drank the last of the cheap beer that my sister's boyfriend left us at Christmas and just sat around the fire pit until we ran out of wood.

It was a nice weekend!

Friday, March 12, 2010

My List of Yesterday

1. Went to a nice lunch with Mario and some of his friends. Mario took us to a Korean BBQ place that is in the middle of a store...a strange location but the food was oh so good. An old friend of Mario's that I hadn't met before came to lunch with us. We ended up talking about his travels to Israel for most of lunch. Now I totally want to go to Israel. This is the second person I've met who has said it's one of the most amazing places they've been.

2. Still full from lunch, I headed over to Floyd's to get my hair cut. I told her that I wanted cute hair...I left happy.

3. I actually walked into the bathroom and put the toilet seat up to pee. I was just about to drop my pants when I finally wondered what the hell I was doing.

4. Just about the time Mario was due to get off of work, I got a message from him asking me to meet him at his work. Mario has been working at this office for 6 months and I've never been inside. I finally got to check out the office. However, the real reason he wanted me to meet him, was so we could go for a walk in the park across the street from his office. It was so nice.

5. After our walk, we decided to get some dinner. On the way to the restaurant, there was a homeless war veteran sitting on the corner. He was asking for a little bit of change. The only problem was that I was starving. There was no stopping me from getting my dinner. So, I told him we'd give him some money on the way back...a little selfish, I know. I did make up for it on the way back though. I threw him a couple of bucks. We continued to walk around downtown for a while. As we started to walk past him again, Mario decided it was his turn to throw him some money. The guy was very sweet and was laughing at us taking turns giving him money.

6. When we got home, we decided to watch a little something on television. We turned on our Netflix box to find that someone had hacked our account and had added five movies to our queue. They had added "Hairspray", "Muppets Take Manhattan", "The Last Picture Show" and "Pee-Wee's Big Adventure"...of course we had to watch Pee-Wee's Big Adventure. Honestly the movie selections smells of my sister-in-law.

7. Mario and I cuddle up in bed. He passed out as I read my book. I had my earplugs in and he was snoring away. Suddenly in his sleep he stuck his finger in my ear. It was like a wet willie without the slobber. I was glad to have my earplugs in either way. When he woke up this morning I told him what he did...we both wonder what the hell he was dreaming about.

It was a nice day.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Baby It's Cold Outside

and inside too. It looks beautiful outside, however, there is a cold mean wind out there. That cold is cutting right through our little apartment. I'm curled up on the couch with my down blanket and warm slippers. Even the cat is under the covers with me. I'm still cold.

Right now I'm watching this documentary while working and I want to slap the writers. It's interesting stuff but the the voice over guy sounds like he's talking to a 4 year old. It makes my skin crawl. It's a documentary about using natural and organics to cure and control cancer and other illnesses. Informational but ANNOYING!

Speaking of illnesses...last night I had to perform one of those duties that a wife doesn't want to have to perform. Mario has been complaining a little under his breath for a week or so. When I would question him, he's brush it off. But I could tell he was uncomfortable. Finally I got him to spill the beans. He had an boo boo on his taint...yup. After laughing at him for a few minutes, I asked him if he wanted me to take a look. He told me it was an abscess or something like that and he felt like it wasn't getting worse but it was bad. He said yes he'd like me to look, but maybe later. Then later after seeing him wince again, I asked him if he'd like me to look. He kept putting me off. I finally threatened him, either I look or he had to go to the doctor. He finally decided that I should take a look and make sure everything was ok down there.

I told him I'd be right back, I had to get my stirrups. Poor Mario was so embarrassed. I went into the bathroom and came back out with a book light attached to the front of my shirt, a towel, some ointment and any other threatening looking instruments I could find like nail clippers. He laughed and finally spread 'em and then I saw it...the tiniest little cut. This tiny cut has been torturing this big man for a week. I put some ointment on him and told him he'd live.

It's amazing what can take a man down really. He'll live and we'll go on to have children despite his injury. Hopefully there will be minimal scaring.

Friday, March 05, 2010

When Being Right is Just Dumb

A few nights ago, I took full advantage of the library website and reserved a bunch of books for myself. Yesterday, I got a call letting me know they were all in and I could pick them up. Woo hoo!

After running a few errands, I headed over to my favorite library. I walked up to the check out asked for my mountain of books. The librarian handed over my books, pulled up my account, and then promptly told me that I owed $5. I had just been in the week before and didn't owe anything then. It also wasn't the last book I had borrowed because, I had returned that borrowed book only a few days later. When I asked what I was being charged for, she told me I had been a little late on three movies I had rented from Christmas and I was three weeks late on a book. I knew the movies were probably late but I was absolutely sure I wasn't late on that book. So I told her. She asked if I was sure...well, of course I'm sure. I turned that book in on time. So she adjusted the late fees. And I immediately felt like a doofis. It was two whole bucks. If I'm giving two bucks to someone it might as well be the library right?

I wasn't mean or anything, it was just dumb to feel like I needed to correct her. Was it my pride? That's silly because I had admitted that the videos were late, so why would I be worried about the book. Sometimes it's not really worth being right just to be right...especially over two bucks.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Who are they going to kill next?!

I told you a while back about this show I have been watching on Netflix called McLeod's Daughters. It originally was about one sister running the family farm after her father dies. After a while, her long lost sister comes back to sell her half of the farm, only to suddenly fall in love with the farm and stay. Really there's nothing spectacular about the show except for the amount of bad shit that happens on it...and yet I keep watching it. Mario refuses to watch the show because of the amount of horrible things that happen to these people. It makes him crazy that they are so oblivious to their bad luck and all the crap that happens. It would be more accurate if I told you that I refuse to watch the show with Mario any more, because he makes fun of the show ruthlessly and it makes me crazy!

Every episode there are multiple cars or farm machinery breaking down. Every episode there are sick, run away, or injured farm animals. There there is always someone with major money problems, loosing a big bet, loosing their farm, etc. We've had multiple tractors and cars fall on people. Multiple people have fallen into wells and grain silos. There have been two births squatting on the barn floor and one in a paddock. Lots of sibling and family rivalry. The list goes on really, however, their favorite thing to do is kill someone off when something good happens.

Lets see they killed off the local bar keep...he raped one of the main characters. She couldn't prove it, however, she was finally getting her revenge. Well, he accidentally fell in their pond while trying to poison it and poison their animals and died.

On the way home from the doctor and finding out that the one sister is cancer free, they accidentally swerve off the road. Just before they go off a cliff, cancer free sister gets out and gets newborn baby out...then the truck goes over the cliff killing new mom. Horrible..she was the main main character. As much as she annoyed me, I cried like a baby...jerks

Then a female farmhand's love dies while on his way back to his farmhand love. He stops at a bridge to get a better look at the farm his love is on, and falls off the bridge into the creek. After searching for him for months, she has a dream about what happened and knows where to find him. She finds him and pulls the engagement ring out of his pocket and wears it.

Remaining cancer free sister marries one of the main brothers from another ranch. They marry and move to Argentina for a dream job. Sister comes back a week early. Husband dies in plane crash on the way back...on their one year anniversary of course.

However, after three months they find out that brother/husband is in fact alive...woo hoo

Then father of main brothers has a few heart attacks. Surviving the heart attacks and wild sex from his new young wife, he ends up dying when another farmhand from McLeod's ranch hits his car. She is devastated. Then we find out he was already dead...a heart attack got him before the crash. We later find out that he actually died from an overdose of his heart medication.

Turns out the overdose was administered by new wife to get him back. He found out what a scum bag she was finally and broke up with her. Well, after he dies, she-I think-jumps off a cliff or something like that.

Then farmhand that hit the heart attack guy, turns out to be a McLeod daughter. I know, exciting because cancer free sister now has a new sister! Well she falls for a farmhand at heart attack ranch. Turns out he's in witness protection. After an attempted kill on him, they are both blown sky high in a car bomb.

Well her best friend and I were devastated! Best friend couldn't figure out why mom wasn't as upset as us...I mean her. Well, turns out the car bomb was the perfect cover to put them both back in the witness protection. They finally decided to let me and best friend in on this was such a relief...we might have cried a lot on that episode...shut up it was emotional.

After loosing best friend to witness protection, she's a little down. Well, new ranch hand from heart attack ranch becomes a great friend. After a long friendship of 5 or 6 episodes, they finally see their sexual tension and kiss on Christmas...and then he dies in a car accident that night...well vanishes. Everyone else makes it out...but not him, he just disappears in the creek.

So after all these deaths you can understand how upset I was when I go to turn on the latest episode and see this in the description..."After a heavy piece of tree falls on Alex, he dies in Stevie's arms. Later, she gives birth to a boy, whom she can't bear to see because he reminds her too much of Alex." Yeah, they decided to kill off the last remaining original cast member with a tree branch...and they can't even keep it a secret in the episode information. They ruin it every time...why put it all out there before we've even seen the opening credits. And couldn't they come up with a better way to kill him off...a tree branch kills him...really!

After staring at that description for the last two days, I finally decided to watch it. I almost just boycotted the last season all together. However, I decided to just watch it and get over it...and now I am exhausted from the emotional toll it's taken!

Stupid show. Sorry for such a long winded blog about a show, but I had to tell someone. Mario has no sympathy for me and this show any more...after so many stupid things have happened on the show, he can't believe I'm still watching it...ok I can't really believe I'm watching it either...stupid show.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

So I'm kinda bummed. Turns out Mario noticed I had painted his toes when he woke up. He just ignored it. Then he didn't say anything to me at all. This morning when he was putting on his socks he gave me the evil eye and I knew he knew. Then he told me he noticed right away. Jerk. I told him it was so unsatisfying when he didn't say anything about it...see if I paint his toe nails all pretty again!

In other news I feel like a new person today. For the last month or so I've been on the worst sleep schedule. Because of all the editing, my sleep schedule shifted later and later until I was going to sleep at 3 and 4, then waking up at 10 or 11. I hate that. I don't like waking up late. I've never been an early riser, but don't like to feel like I've slept my whole day away either. I really love getting to bed around midnight and then getting up when mario heads to work. Then there is no fighting over the bathroom. It's a good schedule for me and I wake up feeling great.

The whole late schedule was just too much for me. I've been trying to switch it around, but just haven't been able to get to sleep any earlier than 1:30 or 2 am. It wasn't working for me at all. I was waking up groggy and it was just taking me longer to wake up. Plus, when my sleep is all messed up, the migraines start kicking in.

Then in the last few weeks I just haven't been feeling well at all. I had more of a sensitive stomach and have felt lethargic. Then the migraines started up. The last four days I've had a real low level migraine. I was trying to ignore it for the most part. It was more annoying than anything. I just hate feeling like I'm constantly taking medicine. So I try to let the migraine ride...even though I know better than that.

Finally on Monday it all built up. All day Monday and Tuesday I was shaky, so tired, nauseous, and the migraine was just hanging in there. I finally passed out at midnight. I woke up a few times with my head killing me. So I finally got my butt up and fired down a couple of migraine pills and some advil as advised by one of my nursey friends and passed back out.

And ya know what? I slept better last night than I have in the last month! I woke up with energy and feeling so good! Want to know why? Because I finally got a good nights sleep.

First thing I do when I wake up is check my emails from the comfort of my bed. I had a very interesting email in my inbox from out insurance company telling about spring, spring breezes, hay fever, and migraines! I really wish I wasn't so stubborn. If I would just take my migraine medicine when I feel it one coming on, I would save myself so much grief! I wasn't sleeping well because I kept waking up with my head pounding...but thought I could just sleep it off..which meant I wasn't getting good sleep...which is one of my migraine triggers...which meant more migraine...and nausea...and the shakes...and feeling exhausted...blah blah blah.

I need to just get over myself and realize that migraines do not just go away because I want them to. It even said that in the email. I guess the email was my little intervention. So two problems solved at once...sleep schedule back on track and my weeks long migraine gone...Finally!

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

I'm a Betting Woman

Place your bets everyone! Everyone choose a time and date that they think Mario will finally notice what I did to him.

Last night he fell asleep on the couch last night and I couldn't resist painting his big toenail bright red. He hasn't noticed yet. I can't believe he didn't notice while putting his shoes and socks on this morning, but I didn't hear any yelling about him having Hannah Montana toenails.

Monday, March 01, 2010

I've Got An Itch

No not there. It's more of a bug, I guess. No not there either. I've had this bug up my butt. A creative bug. I know photography is supposed to be creative, but it's not when you just take photos of houses. There are times when I have someone who wants more creative shots, but for the most part it's all straight forward stuff. Lately I've been wanting to quit my job and go the farmers market craft route. Yeah, real profitable and realistic, but at least I can do some crafts for myself right.

So I started at the bane of Mario's existence...a bunch of glass jars that I refuse to throw out. A lot of them are from jam, jelly, spaghetti sauce, and a bunch of jars from my aunt at Christmas. She gives a bunch of pre-made soup mixes that you just add the liquids to. They're pretty cool, but I end up with all these jars that I don't know what to do with. Yet, I'm not throwing them out. Some need to go back to my sister's in laws, if I want to get more jam from them. Sometimes I store left overs in them. However most of the time they've been sitting there mocking Mario. It's funny as much as he hates seeing them, he still doesn't throw them out either.

Actually, once I figured out what I was going to do with them, he was pretty into it. He even asked if we could give one to his friends as a house warming present...he's pretty cute sometimes.

Anyway, I started by etching in the glass...

Then I put some rocks in the bottom. Filled it with dirt and threw a succulent in it. It's pretty stinking cute if I do say so myself and finally I'm using all those jars!

Now on to my second project with the jars...