Thursday, March 18, 2010

Nothing Done

I didn't do any work today. How often do you hear that right?! Well, I think I did something more important to my marriage...I got my baby fix today. Now Mario is off the hook for a week or so while my biological clock deals with it's fix. I spent the day with my Joey and Isaac.

Joey will be 4 in two weeks and I'm freaking out because I can't believe he's grown up so fast...I know, it will go faster when I'm an actual parent, rather than just an Auntie Laura. But still people...I can't believe how fast it goes! Then to make me gush all over him even more, he thanked me for coming over and playing with him today...his parents were inside and he just went right on ahead and laid on the charm.

Then there's the other little man Isaac. Born 11 pounds 4 ounces...he was a giant. Now he's a 26 pound 9 month old. Doesn't sound like much but I understand that's BIG. I was holding him today and he made me look like a petite little flower. He's just big all over. Every time his mom would look over, she'd start laughing because he's like half my height. He's a big boy. He's so laid back and mellow. He puts up with anything and just gives you a cool little smile with dimples you could fall into. Can you tell my biological clock is out of control right now?

Anyway, I was there for about 5 hours. I got my squishy baby kisses in. We sat in the sun, picked oranges, and played games that required auntie laura to run around in a skirt for an hour and get muddy, dusty, sweaty, and then soaked by the exact toy that I brought for the boys...I know, that's how karma works. I had a blast anyway.

I left with a big slobbery kiss from Isaac and my normal bear hug from Joey begging me to come with them to his friends house to play.

When I got home I completely crashed on the couch for half an hour and woke up with my arm sore...I think from carrying that kid with the dimples around...if only he weren't so irresistible!

Of course that didn't stop me from heading over to the in-laws for some corned beef and cabbage. That Scottish woman knows how to cook an Irish dinner, that's for sure!

PS...have to tell you about last time I hung out with my boys. My friend KT(mom) had taken off to run an errand real quick. I stayed at the house and hung out with the boys. I was hanging out with Isaac, while Joey and his dad, Nick, were wrestling on the floor. Nick was zooberting Joey's tummy and under his arms. After about ten minutes of this, Joey told Nick he should zoobert auntie Laura. Nick turned red and fell over laughing. I was left to tell Joey that only Uncle Mario could motorboat auntie Laura.

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