Friday, November 15, 2013

Kids are Strange

If you ever felt like you were a wierd kid, read this blog

I feel completely normal now! Some of the confessions had me cracking up and others made me gag a little.

My confessions

1) When I was young and was sent take a shower, I would go through my mom's stuff in the bathroom and make commercials in the mirror. I was QVC before there was a QVC. I'm sure my "showers" were over an hour long.

2) I used to sleep with my arms under my pillow because I didn't want bats to bite my arms. I also used to run and jump up on my bed, so the the witch under my bed couldn't grab my feet.

3) Once when my grandparents were staying with us for the weekend, I stole one of their tooth brushes. It was a cool red tooth brush with one of those rubber spikes at the end. We only got plain tooth brushes and this red beauty was irresistible. 

4) For a period of time I would walk past the bathroom next to my bedroom to use my parent's bathroom. This must have gone on for months. Apparently, their bathroom was better.

5) I used to make my sister step in dog poop. We had big dogs. I would cover their "pile" in grass and tell my sister to step on the grass pile. She'd believe me and step in the poop and get upset. At some point she finally caught on. So I would cover the poop with grass and put a flower on top...she fell for it again. Man, I was a jerk!