Monday, October 05, 2009


This morning as I was just getting dressed, I heard the cry of a baby. I drop everything and ran for the living room. Why, you ask.

Our neighbor is shy. Her husband, her son and her are so nice. Husband and son will sit out and talk with us. However, if she sees us coming, she'll smile and then jump inside the house real quick.

A little while back I started seeing a bump on her. A baby bump. Being the envious wench that I am, I started keeping an eye out for her. Of course she must have sensed that I was stalking her a little because, I wasn't seeing her around at all anymore...ok it could have been her hibernating and preparing for the baby with a 3 year old running around.

But then she disappeared from sight completely. I was no longer seeing her around at all. Not even walking to the car.

Then people started visiting. I knew she had the baby, but there was no proof of it. I hadn't heard a cry or even seen anything baby related.

Hearing a baby crying this morning, I ran. Hands over my boobs to avoid any injury while running with these knockers. I ran to the living room in nothing but my panties. I leaned to look out our window next to her door. I couldn't quite see, so I leaned over more...and then she looked up, straight at me. I ducked back in. Shit! Not only had I been busted, but I had busted while peaking at her while I was naked. I'm a reverse peeping tom.

I turned around to find Mario laughing at me. The neighbor now not only knows I'm a wierdo but caught me being one. And to top it off, I didn't get to see the baby. I should have just brought over a lasagna like a normal person.

Saturday, October 03, 2009

I've got a new Stalker

Well not a new one, an old one. A guy I used to see way back when has popped his head up to say hi. It started off with a few emails to an old email account. Then I saw a couple of messages on an instant messenger that I don't use any more because of other stalker types. Then I got a few text messages on my phone a few days ago. I just deleted them and didn't think anything of it. I just kinda wondered why all of a sudden after four years, I'm the subject of his attention.

Then yesterday, I got a call from a local number. Normally, I would answer because it's my business phone. However, I picked up the phone and looked at it, but didn't answer. I'm not sure why. I kind of figured if it were important, they'll leave a message and I'll just call back. But there was no message.

A few hours later, I checked my phone and there was a voice mail. I listened and realized it was this guy. The funny thing is he didn't leave his name on the voice mail, but I knew who it was. It really made me laugh. Why? Because, after we stopped seeing each other, I kind of got the feeling that he had given me a fake name. When he didn't leave a name, I figured the bonehead couldn't remember what name he gave me. What an idiot.

Anyway, after ten more phone calls yesterday, he's offically my new stalker. There have only been a few calls today, but he just sent me a text message to me at 1am. He says that if I want him to stop calling me, I have to tell him. I think it's pretty damn obvious I don't want to talk to him when I didn't answer you're 10 PHONE CALLS IN A ROW!!!

Thursday, October 01, 2009


So you know a few weeks back, when I was being vague and going on and on about Murphy's Law and thinking positive? Well I was waiting to hear back about a really cool job. I really wanted to be positive and just talk it out on the bloggy, but I didn't want to jinx it.

After a month of playing around with my emotions, I finally got a call back. I GOT THE JOB! It's not the biggest job I've had, but this will take my business into other states. The job is for a property management company photographing all of their 28 properties. Most of the properties are in Florida, but I'll also be shooting in Arizona, Texas, Virginia, and LAS VEGAS! We will be driving out to Virginia to start and then meandering south through Florida. Then cruising across Texas and Arizona. Ending back in Las Vegas...the perfect ending. I think I will need to recuperate in Vegas for a while...anyone want to meet up in Vegas for a few days at the end of October?

Anyway, this couldn't have come at a better time. I was going to start selling off blood platelets and put Mario on the corner soon. We need the money in a bad way and I need my business to be moving forward.

I'm so excited I'm buzzing. I'll be shooting for almost three weeks straight. I will have to get some new equipment...two of my camera's must have known I would be getting some good work, they both decided to die a slow death and have recently they've taken a turn for the worse. So, it makes this the perfect time to upgrade equipment.

Of course when it rains it pours. I was going to have Mario come with and assist for me on the shoots. However, he's gotten some good calls to work on some shows. He's testing for one he really likes right now. Even if he doesn't get that job, he'll probably be starting work on one of the others while I'm gone. I'll also have 5 shoots to take care of before I leave in a week and a half...I just have to convince them all to work with my schedule.

I have so much to do in the next week!!! I'll probably be a mess getting everything ready but I'm excited to get out and road trip.

My favorite part...they're cutting a check for me right now. I love it!