Monday, October 05, 2009


This morning as I was just getting dressed, I heard the cry of a baby. I drop everything and ran for the living room. Why, you ask.

Our neighbor is shy. Her husband, her son and her are so nice. Husband and son will sit out and talk with us. However, if she sees us coming, she'll smile and then jump inside the house real quick.

A little while back I started seeing a bump on her. A baby bump. Being the envious wench that I am, I started keeping an eye out for her. Of course she must have sensed that I was stalking her a little because, I wasn't seeing her around at all anymore...ok it could have been her hibernating and preparing for the baby with a 3 year old running around.

But then she disappeared from sight completely. I was no longer seeing her around at all. Not even walking to the car.

Then people started visiting. I knew she had the baby, but there was no proof of it. I hadn't heard a cry or even seen anything baby related.

Hearing a baby crying this morning, I ran. Hands over my boobs to avoid any injury while running with these knockers. I ran to the living room in nothing but my panties. I leaned to look out our window next to her door. I couldn't quite see, so I leaned over more...and then she looked up, straight at me. I ducked back in. Shit! Not only had I been busted, but I had busted while peaking at her while I was naked. I'm a reverse peeping tom.

I turned around to find Mario laughing at me. The neighbor now not only knows I'm a wierdo but caught me being one. And to top it off, I didn't get to see the baby. I should have just brought over a lasagna like a normal person.

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