Thursday, November 05, 2009

I know I know

I've been back since Sunday and I haven't written on the bloggy yet. Shame on me, but I can't for the life of me GET IT TOGETHER!

Honestly, I'd love to blame it on the fact that I don't have any panties left, but I don't think I can. I read somewhere that when this lady travels, she takes old underwear with her and tosses out her undies as she wears them. Then the old undies are gone, less clothing to bring home, less laundry to do, and the best part...she gets to buy new panties! I thought this was brilliant. So I brought all my panties with me and slowly discarded as I we traveled. Yes I'm quite proud that I left my panties across the US! However, I brought far more than needed and feel like they multiplied in my luggage. So yeah, I can't really say that I have no panties. And since I seem to have a million panties left over, I can't rationalize buying a bunch of new panties. Crappy deal.

So my my real problem is having so much to tell you all and not sure where to start. Also, I've been organizing somewhere around 15,000 photos from the last three weeks. Ridiculous! Add to that a very very needy cat and husband. When I got home I vowed not to leave the house for a week. However, Target and archery class came a calling. Then clients started calling. I'm thankful to be getting work, but really don't they know how many images I still have to edit?

Anyway, No more excuses about writing. I'm back and so happy to be home. The best part of coming back has been the nice peacefulness and space. The first thing I thought when I walked in the door, was how big the apartment felt. For anyone who has been in my tiny minuscule apartment, it's probably the most ridiculous thing you've ever heard. However, I have been living mostly out of my 4Runner. So yeah the apartment is huge!

The peacefulness was just realized today. How it took me four days to realize, I have no idea. I knew it was eerily quiet around here, but I couldn't place it. Then as I was walking out to my car to go to a shoot today, I kept hearing hammering and scraping. The hammering and scraping was coming from an empty apartment across the way. Yes the empty apartment of that jerky neighbor across the way! Those asshole neighbors have finally moved out!!! I didn't think I could have been happier coming home to my husband, cat, bed, and home. Would you believe all the hammering is so much quieter than the dork who lived there yelling to his friends across the street.

Now back to work...I have a shoot tomorrow and have so much to finish before this weekend. I wanted to go to the local art and wine festival, but I just read that it's strictly an art festival. Screw that. If there isn't wine, I'm not going. So now it's just back to work.

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  1. It's about time. I was contemplating cheating on you! I was going to read other blogs... Just Kidding! Glad you are back...



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