Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Mom's New Job

This weekend Mario and I drove up to the Bay Area for my cousin and her husband's 25th anniversary party. It was a blast. A nice sit down dinner, a bartender, a DJ, a photo booth and a photographer to document...me.

Since I would be photographing the party, it only made sense to bring the photo booth up with us. The more practice we get, the more we can really improve this bitch. When we initially talked about me shooting the party, Jenn was a little unsure if she wanted the photo booth. There was going to be a good amount of people packed into her house and deck. We weren't sure if there would be room and if it would be more stressful. I understood. Bringing it up meant a lot more responsibility for us also. I didn't want anyone...mostly me or Mario to be stuck sitting with the booth, when he could be enjoying the party. Of course, once my mother found out that Jenn was unsure about using the photo booth, she made it her job to convince Jenn and Bob to have the it at the party.

On Thanksgiving, I got the call from mom letting me know that she had single handedly convinced them to have the photo booth at the party. Good job mom. I let her know it was now officially her job to get every one at the party into the photo booth.

And do you know what...the woman did her job! She pretty much tackled them at the front door and herded them into the little room the booth was set up in. She told them they had to take a photo now and then again when they were drunk. They all looked scared at first, but most did what she said. When they looked really terrified, she gave them a few minutes to get a drink in and come back for their photos.

She did a great job! She got people in there again and again. And when she had conquered getting everyone into the photo booth, she moved on to serving. I was mingling with a few people when my mother walked up with a tray of asparagus.

Mom "Care for a asparagus with some shit around it? It's good."
Me "Found a new job? and yes I'll have one."
Mom "They needed help."
Me "I'm sure they're thrilled with you offering asparagus with shit around it...they are good though. Now get back to work."

I think she found her new calling. She was having a blast bossing people around and socializing. I heard on more than one occasion "Jennifer, your aunt is hysterical!" or "Jenn, your aunt is crazy! I love her!" I suppose she was better off keeping busy, cause when she wasn't, people would hand her shots of tequila and she'd take them. My mother doesn't do hard liquor. Not to say she doesn't drink, the woman has blood type Pinot Grigio. She loves and sticks to wine. But one of Jennifer's friends fell in love with my mom at Thanksgiving and so they were doing shots.

About the time she took the fourth shot, the first three seemed to hit. She wobbled up to Lindsay and told her she was tired and wanted to go back to the hotel. The best part of Jennifer's party was the limo she had on stand-by to take everyone back and forth to the two local hotels and homes for those who live close. Lindsay put mom in the limo and sent her off, telling her to make sure she holds onto a wall when she walks to the room. In return mom told us to stay away from Isabelle..."She'll make you drink shots! Stay away from her! She's cool." Yes, mother.

Mom made it back to the hotel just fine. By the end of the night the rest of us were exhausted. We had a blast. Mom did a great job herding and serving people. She was in her element. I felt great with the photos I took and the photo booth was an absolute hit. It ran well and I even handed out a few business cards to people who were planning parties...hopefully I'll get some work up there too. Either I'll let mom run it or I'll cruise up for the party.

One thing I really loved about the photo booth was the progression of the photos. From sober to sloppy drunk. Right in the middle is the queen...I'm not sure after what shot of tequila she took these, but I love it! I might have to frame it for myself.

Monday, December 05, 2011

Conversation with My Mother

Mom "We need to talk to Laurie about staying in one of her cabins at Christmas"
Me "Yeah that would be a good idea"
Mom "I don't want to stay in the dork though"
Me "I think you mean Yurt, mom"
Mom "dork, yurt....I don't want to stay in it. I want to stay in the cabin."
Me "What's wrong with staying in the dork?"

She continued on talking. My sister's response when I told her..."Well, she's got it kind of close. There is an "R" in both words."