Friday, March 05, 2010

When Being Right is Just Dumb

A few nights ago, I took full advantage of the library website and reserved a bunch of books for myself. Yesterday, I got a call letting me know they were all in and I could pick them up. Woo hoo!

After running a few errands, I headed over to my favorite library. I walked up to the check out asked for my mountain of books. The librarian handed over my books, pulled up my account, and then promptly told me that I owed $5. I had just been in the week before and didn't owe anything then. It also wasn't the last book I had borrowed because, I had returned that borrowed book only a few days later. When I asked what I was being charged for, she told me I had been a little late on three movies I had rented from Christmas and I was three weeks late on a book. I knew the movies were probably late but I was absolutely sure I wasn't late on that book. So I told her. She asked if I was sure...well, of course I'm sure. I turned that book in on time. So she adjusted the late fees. And I immediately felt like a doofis. It was two whole bucks. If I'm giving two bucks to someone it might as well be the library right?

I wasn't mean or anything, it was just dumb to feel like I needed to correct her. Was it my pride? That's silly because I had admitted that the videos were late, so why would I be worried about the book. Sometimes it's not really worth being right just to be right...especially over two bucks.

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