Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Baby It's Cold Outside

and inside too. It looks beautiful outside, however, there is a cold mean wind out there. That cold is cutting right through our little apartment. I'm curled up on the couch with my down blanket and warm slippers. Even the cat is under the covers with me. I'm still cold.

Right now I'm watching this documentary while working and I want to slap the writers. It's interesting stuff but the the voice over guy sounds like he's talking to a 4 year old. It makes my skin crawl. It's a documentary about using natural and organics to cure and control cancer and other illnesses. Informational but ANNOYING!

Speaking of illnesses...last night I had to perform one of those duties that a wife doesn't want to have to perform. Mario has been complaining a little under his breath for a week or so. When I would question him, he's brush it off. But I could tell he was uncomfortable. Finally I got him to spill the beans. He had an boo boo on his taint...yup. After laughing at him for a few minutes, I asked him if he wanted me to take a look. He told me it was an abscess or something like that and he felt like it wasn't getting worse but it was bad. He said yes he'd like me to look, but maybe later. Then later after seeing him wince again, I asked him if he'd like me to look. He kept putting me off. I finally threatened him, either I look or he had to go to the doctor. He finally decided that I should take a look and make sure everything was ok down there.

I told him I'd be right back, I had to get my stirrups. Poor Mario was so embarrassed. I went into the bathroom and came back out with a book light attached to the front of my shirt, a towel, some ointment and any other threatening looking instruments I could find like nail clippers. He laughed and finally spread 'em and then I saw it...the tiniest little cut. This tiny cut has been torturing this big man for a week. I put some ointment on him and told him he'd live.

It's amazing what can take a man down really. He'll live and we'll go on to have children despite his injury. Hopefully there will be minimal scaring.

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