Thursday, March 04, 2010

Who are they going to kill next?!

I told you a while back about this show I have been watching on Netflix called McLeod's Daughters. It originally was about one sister running the family farm after her father dies. After a while, her long lost sister comes back to sell her half of the farm, only to suddenly fall in love with the farm and stay. Really there's nothing spectacular about the show except for the amount of bad shit that happens on it...and yet I keep watching it. Mario refuses to watch the show because of the amount of horrible things that happen to these people. It makes him crazy that they are so oblivious to their bad luck and all the crap that happens. It would be more accurate if I told you that I refuse to watch the show with Mario any more, because he makes fun of the show ruthlessly and it makes me crazy!

Every episode there are multiple cars or farm machinery breaking down. Every episode there are sick, run away, or injured farm animals. There there is always someone with major money problems, loosing a big bet, loosing their farm, etc. We've had multiple tractors and cars fall on people. Multiple people have fallen into wells and grain silos. There have been two births squatting on the barn floor and one in a paddock. Lots of sibling and family rivalry. The list goes on really, however, their favorite thing to do is kill someone off when something good happens.

Lets see they killed off the local bar keep...he raped one of the main characters. She couldn't prove it, however, she was finally getting her revenge. Well, he accidentally fell in their pond while trying to poison it and poison their animals and died.

On the way home from the doctor and finding out that the one sister is cancer free, they accidentally swerve off the road. Just before they go off a cliff, cancer free sister gets out and gets newborn baby out...then the truck goes over the cliff killing new mom. Horrible..she was the main main character. As much as she annoyed me, I cried like a baby...jerks

Then a female farmhand's love dies while on his way back to his farmhand love. He stops at a bridge to get a better look at the farm his love is on, and falls off the bridge into the creek. After searching for him for months, she has a dream about what happened and knows where to find him. She finds him and pulls the engagement ring out of his pocket and wears it.

Remaining cancer free sister marries one of the main brothers from another ranch. They marry and move to Argentina for a dream job. Sister comes back a week early. Husband dies in plane crash on the way back...on their one year anniversary of course.

However, after three months they find out that brother/husband is in fact alive...woo hoo

Then father of main brothers has a few heart attacks. Surviving the heart attacks and wild sex from his new young wife, he ends up dying when another farmhand from McLeod's ranch hits his car. She is devastated. Then we find out he was already dead...a heart attack got him before the crash. We later find out that he actually died from an overdose of his heart medication.

Turns out the overdose was administered by new wife to get him back. He found out what a scum bag she was finally and broke up with her. Well, after he dies, she-I think-jumps off a cliff or something like that.

Then farmhand that hit the heart attack guy, turns out to be a McLeod daughter. I know, exciting because cancer free sister now has a new sister! Well she falls for a farmhand at heart attack ranch. Turns out he's in witness protection. After an attempted kill on him, they are both blown sky high in a car bomb.

Well her best friend and I were devastated! Best friend couldn't figure out why mom wasn't as upset as us...I mean her. Well, turns out the car bomb was the perfect cover to put them both back in the witness protection. They finally decided to let me and best friend in on this was such a relief...we might have cried a lot on that episode...shut up it was emotional.

After loosing best friend to witness protection, she's a little down. Well, new ranch hand from heart attack ranch becomes a great friend. After a long friendship of 5 or 6 episodes, they finally see their sexual tension and kiss on Christmas...and then he dies in a car accident that night...well vanishes. Everyone else makes it out...but not him, he just disappears in the creek.

So after all these deaths you can understand how upset I was when I go to turn on the latest episode and see this in the description..."After a heavy piece of tree falls on Alex, he dies in Stevie's arms. Later, she gives birth to a boy, whom she can't bear to see because he reminds her too much of Alex." Yeah, they decided to kill off the last remaining original cast member with a tree branch...and they can't even keep it a secret in the episode information. They ruin it every time...why put it all out there before we've even seen the opening credits. And couldn't they come up with a better way to kill him off...a tree branch kills him...really!

After staring at that description for the last two days, I finally decided to watch it. I almost just boycotted the last season all together. However, I decided to just watch it and get over it...and now I am exhausted from the emotional toll it's taken!

Stupid show. Sorry for such a long winded blog about a show, but I had to tell someone. Mario has no sympathy for me and this show any more...after so many stupid things have happened on the show, he can't believe I'm still watching it...ok I can't really believe I'm watching it either...stupid show.

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