Monday, August 04, 2008

10 Things

Things that are making me happy right now.

1. may officially be over but thanks to DVR we have many shark shows saved to make it feel like it's shark week all over again.

2. Had the best salad with tritip on top for dinner.

3. Half way through the massive pile of work.

4. Sat in our cheesy pool today and read for over an hour despite massive pile of work.

5. We hung out at Target just for the air conditioning today...Mario's idea...he knows how to make me happy.

6. Got our first wedding gift sent straight from Scotland. Didn't really expect anyone to get us anything but haven't ever gotten anything from Scotland before so that's kinda cool. They were really beautiful towels for those who are curious and a wonderful note from Auntie Gladys.

7.When I told Mars that I needed to loose 10 pounds in the next month, he automatically offered himself up for dieting also. I wasn't even thinking about him going on a diet, he just put himself on. will make life a lot easier!

8. My sister has been planning a little something for the wedding herself. We have decided not to have a cake. So knowing my very serious addiction to chapstick...she decided to make a "chapstick cake". she's going to assemble a bunch of chapsticks in the shape of a cake for those of you who are thinking she's making a real cake and adding chapstick to it...gross. So I asked her if instead of feeding each other cake, if we should apply chapstick on each other's lips...stupid I know but it made us laugh.

9. I found this "Make yourself into a Shark" while looking for a Shark Week logo. It doesn't really make me happy, it's actually rather disturbing so I thought I should share.

10. What makes me the most happy at this moment is going to bed!

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