Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Chiptle How I love you

I photographed a great house today...well actually the back yard. I was ready to move in to that back yard. I would have been happy there. It's small but it has an area to cook and BBQ, a sitting area, I could totally sleep on the lounge chairs and a nice hot tub pool area to swim, relax, and bath in. It was a very nice backyard.

Anyway, So I've been on a diet for a whole 36 hours now. I'm not sure how good I'm being. I'm eating way better than normal, but I'm not sure how good I am compared to other healthy dieters. So tonight after the shoot, we stopped at Chipotle. being on a diet and all, I ordered a little better than I would normally. I ordered the burrito bowl and went without the yummy tortilla. I also went without the guacamole. Giving up the guac was hard, I loves me some guac in a serious way. I'll be honest I did get some sour cream, but not too much. And even with all those sacrifices, it was freaking good! I know, I didn't give up much...those chipotle people know what they're doing there!

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