Wednesday, August 06, 2008

She loves me...she loves me not...

I think my soon-to-be sister-in-law might have a problem with me. It's a little Sleeping beauty here. Funny she even works for Disney. All this time I thought she loved me.

I'll start from the beginning. Due to health reasons and dieting for the up-coming wedding, Ange brought over some fancy yogurts and other foods not needed in her fridge. Not too bad. I buy generic on-sale yogurts for me and the man. These were name brand, banana creme yummy fat free yogurt. There were three to start with. I've thinned out the supply over the week. Tonight, I decided to have the last fancy yogurt for desert. I was really good today and was looking forward to this desert. So I open and take a nice spoonful. Then I looked over at the man and felt a little guilty eating all of the fancy yogurts and not sharing. I scooped up a nice heaping spoon and feed it to him(I know gross). Then I go in to finish off the rest for myself...enough of the generosity(yes generosity, he's lucky he got one spoonful). I excitedly go in for the next scoop and see a huge splotch of greenish-blue. Nah, it's just the light shining through the label. Nope it's a big nickel size glob of mold. Yup, just like in sleeping beauty. Poison apple...moldy yogurt. I think it's because we moved up the wedding date. We cut out quite a few months of proper dieting time. However, I got the last laugh, she's not just poisoning me, thanks to my generosity she poisoned her brother too!

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