Sunday, August 31, 2008

Nervous Excitement

I'M GETTING MARRIED TODAY! I'm nervous but so excited. These last two months have gone by in record time! The last three weeks are a blink. I know I was incredibly busy and didn't sleep much.

Mario is still asleep. Yesterday was a long and busy day. Finishing things up and running errands. Finally most everyone was in town, so we had a run through. We are kind of having a little surprise for our family and friends with the ceremony...I'll tell you all tomorrow.

We got to santa barbra on Friday. My mom got us a really beautiful room at the Santa Barbara Inn. It's lovely here and has a view of the ocean. Saturday we thought we'd have some rest time. Maybe go to the beach. Not a chance. We ran errands, organized, bought, finished, and practiced. We were exhausted and went to bed a tiny bit early listening to the sounds of the ocean. Thinking that I would sleep through until just before the hair and makeup girls got here. Not a chance. I woke up for a second at 7am and pretended to sleep until 7:30. I gave up. Now I'm just sitting here relaxing...kind of. The nerves!

Mario just woke up...I'm a little more relaxed. We decided that it would be fine to see each other before the wedding. It's easier for us and I wouldn't have gotten any sleep if I hadn't had Mario here(yeah I know...gross) Last minute my mom asked if I should stay in her room with her and my sister. Mario and my sister's boyfriend could sleep together. Then us girls could drink wine, giggle and she could tell us scary stories. I told her with the exception of the wine, that would be a boyscout campout.

Really the only part I'm nervous about is the ceremony. I don't like lots of people staring at me. It's like one of those bad dreams. Luckily I have a man who loves me and is willing to make a fool of himself to keep a few of the eyes off of me. I know I said I would tell you later but...So we're not really the traditional type. I'm not walking down the isle to a traditional song. While trying to come up with music, we came across Barry White's "Can't Get Enough of Your Love baby". It very quickly became the song I would walk down the isle to. But it goes like this. I will have a great friend playing some beautiful guitar music there. Mario will walk his mother down the isle and seat her. He'll stand up next to our friend the officient. Will then decide the guitar music just isn't right. He'll cut Chris's playing short and cue the Barry White. He'll then start making an ass of himself, singing and dancing. My sister and his sister will dance up the isle and dance with him. Then my mother and I will shimmy our way up the isle. Yes we are wierd, but it somehow makes me a lot less nervous to do this. The serious walk up the isle is just too much for me...imagine that! So either it will be a bomb or they'll love it. I think there will be a lot of nervousness from the crowd...what the hell is he doing? Laura is going to kill him! Then maybe they'll get into it. Part of me expects Mario's mom to yell at him. We've told her but I don't think she got it. My mom on the other hand has gone along with this ridiculous idea. I will really owe her after this!

So there you are. Everyone is expected here in the next ten minutes. We'll start having little sips of mojitos and the last of my nerves will disappear. I'll let you know how it goes!

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