Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Mars and I got married and had a damn good time doing it! My main goal was for everyone to have a great time and from what I've heard everyone did have a great time. I know we did.

I was nervous about one thing...ok two, getting up in front of everyone and our little "Music Switch"(where Mario tells the guitarist to stop playing because this Barry White song is more appropriate). The timing was a little off but I don't care, my man sang and danced his cute butt off up there. He really got into it and everyone was laughing and smiling. I was a lot more nervous about just being up there. However, on the drive over my friend said the perfect thing to me. She told me to enjoy the nerves and butterflies. What?! I got butterflies on Mario's and my first date. I got butterflies with our first kiss. She told me, there are so few things in life that are going to give you butterflies, enjoy the butterflies and that little nervousness that come with this. That really put me at ease.

About five minutes in, I really calmed down and enjoyed myself up there. Besides I really wanted to hear what our "Officiant" would be saying, Budhist priest, friend, actor, comedian, I should have been more nervous about what came out of his mouth. However, I loved it! He took the wording that I gave him and completely personalized it. Inside jokes, his reading in odd voices(the voice-over actor in him) and my favorite was the three cheers in memoriam for my and Mario's father who have passed away. That was a shock, but it was so fun to hear all our family and friends cheering for our dads. Of course if you've read my other business blog, you know that a few weeks ago I used my business credit card to pay for dinner and was told "Thank you, Mrs Carrot" My business name is MediaCarrot. So our favorite Officiant, Todao, had to introduce us as "Mr and Mrs Media Carrot...I mean Mr and Mrs Mario D'Anna". It was just a fun ceremony that was perfect for us.

After the ceremony, we had sangria and snacks. We had quite a wait in between the ceremony and the reception. So we stayed at the courthouse and enjoyed the gardens. A million photos later, we headed over to the reception.

Now, if you want a beautiful little place to have a reception and not worry about a thing, go to Stella Mare's. We had the greenhouse and our own awesome waiters, that couldn't have been a better fit for our group. It is here that I would like to thank Greg and Arturo, I would personally thank our bartender but alas I have forgotten his name...I'm sure my mom or sister know, I think they were feeling the "best" out of all of us. Those two know how to have a good time. Overall, there was great food, lots of conversation, and some of the best speeches. David's speech was sweet and made us laugh and my sister ad libbed and made us all cry. Yup she made me do the ugly cry face...jerk. The reception was fun, refueling, and let us all chat and catch up. It started getting late and family from far away had to start their return trips home. We said our goodbyes...bummer.

However, that's not the end. We had rented the "LandShark"! It's a big boat on wheels. We supply the music and the drinks, and they drive us around town and right into the water. I thought it would be a fun relaxing ride after a long day. I had no idea it would be the biggest event of the day. It was a freaking party, started off by my sister and I said they know how to have fun. I have to admit it was the landshark owner's fault that they announced over the loud speaker that it was all ours to do what we wanted. Walk around, stand, dance, photograph, they said whatever we want. Luckily we didn't push it too much, however, there wasn't much sitting in our seats. Now is the point where I tell you that I did most of the planning and taking care of things on my own...however, I finally delegated music for the ceremony, reception, and landshark to Mario. He worked on that music for two weeks...and he nailed it. My relaxing ride turned into a full blown party. We danced and sang at the top of our lungs. It was a blast. There had one small part of me that thought I should have rented the dance floor for the reception. No need to, we danced our asses off on that Landshark! Of course we forgot the drinks, so we came back, smiling, exhausted, dehydrated, party-animals, who were still trying to walk and compensate for the moving dance floor.

I really couldn't be happier with how the day turned out. We missed a few people, but had all our closest and most loved friends and family with us. There aren't any changes I'd make at all. Hopefully soon, I'll finally start seeing some of the photos and I will post them.

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