Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Now I know there are times when I give a little too much info. I guess I just tend to think people can take it. I also like to shock people a little. Last week I was reading a new blog that I came across. I really like her ability to be serious and so open and then be hysterically funny. I like her sense of humor. I like how blunt she is. I guess I felt like we had a similar way of looking at things. After reading a particularly funny blog post, I felt we had a similar sense of humor, we were obviously soul mates and I could say anything to her because we are best friends. Laughing I typed up a little comment. It was witty and had the same feel as her post. I clicked send, and the second I released the mouse button, I came to my senses and realized that I DO NOT KNOW THIS PERSON!! I won't tell you what the comment was, but it was completely inappropriate and should have never been sent. If you are my friend, you are fair game to comments like that. However, a stranger, whom I have never even commented to before. Not appropriate. I apologize!(Apparently, it wasn't an appropriate comment to her either. I went back and looked and the comment was never published on her blog...thank god!)

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