Sunday, August 17, 2008

Double Chin

My favorite time of the year is fall and winter...California fall and winter mind you. I would absolutely love more of a change in season, but we generally only get two seasons...summer and another season that's a little cooler. Luckily, with all the time spent in Big Bear the last few months I've really gotten to see different weather around here for once. Last Friday I made my way up there to pick up some things. It was just as warm as Burbank. However, as I was sitting looking out at the lake eating my lunch, I heard a rumbling. Beautiful clouds rolled in and the rumbling turned into thunder. The clouds let loose and it just poured down for a good five minutes. I was in heaven! I giggled as I watched all the families swimming at the lake, ran for cover. There was one family who thought like I do. We're already wet, we might as well keep swimming. They were having so much fun. I was happy sitting in my car with all the windows down, listening to the rain, feeling the cool breeze that came through. It almost made up for my day turning to crap. I was so happy for that tiny glance at fall.

I know fall is still a ways off for us. It seems that summer sticks around until October, but I just can't wait. I love being able to wear warmer clothes. I love the smell of rain. Driving through neighborhoods, smelling all the fires going in the fireplaces. Thanksgiving is my favoritest holiday. But my favorite thing by far is how fat my cat dexter gets. Summer time is spent running around outside exploring and playing. We're pretty sure he's found a nicer house with working air-conditioning...he's a slut. But come winter, he's a home cat. He's lazy and it's just too cold for him to go outside. He turns into a big lump, a big lump with a double-chin. I don't think I've ever seen a cat with a double-chin, but our Dexter gets one, er, two. Mario and I decided that the double chin is reason enough to love fall and winter.

Skinny Dexter...

Double Chin...

I really don't feel these give you the full impact of the double chin. I will be documenting the full transition from skinny boy to chub-a-lub this year. I can't wait!

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