Wednesday, August 13, 2008


So I'm figuring out that I hold my tension in my butt. Really. I clench when I get stressed. Too much info...sorry. I must go on. I have noticed a sore tush on a few occasions and have had it pointed out to me on other occasions. No literally(I don't walk around fully clenched. I would have to be clenching pretty hard for it to be obvious). Anyway, it all started when I was taking archery lessons. I would come home and mention to a friend that one of my butt cheeks was sore. After a few weeks my friend brought it to my attention that I was mentioning this every week after practice. Finally one night I noticed that I was concentrating so much on the target that I was clenching one butt cheek. I have also noticed when I am driving and doing a lot of thinking, clenched butt cheek. When I get to my destination I have one sore butt cheek. Like I've been working out. Although I guess I am ...clench...release...clench...release. I have noticed it's just one cheek at a time. Luckily I switch off cheeks, so I don't just have one perky butt cheek. And now I want go to bed, but I am trying to finish this photography job from yesterday in a hurry. This is causing some tenseness on one tush. I have issues...

(I tried finding a funny clenched butt photo...there were none. Very disappointing!)

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