Monday, June 28, 2010

I have to confess something to you, my bloggy friends

Let me explain that I'm not one of those people who needs gifts, or lots of acknowledgement in general. My family doesn't generally buy Christmas or birthday gifts for each other. We're those gushy people who actually just like hanging out with each other. Thats enough for us. 

I get excited for my burfday and I have to admit, I was a little excited about getting my happy birthdays from my friends on facebook this year. I actually looked at facebook not long after midnight, checking to see if anyone had noticed it was my birthday and had maybe said happy birthday...but no. I know I was getting a little ahead of myself. I knew it was late and people would probably notice later that morning at a more reasonable hour. 

However, come my birthday morning, there wasn't a happy birthday to be seen or heard. I was a little bummed out. 

Around noon, I decided I needed to know why no one had said happy birthday. I mean a million people had left me little birthday notes last year, why not this year? I was puzzled and becoming more and more worried...1) that no one had noticed my burfday and 2) I was worried I was a little crazy, because why was this so important!

I decided to sign in on my mother's facebook to see if my birthday reminder was posted. I didn't see my birthday any where. This means it wasn't on anyone's page. No one would know to say happy birthday to me! Don't worry, I didn't go so far as to post a happy birthday from my mother's account to get the ball rolling. That's cheating in my book. I wanted the real thing. So, I went back into my account and started looking over my info. 

I actually found my birthday was listed and correct! But for some reason, it was marked as private. How the hell did that happen! I hovered the mouse over the privacy box to unclick it and froze. If I unclick this box, will it put a notice on my profile saying that I added my birthday...on my birthday?! Cause that's just sad and desperate looking. Now, I understand that's absolutely what was happening. What I was doing was absolutely sad and desperate, but I didn't want everyone else to know. A nanosecond later, desperate won and I unclicked the privacy button before I could think about it.

I then said a little prayer that there wasn't a nerdy little message on facebook telling everyone what a narcissist I am when it comes to my birthday. I quick signed back into my mother's account and looked all over my profile for a message saying that I'm a desperate dork. It seems that I totally lucked out, and there was no sign of me editing my profile in a desperate plea for attention.

Within half an hour, I was happily receiving my birthday well wishes. Responding with a cool "Oh you're such a doll, I can't believe you remembered my birthday!" Yes, I realize how sad it really all was. I basically set everyone up to say happy birthday to me. The whole thing was ridiculous really...but I stand by my decision! It made working my ass off on my birthday, that much more bearable! Besides Karma did bite me in the ass when my client missed her plane and slept on my couch! 


  1. LOL I had it marked on my phone. but when I didn’t' see the FB reminder that morning I thought I put it on my phone wrong. I am glad you fixed it. I was able to give you a Happy Birthday message and was able to know I’m not such a dork I put it on my calendar wrong. :)

  2. Haha..I would totally have the same thought process!


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