Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Heard in a Dressing Room

Mom - I'm going to trying on clothes and you help me decide which I should keep
Daughter (4 years old tops) - Ok mom...ok...I love that one!
Mom - Well, wait for me to try the clothes on first
Daughter - Ok mom...I love that one
Mom - Let me try something on first
Daughter - Oh Mama that one is priceless!
Mom - silence
Daughter - Yes that one is should get it
Mom - Did you just say priceless?
Daughter - I love it, you have to get it mama
Mom - Where did you hear the word priceless?
Daughter - still chattering away
Mom - laughing

Me...giggling next door

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  1. Did this happen to be Ella and Melissa... Totally sounds like something Ella would say :O)


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