Saturday, July 31, 2010

Garlic + Edamame

Last night...Very warm garlicky edamame

Today...Photo shoot for client
Today...garlic farts...It was totally worth it. Those edamame were so good.

Today I had a shoot for a regular client. I was wearing my new cute dress and even newer cuter shoes. Traffic was crap and I rolled up to the house about two minutes late. Not late enough to worry about, but of course no time to stop and use a restroom. Cause I had to tinkle! I have a strict no using client bathrooms. I knew the shoot would only take an hour to hour and a half tops. I could ride it.

The house was beautiful. The backyard wonderful with it's hidden little seating areas and herb gardens. It really was a lovely house. I was about half way through with the interiors when it hit. Apparently those yummy garlicky little edamames had worked their way through my system and were now wreaking havoc. Wreaking likely being the operative word. Luckily I have amazing control. I was able to finish my shoot without offending anyone or getting fired.

I'm glad I have such self control though, the gas you get from garlic edamame could peel paint off of walls!

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