Monday, December 15, 2008

Yay Christmas Shopping!

Today is the first day in a long time that I didn't have to wake up and jump right on the computer for work. Add to that a nice rain that started last night and I'm a happy girl. I Love the rain and love that I took the morning to run some errands with Mario and get a little shopping done.

We had pretty much decided between our families that there wasn't to be any gifts. However, once we got into costco there were cool things that we just had to get people. Besides I know they'll be getting us stuff too. We can't help ourselves. Thanks to that costco we also stocked up our very malnutritioned fridge with good food stuff. I love a full fridge!

Then I decided that I wanted to go check out Linens and things. We drove by on the weekend and decided it was too dangerous and line was over an hour long. I don't like 50% off that much... Maybe for 75% off. I figured being a Monday morning it might be safe to go. I have been wanting new bedding for the last year. We upgraded from a queen size bed and are still using the same comforters. So I've been jonesing for covers that actually fit our bed. I figured they had to have something for us.

What a mess that place was! Everyone was in a big frenzy. I walked calmly with my cart around the store, watching everyone tearing things apart. Having to have that last ugly blanket or comforter. Just as I was looking at the leftover rugs, this lady started yelling at me that I stole her cart. Shocked, I turned around to make sure she was talking to me. Yup, she was pointing at me and insisting that I give her the cart back. I told her no, I had gotten this one from some nice lady coming out of the store. Now standing next to all of her stuff that was now sitting on the floor, she was insistent that it was her cart and she wanted it back! Because I'm stubborn and don't like being made a fool of, I wasn't giving up the cart. I had spent quality time with this cart. Of course the man and the woman who worked there and watched me walk by, were no help at all. They just stood there staring. Finally the woman worker looked at me and said "Don't worry I'll get you a new cart" Thanks a lot lady. Not that I really cared all too much but, how do you prove that it's not her cart? If I was nice I would have given her the cart. If she had just asked me if I had taken her cart, I would have said "no, but take mine". However, once the pointing and yelling started, there was no giving up my cart. What sucks the most is, people stealing carts is a big pet peeve of mine...huge pet peeve. I can't stand when people will just take off with your cart, instead of just walking over and getting their own cart from the front. They'll empty it right out and take off with it. Well, who ever took her cart had to work for it. She had a lot of shit sitting on the ground. She probably didn't even have a cart in the first place. Just trying to scam me out of mine. Of course, I kept running into her all over the store and she was giving me all kinds of looks. It was kinda fun after a while.

In the end there wasn't much to choose from. I did happen to find a nice down comforter and a pretty bookshelf for 50% off.

To finish off my fun Christmas shopping day, I'll probably head over to Target later to pick up a few things and see who else I can piss off.

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  1. You should've thrown a set of sheets at her head. I hate people. That's one of the major reasons why I don't shop at places like that. They seem to attract jerks. I used to work at a BB&B in high school and everyone who walked in were total assholes. The people who worked there were even worse.

    I get my sheets from TJ Maxx or Marshalls. They attract even shittier people, but at least you come to expect it from a crappy store like that. At least I've never had my cart stolen at AJ Wright stores, Target on the other hand... Besides, where else can you score 400 TC Ralph Lauren sheet set for $29.99?


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