Monday, December 15, 2008

Mmm Brunch...

Mario loves brunches. Maybe it's the all-you-can-eat, maybe it's the variety. I'm not sure, but he loves them. He's is always trying to fine new brunch places to go. Of course I can't do them all the time, I just can't take all that food. So when he actually gets to go to a buffet...he's a very happy man.

There is a great restaurant up above the San Fernando Valley called The Castaways. Way up on the hill, incredible view, wonderful food...and it's got a buffet on the weekend. Mario's been chomping at the bit to go to this brunch. This weekend we finally went. Man was he happy. Part way through he leaned over and told me, the reason we came here was because I have been working so hard and deserved a great brunch out......right. The man has been mentioning this brunch every weekend for the past two months. It was for me....ha nice try mister!

Anyway it was nice...20 foot chocolate fountain is all I need to say. Well it seemed that big anyway. But here's what I thought was funny and interesting.

Why don't they just say that it costs $3.50 for valet parking. I guess they did but why so blatant? What would happen if I only gave them $2...because I'm pretty standard with my $2 valet gratuity...unless I can see that they have to run down a hill and over three blocks to pick up my car, then I'll give them more. If Mario hadn't been in charge of getting the car that day I would have totally given them less. Not because I'm cheap but when they say complimentary and then ask for money, I get an attitude. Lucky for that guy Mario's nicer than I am.


  1. I so would not have given them any money with a sign like that.

  2. I should test them next time we go there. I'll not give them anything and see what they say. If they don't say anything I'll give them a tip...but if they have the gall to say for them!


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