Thursday, December 04, 2008

Oh how I missed you!

Yes, I felt like I have been neglecting my blogging duties(yes I just laughed when I typed duties). Like I mentioned last week, my mom has been in town. That lady was here from last Thursday until yesterday. That is the most time we've spent together in one stretch for years. We usually break it up more. Don't get me wrong, I love her but we don't usually do long periods together very well. This time was great. Maybe because most of it was spent at the happiest place on earth.

Mom had decided that she wanted to go to Disneyland for a few days. Mario and I had just gotten our year passes so it was perfect. We had a great time. Although the woman's favorite rides were a surprise to me. One morning all she could talk about was going on Space Mountain. Then she was obsessed with riding the Matterhorn. The woman had to ride it twice in a row...because she wanted to know which side was better to ride(there are two runs to the coaster). Of course we road Pirates and the Haunted Mansion a few times. She giggled through Star Tours and was a mess riding Soaring over California. If you've never ridden it before it's like a movie tour of california. You sit in these seats that lift you up into this big half circle screen and your feet are hanging free. You do feel a little vulnerable but you also feel like you are flying. I knew this ride would get her. She only screamed once when we flew over the golf course and the guys hits the little mickey mouse golf ball past us. Yep she thought it would hit her. She also pulled her feet up when we went over the trees. I guess they did their job. We had a great time. Mom and I stayed at her timeshare in Anaheim. Mario and his sister came down on Sunday and spent the day with us. Then Mario ditched work to spend Monday with us(the man loves his disneyland). It was a nice time and I know I'll get in trouble for letting her buy this...

Yes that is a pink and orange leopard print hat. My sister will blame me, but I know I can't talk that woman out of anything. But she does look cute.

Well there was my warm up back into my blogging routine...more later.


  1. They do say you can never have too much leopard!

  2. yeah and the woman has a leopard fleece least in disneyland she kinda blends in

  3. OMG, how did I miss this post? That's hysterical you guys love Disneyland. That's like me and my husband with white trash Wisconsin Dells. Last year, we head to a spa there without the kids for a weekend and hit the water park. We were totally cutting in front of little kids to get on rides faster. Those lines are ridiculous.

  4. Um I think I need to see this white trash Wisconsin Dells. Tell me more. Write a post about it...I need to know more. Yeah Mario's family loves the Disney empire. His sister works there. We just got the season tickets and it's all he talks about. He and his sister are going to employee night tomorrow and we'll probably go this week. It's a little embarrassing...ok a lot!


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