Thursday, December 11, 2008

Our Christmas Card

So Mario's a pretty creative guy and the man can draw...which really is to his advantage being in the animation industry. I told him I was going to go buy some Christmas cards and he said no. He wanted to make them. Alright, go for it. After three weeks of waiting he finally got it finished...and it cracks me up. If you don't know us in person, I know you've seen's us...I wonder if this is what our kids will look like?

So don't be surprised when you get this in the mail. Also, don't get mad at me when all the glitter and snowflake shit falls out of the envelope and gets stuck in your was the man's idea.

PS...If I don't have your address and you need a copy of this original M. D'Anna art, email me your address.


  1. So I don't have your email for some weird reason, but I myspace messaged you instead!

  2. That might be one of the cards to keep around even after Christmas! Not many people send out exact cartoon replicas of themselves :) I'll be waiting by the mailbox (and then open the card by the mailbox to leave the glitter for the next guy)

  3. Wow, that is one of the best cards I have this year!! He did an awesome job! You must frame one and keep it around.

  4. Grrrr!!! I forgot about the confetti shit and opened the card inside :O

  5. And I even warned you! I was tempted to write a warning on the envelopes after Mario was finished with them. Most people had no idea about the confetti.


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