Monday, December 08, 2008

What does he do while I'm working?

Mario finished working on his show last week and he's not likely going to get more work until after Christmas (because what tv executive wants to work the month of December). So what does he do his first real day off? I pondered this while I was down in Palm Springs photographing some houses.

When I called to let Mario know I was on the way home, he was very proud and listed all the things he did today...even though he's got a little cold. I have to admit I was pretty impressed. He did the dishes, picked up the living room, vacuumed, did some laundry(which is amazing because in the last two years he's done 2 loads...seriously), organized his desk and other random surfaces and...actually put the cat food away(ok I'm a little bummed about that). I was so excited to be able to come home to a clean house and my man slave! The best gift ever!

But do you know what I love even more about Mario cleaning up? Playing "Where'd that shit go?" In such a small apartment, things need to have their own space. Because I work from home and tend to clean up a bit more, I know where their proper places are. Mario knows where things go, but sometimes gets "creative" with this. So when I got home today I made sure to take some photos to share his creativity...

This basket has been a problem for Mario. It's a random empty basket that I keep in the living room. Apparently he has a problem with empty baskets. They need something in them. So he kept putting my favorite pillow from the couch in it with another smaller basket on top...? Yeah weird. I empty it. He fills it back up. This has been a silent battle with us. Now he has found another place for it...on top of the microwave

This I didn't notice at first. The laptop in the cat bed. Well, why not...the cats don't use it until it really gets cold.

Wine in a random basket on the bookshelf. My mom left this basket here a week ago. Mario doesn't like empty there's wine in it.

The hand vac with the books. Interesting. I wouldn't have thought to put it there. I usually keep that hidden in the kitchen not out on display.

And my favorite...the frog mask on the guitar. I don't what to say...creative?

I love when Mario cleans! I'm sure there's more stuff in random places, I just wanted to save some surprises for tomorrow.


  1. That's so cute! My husband stopped cleaning a LONG time ago, but when he does put stuff away, it's always in the most random places too. The problem with him is, I'll ask him where something went and he'd say, "I dunno, never saw it."

    And then I'll find my purse in the cabinet above the fridge after searching the entire house.

    I think my favorite is the laptop in the cat bed. Keeps the macbook feeling cozy.

  2. You never have to worry about conversation starters when you have company over...I'm sure the vacuum among books will strike up an idea or two!

  3. You have a good man. I too am lucky enough to have one that does all the cleaning. The basket thing is funny!


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