Sunday, December 07, 2008


I've left the bag of cat food where it was when the attack happened...mostly because I think it's funny seeing both cats shoulder deep in a big bag of food. They've both given up on the big bowl of food that we leave out for them, and will only eat food from the big new bag. Which is actually more work for them because, they have to climb up on a chair and then stand up to get into the bag. However, they seem to prefer it and honestly it's less work for me. Now I just listen for them rustling in the bag and run in and try to catch them. This is my favorite so far. I love how long he's got his head buried in the bag. You don't think he can suffocate in there do you...


  1. Sooo cute! How dare you interupt him while he is in the bag! LOL

  2. Too funny. This is so something one of my 5 cats would do so that is why we dump all their food into a big bin with a lid when we aren't using it.


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