Saturday, December 06, 2008

Have you ever been stalked by a song?

My favorite Christmas song...O Holy Night. I love it. I love when someone hits that high note towards the end. I always get chills. However, there is one version that is a little disappointing. It's the Josh Grobin version of "O Holy Night" He never really hits that note at the end. You'd think that with that voice, if he hit that note right, he'd have women all over him. But no. It's more than a little disappointing.

Well it also turns out that the version of the song is totally stalking Mario. He's never been a fan of Josh Grobin but he's all over the place with that song. Whenever we get in the car it's on. We were running errands one day and it was on the radio every time we got in the car. Sometimes only a half hour in between plays. He called me the other day from a store and I said "isn't that the Grobin song playing in the background?"..."yeah this f'ing song is everywhere!" His sister is now calling him up whenever it's on and playing it into his phone. She's left it on his voicemail. It was on the radio twice tonight. He finally is just leaving the radio off in the car, just to get away from it even for a little while until he goes into the next store. However, every time it comes on I get to see that look of defeat on Marios face...and laugh my ass off.


  1. To be honest, I'd much rather have EXPLODING ANAL GLANDS than Grobin's song stalk me. Remind me to do all my shopping online this year.

  2. ok Mario was laughing his butt off with that. I think he'd rather have the exploding anal glands too.

  3. I have been singing it since I commented... it's not pretty. I was chatting with my BF on FB and started typing it over and over again. Her response?
    "Yours or the dog's?"

    I wouldn't want the real thing stalking me, but if someone came out with an EXPLODING ANAL GLANDS song, I'd choose it over Grobin's. For sure.

  4. It's so funny you posted this. I was just listening to the holiday channel on Sirius Radio and that song was on. I remember thinking to myself at that point in the song, "who is this? it can't be Josh Groban?" Sure enough it was. I am a big fan of his and even saw him in concert a few years ago. But this song was not meant for him.

    The song that is driving me nuts this year is Dolly Parton's "Christmas to remember". They play it on the Sirius holiday channel about once an hour. Arghh.
    The video is a bit disturbing. I may just have to blog about it.


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