Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Is that a New Accent?

So, yesterday I spent an amount of time curled up on the couch with a big blanket watching television. That would make anyone feel better!

However, there was one glimmering diamond in yesterday's sad couch party. I was watching some medical show. There was a lot of boring stuff (not boring enough for me to change the channel of course), but part of this show was about a woman with an interesting condition. This woman was a radio dj in Illinois with one of those smooth sexy voices. One day this woman had a stroke...sad. While she was recuperating, she had to learn to do a lot of things again. One of those things was talking. There was a lot of damage to her vocal cords. So when she started talking again her voice was much higher... and had an English accent. I shit you not! The lady came back with an English accent. All I have to say is awesome!

She had never been to England, didn't have any English family, and the language specialist didn't have an English accent. She actaully had a lot of friends that thought she was a fraud, which sucks. But there is actually a syndrome called Foreign Accent Syndrome. I guess it can happen when there is damage to a certain part of the brain. Hey, if you are going to have to go through a major brain injury, you might as well come out with a cool accent!

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